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Microstock Photography. What Am I Going Cover? I will be covering three main areas 1) What is Microstock Photography? 2) We will take a look at some of.

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1 Microstock Photography

2 What Am I Going Cover? I will be covering three main areas 1) What is Microstock Photography? 2) We will take a look at some of my best sellers and what makes them best sellers 3) Some of my my pictures in action on the internet

3 WHAT IS MICROSTOCK PHOTOGRAPHY ????? Microstock photography is an offshoot of traditional stock photography.stock photography It is different in that a microstock photography company usually sources their images almost exclusively through the Internet, working with a larger number of photographers selling images at much lower rates than traditional stock photography companies. Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, magazines, web sites, advertising agencies, and graphic artists use microstock photography websites to fulfill their creative requirements. A designer who uses microstock websites instead of hiring a photographer can save a lot of time and money. Stock photography images are often made available in searchable online databases. The client can make a purchase then download their chosen image immediately to use in their current project.

4 How does it work? Every Microstock company is different both in what they are looking for and what they will accept. Most sites require you to register with them and then upload several of your best shots for them to look at. They will then look over your pictures and after their review hopefully add you as a photographer for their site. After you have been approved you go to work uploading your pictures, getting them approved, and watching them sell. You don’t have to be a “pro” just come up with shots that designers can use in their websites, books, travel brochures, etc. It will take you time to get the hang of what they are looking for. Don’t get discouraged just keep working on it.

5 How much does it cost? GOOD NEWS !!!!!!! Nothing! Signing up with most microstock agencies is completely Free! For you as a contributing photographer Designers usually pay a monthly fee to join the website and then download pictures for their projects. This is where you make your commission.

6 How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell There is unprecedented demand for digital images by marketing companies and web site owners. But how can you be sure to take photos that sell over and over again? Here are some tips to help you. Mind Set MicroStock Photography is quite a bit different than the photography we shoot here at the photo club. I have to put on a different set of glasses when I am shooting stock. My biggest question I ask myself before I shoot is what would a designer do with this? Where could he/she use the photo? A travel brochure? A book? A web page? The most popular photos that sell in stock photography are photos of people. Many photos that sell are lifestyle images that depict some aspect of an ideal world – it may be beautiful people enjoying a piece of paradise or someone celebrating the little, or not so little, luxuries of life. Business-related photos with people in them are also among the top selling subjects at many stock agencies. These are photos that sell well. That's why you see so many photos of people in business settings, businesspeople holding money, or briefcases, or communicating with each other. Photos of computers, keyboards, and mobile devices are also very popular, and once again reflect the business category mentioned earlier. Further down the "popularity list" are travel, nature, and landscape photos. You can study and research what is selling at top stock photography web. They typically make it very easy to browse their most popular photos - those photos that sell best.

7 Tips For Taking Photos That Sell Over & Over Again 1. Prepare For Photo Shoots Carefully - Photos that sell are taken by photographers who prepare carefully for their photo shoots. Plan in advance the setting and equipment that you will need, the shots you'd like to take, the angles and viewpoints. 2. Lighting is Everything - Photos that sell are taken with just the right lighting conditions. If your photo shoot is outdoors, whether you shoot in early morning or midday sun will make a huge difference. If shooting indoors, you will probably need to use a studio lighting kit with lights, diffusers and reflectors. 3. Use Your Digital Camera's Highest Quality Setting - Photos that sell are of a very high quality and resolution. Noisy, grainy photos from a low- end digital camera or setting will not sell well. 4. You need photos with a good technical quality. No snap shots please. Try to avoid over exposure, noise and bad composition. over exposure noisecomposition

8 How much do I earn? Again every site is different. I have earned everywhere from 35cents to $28.00 per download. It depends on the site, the kind of license the buyer purchases, and the usage. The big thing here is your pictures sell over and over again day in and day out 24/7 because they are being purchased by buyers all over the world. That’s why they call it the World Wide Web. I make money while I sleep.

9 Microstock Sites I use: If you use my name as a referring photographer it will help you to get approved on the site and I will earn a few cents each time you sell a picture Name: Mike Brake Screename: Digital94086 (on all sites)

10 MODEL/PROPERTY RELEASES Model Releases Needed for Recognizable People Any recognizable PERSONS within the photo must have signed model releases which you upload along with your photo. You can obtain the release from the microstock site.model releases Photos inside or outside some recognizable commercial buildings or businesses should have signed property releases which you upload to along with your releases

11 Whats Next? Next I would like to take some of my best selling photos and see what makes them “Top Sellers” Then we will see some of my shots in action

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