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Finding Images Fleet RISD. Questions to consider when image searching What kind and how many images do I need? Do I need a specific image of.

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1 Finding Images Fleet Library @ RISD

2 Questions to consider when image searching What kind and how many images do I need? Do I need a specific image of a single work of art or am I looking for a group or category of images? What are the image resources available to me beyond the internet? Who can I ask for help with image searching? How will the use I have in mind for the image affect the media and format requirements of the image and my search? What is the source of the images descriptive information? How reliable is it? How can I verify its accuracy? Citing source imagery is giving the creator recognition for his/her work. What are the elements and form of an image citation?

3 RISD Library Sources for Images RISD/ATH Catalog ARTstor Picture Collection + Visual & Material Resource Center Art Museum Image Gallery RDID Oxford Art Online Berg Fashion Library Bridgeman Education Cinema Image Gallery Coloribus Advertising Archive

4 Search the RISD/Athenaeum Catalog start at use the catalog search box at the top of the screen find books with pictorial content by adding the word pictorial to your search example: ocean + pictorial or use the phrase exhibition catalog or exhibit* + an artists name or keyword truncate words like exhibit* with an asterisk * to find derivatives of the word: exhibit* searches exhibit, exhibits, exhibition, exhibiting, etc. use the librarys scanners to digitize images from books record the source of the image for image citing purposes

5 Search RISD Online Image Sources start at the librarys website: > Mouse over Resources > Images & Materials select an image database to search search multiple image databases - each contain unique image files if youre unsure where to start ask an art librarian to recommend the best databases to search Reference Desk -1st floor, 709-5902 ask the Visual & Material Resource Center staff for assistance RISD Library - 2nd floor corridor - Room 204, 709-5934

6 Search for Images - Off Campus Access start at > Resources > Images & Materials select an image database to search a login window will open type in your first or last name as it appears on the FRONT of your RISD ID type in the 14-digit Barcode number on the BACK of your RISD ID It starts with 3444400… if your login doesnt work, contact the Library for help, 709-5902

7 Search the Art Museum Image Gallery searchable database of 165,000+ digital images select & download images includes detailed image citations can be searched simultaneously with Cinema Image Gallery

8 Search ARTstor 60 collections, over 1 million digital images 120 day remote access for registered users

9 First-time users need to register on a risd campus computer to be able to use ARTstor remotely for 120 days

10 Once registerd in ARTstor, users can save images to their My Work Folder, organize images into groups & download groups of images as a Powerpoint presentation.

11 double-click an image thumbnail to open the half screen view download the image by selecting the floppy disc icon two files will download: the image file (jpg) and the image citation (html)

12 Search Berg Fashion Library Berg includes full-text, authoritative articles and 5,000+ color images from these sources: Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Victoria and Albert Museum collection Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute collection

13 Search Bridgeman Education Bridgeman is a digital image database of 380,000+ images collected from museums, galleries, private collections & contemporary artists Bridgeman covers visual culture of every civilization and time period from prehistory to the present day includes detailed image citations

14 Search Cinema Image Gallery a digital image database of 200,000+ film-related images, including Over 6,200 film posters still images of films in production directors working on-set set, costume, hair & make-up, production design search by genre, title, actor, director, keyword example: bollywood can be searched simultaneously with Art Museum Image Gallery

15 Search Coloribus Advertising Archive Coloribus contains more than 2 million current & historic ads (1990-present) for viewing online and download: browse or search by categories: TV & Cinema, Print, Outdoor, Ambient, Online, Viral, Direct Marketing, Promo, Design & Branding, Radio, Case Study, and the Making of the RISD subscription is for 15 concurrent users

16 Search Oxford Art Online In addition to full-text authoritative articles, Oxford Art Online includes images over 6,400 images linked to articles links to external digital images all image sources are cited

17 Search RDID - RISDs Digital Image Database a growing digital image database of 13,000+ images a gathering place for digitized collections across RISD use your risd username and password to log in create & save image groups search, select & download individual images

18 Cite images Cite Image Sources Just as you cite the text sources you use… cite image sources to fully record image information and give the creator credit for his/her work include information such as artist, title, date, medium, dimensions, location/collection

19 Cite Image Sources select and use an image citing convention such as MLA or Art Bulletin Style image citing guide:

20 Use the Picture Collection - RISD Library - 2nd floor the Picture Collection is a clipping library of over 500,000 images arranged in folders to locate folders of interest, search the Picture Collection Subject & Artist Indexes (pdf)

21 More about the Picture Collection check out up to 200 images for 4 weeks at a time renew images for an additional 4 weeks Corbis & Dover image collections (on CD) are available for checkout images are arranged in folders by categories: subject, artist, medium, country or art movement image capture options include a black & white photocopier and a flatbed scanner networked to a color printer Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri 10am-4:30pm Sun 5pm-9pm, 709-5938 Location: RISD Library - 2nd floor corridor - Room 207 part of the Visual & Material Resource Center

22 Stay informed about new Visual Collections at RISD Library follow the Visual & Material Resource Center collection updates on the RISD Library Facebook page

23 Working with a Librarian - a snapshot listen - as you discuss your class assignments and studio projects translate - your art & design ideas or questions into effective ways to think about, search for, and locate information bridge - any gaps between your subject domain and using library resources - the librarian's domain of expertise filter - offer ways to think critically about the information you encounter RISD Library Reference Desk - Library 1st floor, 709-5902, > Departments > Reference WORK SMART - Ask a Librarian for help

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