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In the 90s there were only 6 TV- channels in Russia.

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1 In the 90s there were only 6 TV- channels in Russia

2 Three of them belonged to oligarchs NTVTNTTV-6

3 The Goverment owned Channel OneRussia TV Channel

4 In 2001 NTV TNT Media-most holding Vladimir Gusinsky has to flee Media-most holding belongs to Gazprom Media Holding

5 TV6 was a television station in Russia, owned by oligarch Boris Berezovsky. TV6 was staffed mostly by NTV journalists,who resigned in 2001 when NTV was taken over by Gazrom The station lost a court battle on January 11, 2002 over bankruptcy. Russian authorities closed the station on January 22, 2002.

6 Interesting fact Two first Russian oligarchs had been rivals for a long time, and were even enemies However, Berezovsky supported Gusinsky when the story with NTV took place But this coalition was of no good for both Nowadays Berezovsky is a political refugee in UK Gusinsky is under arrest

7 Nowadays The beginning of 2000 is a turning back point for russian Mass-Media. The Goverment takes over the main TV channels, Radio Stations and Newspapers

8 BIG SCheme

9 Two main federal Channels, Channel one and Russia TV, which are controlled by state. The third main channel is owned by state- controlled energy giant Gazprom.

10 Russian state Channel One

11 The second most important channel Russia TV belongs to a state-owned VGTRK, the largest media holding in Russia

12 VGTRK Russia TV channel Vesti TV channel Culture TV channel RIA Novosti State Internet channel Sport TV channel Radio of Russia Radio Mayak

13 Sorry, not enough space EvronovostiRTR-planet Voice of Russia Vesti FMRadio Orfei Sport- planet

14 Another prominent media holding is Gazprom Media

15 Russian StateGazpromGazprom Media

16 Some facts about Gazprom Gazprom is the largest company in Russia Gazprom is the biggest extractor of natural gas in the world The stake of Russian government in Gazprom is over 50%, which the contolling position From 2000 Gazproms chairman is Dmitry Medvedev, the next russian president

17 Gazprom Media Holding NTVNTV plusTNTRadio Next First Popular radio Echo of Moscow TribunaIzvestia Nezavisimaya Gazeta

18 Interesting facts In April 2001 Gazprom took over Russia's nationwide state-independent television stations NTV and TNT held by Vladimir Gusinsky's Media-Most holding, which caused major changes in its editorial policy. In June 2005 Gazprom Media purchased the influential Russian newspaper Izvestia.

19 New breed of Russian Oligarchs Berezovsky and Gusinsky are no longer influential in russian policy There is a new breed of russian oligarchs, which support the goverment, and therefore, are tolerated by Kremlin.

20 Vladimir Potanin 1996 - 1997 worked as First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Government. 1998- … the President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Interros Company, which includes Prof-Media Publishing Stable. 2005- … A member of the Public Chamber of Russia.

21 Potanin as a media mogul Vladimir Potanin Interros Company Prof-Media Publishing Stable

22 TV 3MTV RussiaAvtoradioLenta.ruRambler MediaHumor FM Publishing House Afisha Komsomolskaya Pravda

23 Alisher Usmanov Alisher Usmanov is a steel tycoon who also runs a subsidiary of Gazprom. He has very close links with the Kremlin

24 Alisher

25 More oligarchs… One of the most influential and best-sold newspapers «Argumenti i fakti » belongs to brothers Ananyev, russian oligarchs. Dmitry Ananyev is a Member of Federation Council of Russia Alexey Ananyev with his brother are the owners of the 13th largest bank in Russia PromSvyazBank

26 Another prominent newspaper, which is considered to be one of the most serious is Expert The owner is Oleg Deripaska

27 Independent Mass-Media 1 sanoma The Moscow Times The St.Petersburg Times Vedomosti

28 Independent Mass-Media 2 Радио Свобода the so-called « Radio Freedom » is a private information service. It is financed by the Congess of Usa. The Chairmen Board is chosen by the President of the USA.

29 Independent Mass Media 3 Novaya Gazeta is perhaps the only one truly independent Until 2006 100% shares of the newspaper belonged to the collective of journalists. Nowadays 49% shares of "Novaya Gazeta" belongs to ex-president of USSR Mickhail Gorbachev The papers staff takes the controlling position (51 %)

30 Useful information for future journalists The Novaya Gazeta is probably not the safest place to work, here are some facts about the journalists of the newspaper: Anna Politkovskaya (killed) Viktor Popkov (killed) Igor Domnikov (killed) Svetlana Orlyk (killed)

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