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Digital TV and DD in Macedonia Jane Jakimovski Head of Radiocommunications Department.

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1 Digital TV and DD in Macedonia Jane Jakimovski Head of Radiocommunications Department

2 Goals Full digital broadcast of terrestrial television program services in the Republic of Macedonia on 1 June 2013 All existing broadcasters at national, regional and local level to move from analog to digital broadcast of their television programming services and 790-862 MHz frequency band from 1 September 2013 to begin to be used for providing mobile communications services of the Fourth Generation

3 Analogue TV channels 513 analogue frequencies

4 Terrestrial Broadcasters National level 3 channels for Public broadcaster (more than half of the assigned frequencies) 4 channels for commercial broadcasters Regional level 10 channels for commercial broadcasters in the capitol Skopje Local level 47 commercial broadcasters

5 Pay TV platform In 2009, 3 MUX were assigned for pay TV to Slovenia Telecom Slovenia Telecom Allotment zoneMUX 1MUX 2MUX 3 D1 CRN VRV 254151 D2 STRACIN 316467 D3 TURTEL 596366 D4 BOSKIJA 406869 D5 PELISTER 556367 D6 MALI VLAJ 656669 D7 STOGOVO 515759 D8 POPOVA SAPKA 496468 *red channels should be changed (are not GE06 or fall into DD)

6 Public broadcaster In the beginning of 2012, 2 MUX are assigned to the Macedonian Public Broadcasting company JP MRD according to the Law JP MRD Allotment zoneMUX 1MUX 2 D1 CRN VRV 2352 D2 STRACIN 3742 D3 TURTEL 2439 D4 BOSKIJA 3441 D5 PELISTER 2237 D6 MALI VLAJ 2636 D7 STOGOVO 2843 D8 POPOVA SAPKA 2736

7 Current situation Slovenia Telekom 3 MUX (36 locations) JP MRD 2 MUX (3 locations)

8 Ongoing activities Public call for rest of the MUX (3): The operator may use the radio frequencies after the switch- off the analogue TV i.e. after June 1, 2013 2 MUX for national and 1 MUX for Regional coverage All domestic and foreign operators of public electronic communication networks may apply Technology neutral license (DVB-T or DVB-T2)

9 Plans for Digital Dividend band Allotment zone UHF-DVB-T 123456789101112 D1 CRN VRV 23262830404752536165 D2 STRACIN 21374142465056606467 D3 TURTEL 2224323839434455586266 D4 BOSKIJA 2134374149505457646869 D5 PELISTER 222529333738424658606367 D6 MALI VLAJ 263236394144505261656669 D7 STOGOVO 21283135374347515759 D8 POPOVA SAPKA 2427343638415055566466 D9 GRAD SKOPJE 252933374548515768

10 LTE usage in the 900/1800 MHz Offers a cost effective opportunity of introducing LTE services in areas covered by 900 MHz networks The cost savings originate from the significantly larger cell size of 900 MHz networks compared to higher frequency bands networks There is no doubt that refarming of 900 and 1800 MHz bands to LTE should be allowed, but the point in time when this refarming should take place has to be considered

11 Thanks for the attention

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