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Knowledge Based Software for Thermal Energy Conservation.

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1 Knowledge Based Software for Thermal Energy Conservation

2 We all are Looking for Sustainable Solutions to following PROBLEMS? Pressure on Profit Margins due to High Competition & High Production Cost Knowledge level of Plant Personnel on Thermal Energy Efficiency & Training Managing Equipment Specifications and their History Cards Finding & Implementation of Cost Reduction Measures (CRM) as a regular activity Increasing Energy Cost Unaware of the losses & potential for energy cost reduction in the plant OR some known ideas/concepts needs further feasibility analysis before implementation Taking Initiative & Building Team Effort for Energy Cost Reduction Relying on external energy audits only

3 We all are Looking for Sustainable Solutions to following PROBLEMS? How to solve them effectively? Is there a collective solution? Looking for Energy Consumption Norms Fixation & Targets Wants to verify saving potential offered by energy efficient equipments/controls Arriving at Equipment selection criteria so as to ensure high efficiency on operation for utilities like Furnaces & Boilers Wants to establish proper Energy Monitoring approach to know & control Energy (Steam/Fuel) Consumption at various sections/equipments Looking for a tool to quantify saving potential & implementation of energy conservation idea Wants to facilitate ISO 18000

4 Does the Equipments stand to the desired specification or requirement Is the Equipment operating at the Designed Efficiency Which are the major Losses contributing to the Inefficiency What are the ways to Quantify these Losses How can these Losses be minimized How much is the savings achieved by minimizing these Losses What is the Steam Generation Cost What are the Fixed Steam Losses How much do I need to spend on Insulation and the Savings achieved Is the option of alternative Fuel feasible What is the quantity of Flash steam I can generate What is the Percentage Recovery of Waste Steam being reutilized Do I need to Derate my Boiler How much I am losing due to Inappropriate Fuel Handling and Transportation We also need to answer following questions for effective ENERGY COST MINIMIZATION

5 What are the major Losses in Fuel Fired Furnaces What is time for which my furnace remains Idle between Successive Batch Loading What should be the temperature of Exhaust Gas from Chimney How can I Save by Implementing Waste Heat Recovery How much is the Radiation Loss in my Furnace How can I increase the Efficiency of my Furnace What are the major Losses in Drier What are the Energy Conservation Opportunities available What is the Efficiency of my Distillation Column, Evaporator What are the Energy Saving options available to increase the Efficiency of my Distillation Column, Evaporator How Efficient is my Thermic Fluid Heater, Reactor Questions need to be answered ?

6 Understanding the fundamental specification of the equipment's utilizing Thermal Energy Determining the Efficiency of the Equipment Analyzing the Losses and the ways to minimize them Maintaining the Achievable Efficiency of the Equipment Making Cost Effective Economic Decisions Energy Conservation Opportunities and the Savings Achieve Reducing the Cost of Production How See-Thermisave can help you?

7 As BEE explain: You as Energy Manager Focal point of all the activities pertaining to energy management in the organization Establish an energy conservation cell Develop & manage training program for energy efficiency at operating levels Prepare Annual Activity Plan Develop integrated system of energy efficiency and environmental improvement Establish/participate in information exchange with other energy managers of the same \ sector through association. Provide information to BEE & Designated Agency of the respective states as demanded in the Act Co-ordinate implementation of energy audit/efficiency improvement projects through external agencies Initiate activities to improve monitoring & process control to reduce energy costs

8 Sustained energy conservation efforts Plant energy usage needs to be evaluated on regular & continual basis Ensure energy efficient working of the factory at equipment, utility, process & plant level Continual improvement in establishments energy performance levels A strategic approach to accomplish this would involve: Creation and maintenance of a detailed database from equipment design specification to the operating parameters; Create Benchmarks & Monitor Energy Consumption with reference to it; Facilitate Identification of Energy Conservation Opportunities on a continual basis; Facilitate e valuation of Techno-Economic Feasibility of these Opportunities; Facilitate Implementation of the Measures; Monitoring, Verification & Reporting the Savings. Knowledge based software solutions…. Facilitates you…. That means…...

9 What See-ThermiSave can do for you? – its Features Boilers Regular Monitoring of Equipments Ensures BEST way of Optimum Energy Utilization in Plants 1 Recording Fuel receipt & determining deficits if any, Storage accounting and Pre-heating/ pre- conditioning Requirements; implementation better fuel management practices 2. Incorporating Boiler specification & comparison with norms: a must have information for energy conservation efforts 3. Observation table for boiler efficiency tests: User takes the printout & caries out the test 4. Direct efficiency test calculations: The output also includes Evaporation Ratio (Kg of steam/Kg of fuel) & Steam Cost (Rs/Kg) 5. Indirect efficiency test calculation: Also displays % excess air (By CO 2 /O 2 ), %Dry gas loss, %Wet gas loss, %Blowdown Loss 6. Choice of fuel for Steam Generation: To ascertain lowest steam cost 7. Savings by reducing Dry Gas Loss through excess air reduction & Stack Gas temperature 8. Savings in Ash loss by reduction in un-burnt Carbon & Waste-heat recovery options 9. Idling losses due to oversized boilers (Derating of boilers for savings)

10 What See-ThermiSave can do for you? – its Features Furnaces 1.Incorporate specification for furnace with & without Chemical Reaction, Batch/Continuous, Steam/Fuel fired, Rectangular/Cylindrical 2.Measurement of Furnace Efficiency (Direct & Indirect): Also computes %Radiation loss, % Loss due to Moisture %Dry gas loss, %Wet gas loss, heat carried away by product, Avg. fuel consumption; Documents ID & FD fan power consumption; Ensures fuel properties 3.Energy conservation by Feed screw / loading improvement 4.Waste heat recovery options through Economizer and Recuperator 5.Energy conservation by Reduction in furnace volume 6.Selection of insulation to minimize Radiation Loss; Product heat recovery to save energy 7.Batch versus continuous furnace to obtain higher productivity 8.Moisture reduction in Feed for quicker production & higher output Choice of fuel has done wonders in Energy Cost Minimization

11 SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Approach in See-ThermiSave See-ThermiSave Offers Output you Get Additional Benefits MODULES Boilers (Oil Fired, Coal Fired & Non IBR) Furnace (Without & With Chemical Reaction) Thermic Fluid Heater Drier (Steam & Oil Fired) Reactor Distillation Column Evaporator Functional Help: Simplified Test Methods, Transparent Formulae & Calculations, Input forms to ensure correct & complete data collection, Instruments Required Monitor Specific Energy Consumption at Equipments as compared to Benchmark Performance evaluation Of the equipments, Operational Efficiency (Direct & Indirect), SEC, Comparison with Benchmark. Quantified Losses Applicable energy conservation Options. Potential for Energy Conservation. Savings in kWh & Rs Techno-Economic Feasibility, Pay- back Period, Life Cycle Costing, Merits & De-Merits of Various EC Options Technical help On Each equipment Monitoring Energy Performance & Savings after Implementing ECM Energy efficient Equipment Vendors list Summarization of ECM for Management Reporting Elaborate subject knowledge of EE & Proven Pathway for Energy Conservation for all the modules Implemented Case-Studies Complete Equipment Specifications at one place, Fuel Receipts, Storage Tanks, Fuel Consumption Monitoring And a lot more












23 Plant Particulars

24 What Parameters I Need for performance Evaluation ? Do I Monitor Fuel Receipts ?

25 Monitor Fuel consumption Equipment wise Monitor Fuel Properties & Quality

26 Oil Fired Boiler: Steam Cost, Direct & Indirect Efficiency Click F1 for Approach Adopted & Formulae

27 Do I Monitor Specific energy Consumption Per Product ?

28 Coal Fired Boiler: Direct & Indirect Efficiency Know Steam Cost, Evaporation Ratio & Losses for the IBR, Non IBR Boilers

29 Boilers: Savings by Reducing Stack Gas Temperature Boilers: Savings by Reducing Excess Air

30 Savings by Insulating Bare Pipes Ideal Condensate Handling Methods

31 Performance Evaluation of Thermic Fluid Heater Dryer; Steam, Coal & Oil Fired

32 Furnaces: without & with Chemical Reactions Direct & Indirect Efficiency of Furnaces

33 Performance Evaluation of Reactors

34 Performance Evaluation of Evaporator

35 Distillation Column, Reboiler, Condenser: Performance Evaluation

36 Technical Help for Energy Conservation

37 For further information contact : SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., LetsConserve, 11/5, MIDC Infotech Park Near VRCE Telephone Exchange, South Ambazari Road, Nagpur - 440 022. M.S. Ph : +91-712 - 2222177 Fax : +91-712 - 2225293 E-mail : Visit us at :

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