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Rosemount Analytical Inc.

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1 Rosemount Analytical Inc.
Liquid, Combustion & Process Gas, GC and Flame & Gas Products Presented by:

2 US Operating Locations
Flame & Gas Calgary, AB Combustion & PGA Solon, OH Liquid Products Irvine, CA GCs & Service Houston, TX

3 Wide Range of Analytical Measurements
Rosemount Analytical Combustion & PGA Liquid Analytical GCs & Service Flame & Gas Combustion Flue Gas Analyzers In Situ Oxygen Continuous Gas Analyzers CO, CO2 O2 NOx, SOx Process & Gas Analysis Systems pH/ORP Conductivity Toroidal Contacting Turbidity Amperometric Dissolved Oxygen Chlorine Ozone Wet Chemistry GCs Industrially hardened Transmitter style Field Service Demand Startup PM Flame Detectors IR, UV Hydrogen Gas Detectors Toxic Combustible Smoke, Oil & Mist Leak Detectors Notes to Presenter It’s important for customers to understand how our organization fits together. Later in the presentation we are going to talk about “how” this organization works with customers to deliver the product and/or solution his is looking for. The World's Premier Supplier of Instrumentation and Systems for Continuous On-line Gas & Liquid Analytical Measurement and Control

4 Rosemount Analytical Inc. Liquid Analytical Products

5 Liquid Products - 77 Years of Experience
1935 1965 A. Beckman invents pH Meter Emerson Acquires Beckman Instruments (Cedar Grove Division) From SmthKlineBeckman 1984 Beckman Instruments acquires Industrial Instruments - creates Cedar Grove Division 1996 1993 Cedar Grove Consolidation Into Irvine Begins 1938 Rosemount Analytical Liquid Begins Division Reporting Industrial Instruments Founded 1963 1979 Rosemount Acquires Universal Interloc - Uniloc Universal Interloc Founded

6 Served Industries Chemical Process Drinking Water
Environmental Monitoring Food & Beverage Metals & Minerals Petroleum Refining Pharmaceuticals Power Pulp & Paper Semiconductors Textiles Waste Water

7 Liquid Instrument Platforms
4-Wire Analyzers 2-Wire Transmitters Wireless Transmitter Model 56 Model 5081 Model 6081 pH / Conductivity Wireless Enabled Wireless HART AMS Aware / EDDL Intrinsically Safe Multiple Languages Adv. Diagnostics Agency Approvals Multi-Parameter 2 Current Outputs Back Lit Display HART AMS Aware / EDDL PID Multiple Languages Advanced Diagnostics Multi-Parameter HART / Ff AMS Aware / EDDL Explosion Proof Multiple Languages Remote Controlled Agency Approvals High Tier First in Industry Model 775 Smart Wireless THUMTM Adapter Model 1056 Model 1066 Multi-Parameter Dual Sensor Input 2 Current Outputs Large Graphic Display HART / Pf DP Multiple Languages Standard Diagnostics Agency Approvals Serves OEM Market Multi-Parameter HART / Ff AMS Aware / EDDL Multiple Languages Agency Approvals Wireless HART Upgrade Module Compatible with Existing Base of HART Devices Unlocks “Stranded Diagnostics” in HART Devices with Analog Only Wiring Mid Tier

8 pH and ORP Sensors 396P, Coating and Wastewater probe, Insertion
396R, Coating and Wastewater probe, Retractable 3900, General Purpose probe 389, Ruggedized probe for poisoning applications TF396, Non-Glass pH probe 3800, Steam Sterilizable for Pharma/Biotech 3200HP High Purity pH (power industry) 3500, High Temperature, Poisoning, Coating probe 396R 396 3900 3200HP 3500 389 TF396 3800

9 Contacting Conductivity Sensors
For Accurate Low Range Conductivity Configurations: Screw-In...Model 400/401 Retractable...Model 402 Sanitary...Model 403 Low Flow Cell...Model 404 Low Conductivity Measurement: Ultrapure to Surface Water Cell Constants of 0.01/cm, 0.1/cm and 1.0/cm High Conductivity Measurement: 4 electrode (401) 400 401 402 403 404

10 Toroidal Conductivity Sensors
Ideal for Dirty, Coating, High Conductivity Minimal Maintenance Corrosion Resistant Materials Suitable for Clean-In-Place, Coating, Viscous, or Abrasive Applications % Concentration Measurements 225 226 228 242 222 245 Configurations: Flow Through…Models 222/242 Insertion/Submersion…Models 226/228 Sanitary…Model 225/245 Perlick Tri-Clamp Flow Through

11 Amperometric Sensors - 499A Family
Full Line of Measurement Choices: Free Chlorine Model FCL Total Chlorine Model TCL Monochloramine Model MCL System Dissolved Oxygen (ppm) Auto Air Blast Cleaning System Trace Dissolved Oxygen (ppb) Dissolved Ozone Fast, Easy Maintenance Twist-off Membrane High Current Output Versatile Mounting, Insertion, Submersion, Low Flow Mounting Configurations Auto Air Blast System Model DO-03/04

12 Free Chlorine: Model FCL Packaged System
pH sensor No Reagent or Conditioning Required Range: ppm (0-20 Dual Slope Cal) Automatic Correction to pH 10.0 Two versions FCL-01 chlorine sensor only FCL-02 chlorine with pH correction Constant head flow controller--no valves or pressure regulators to worry about Minimum flow of 3 gph (80 gph Max) Everything mounted on a back plate Sensor cables pre-wired to the analyzer Choice of Four Instruments: Model 1055, 54eA, Xmt-A, 5081A chlorine sensor inlet drain flow controller

13 Measure Total Chlorine System Model TCL
Accurately Measures Total Chlorine, Range 0 – 20 ppm Total Chlorine = Free Chlorine + Combined Chlorines (Chloramines*) Low Maintenance Design Simple Overflow Weir: Correct Flow Rate Low Flow Rate 6 GPD (0.25 GPH or 15 mL/Min) Readily Available Reagent: White Distilled Vinegar 5 Gallons Lasts 2 Months: Potassium Iodide in Vinegar Choice of Four Instruments Sensor Measuring Total Chlorine for both chlorination and dechlorination can be accomplished by the Total Chlorine Measurement System, Model TCL. This is a reagent based system, using readily available white vinegar (5%) that can be purchased locally and KI salt. Two peristaltic pumps control the reagent and sample delivery. Since chlorine measurement is sensitive to the sample flow rate, a unique overflow design is used to deliver to correct flow rate. The TCL system can be used with any of our instrumentation platforms, such as the Model 1055, 54e, Xmt or the 5081. *Chloramines: MonocChloramine, DiChloramine and TriChloramine Delivery Pumps Constant head flow controller Inlet Drain

14 EPA/ETV Test Verified Performance
Distribution Monitoring: Water Quality System Complete Systems: Sensor, Cable, and Instrument Measurements Can Include: pH ORP Conductivity Temperature Chlorine: Free, Mono, Total Dissolved Oxygen Turbidity Particle Index Choice of Four Instruments: Model 1055, 54eA, Xmt-A, 5081A EPA/ETV Test Verified Performance

15 Quick Cable-to-Sensor Release
VP Connector - Variopol Option Replace the Sensor Without Running New Cable Rugged Construction with Quick Cable Connector Eliminates Cable Twisting Available on all Sensors, Except Toroidal Conductivity pH Sensors Conductivity Sensors Quick Sensor Cable Disconnect Amperometric Sensors

16 Clarity II Online Turbidimeter Measuring System
Superior Low Level Accuracy for Filtration at 0-1 NTU Single or Dual Sensor Input USEPA or ISO 7027 Approved Method Advanced Lamp Board Diagnostics and Adjustment Full Featured NEMA 4X Analyzer with Six Languages Total Suspended and Turbidity Measurement NTU Range Sample Flow: Pressurized or Flow Through Two Stage Debubbling Chamber Three Calibration Methods - Including One Point Method Reduced Formazin Required for Calibration Class I Div 2 Approval Two 4-20 mA Outputs (One per Sensor) Three Adjustable Alarms (Optional Alarm Board) PRODUCT – OVERVIEW The Clarity II Turbidimeter is a complete system for measuring turbidity of water. The system consists of: The Analyzer Model T1055 One or two sensors with debubbler/measuring chamber and cable assembly There is also an option to mount the above on an ABS plate. The Turbidity Analyzer Model T1055 has many of the same features as the Analyzer Model This will allow the plant to make all the liquid analytical measurements with the common operation of the Solu Comp II Analyzer Model 1055 platform.

17 Wet Chemical Analysis Wet Chemistry Analyzers Ammonia Silica Sodium
Phosphate Hydrazine Chromium Fluoride Continuous Flow Wet Chemistry Measurement Colorimetric or Ion Specific Electrode Method Optional Multi-Stream (Up to 6 Sample Lines) 4-20 mA and 0-5 V Outputs Pre-Packaged Reagent

18 Wet Chemistry Analysis
Sample Pump Module Available with annual Service contract Swap the pump module for a factory reconditioned unit once a year Arrives with years supply of packaged reagents

19 Rosemount Analytical Inc. Combustion & Process Gas Analyzers

20 Combustion & PGA Formed through Business Consolidations
1984 – Acquired Beckman Instruments 1990 – Acquired Leybold 1990 – Rosemount acquired Westinghouse 1993 – Consolidated Gas & Liquid Analyzer Businesses PAD became a Business Unit Current locations Solon, Ohio Houston, Texas Fromex- Nuevo Laredo Mexico Hasselroth, Germany Wessling, Germany Headcount totals 356 Hasselroth PGA Mfg, Repair 26,000 ft2 Solon, Ohio Headquarters 20,000 ft2 Houston Spares & Repair 3,000 ft2 Nuevo Laredo Comb. & PGA Mfg 10,500 ft2

21 Product Offering Combustion Continuous Gas Systems 6888 O2
Oxygen Analyzers: 6888 O2 Oxymitter 4000 5081 FG (High Temperature) OCX (O2 & COe) Other: OPM (Opacity) CCO 5500 (In situ CO) PowerVue (Damper Drives) Continuous Gas Process & Environmental Analyzers: MLT Series Analyzers X-STREAM PGA Series 951C & 400A Single Channel GP Analyzers Systems In-house integration capabilities in all World Areas: North & South America – Solon, OH Europe & Middle East – Wessling, Germany AP – Singapore, China & India

22 Combustion Analysis & Boiler Control Products
6888 Damper Drives Oxymitter Xi Electronics OCX 5081

23 Combustion Applications
Gas, Oil & Coal Fired Boilers Refineries & Petrochemical Plants Kilns

24 Analyzers for Combustion Control
The primary purpose of combustion analyzers is to maintain the optimum ratio between the fuel sent to the burner and the oxygen required to burn that available fuel. The analyzer measures oxygen. The damper drive controls the air flow to or from the burner.

25 Process Gas Analyzers 951C/400A X-STREAM PGA MLT/NGA

26 Process Analyzer Overview
Multi-Bench Analyzers X-STREAM Series MLT Series (NDIR/UV/VIS, PO2, EO2, TC) Hydrocarbon Analyzers 400A (FID) NGA FID/HFID NOx Analyzers 951C (CLD) NGA CLD/WCLD Thermal Conductivity NDIR/UV/VIS Photometry Paramagnetic Dual Bench Analyzers: utilize NDIR/UV/VIS Photometry, Thermal Conductivity and Paramagnetic detection method Multi-Bench Analyzers: utilize NDIR/UV/VIS Photometry, Thermal Conductivity and Paramagnetic detection method Hydrocarbon Analyzers: utilizes flame ionization detection method NOx Analyzers: utilizes Chemiluminescence detection method. Flame Ionization Chemiluminescence

27 Process Analyzer Overview
Smart Capabilities Diagnostics for ease of maintenance Easy to use menus Digital communication protocols available Wide Variety of Housings Certifications for all general purpose & hazardous area locations Multiple Optical Benches Available Up to 5 measurements in a single analyzer Mix and match any combination of benches Common Parts Reduces spare parts requirements and analyzer downtime

28 Engineered Systems Capabilities
Engineered systems meet specific customer requirements for process measurements or environmental reporting.

29 Engineered Systems Capabilities
Wall Mount Sample Conditioning Enclosure Sample Probe ROOF LEVEL GROUND LEVEL Unheated Line or Heat Trace Heated Sample Line Smart Analyzer OBJECTIVES Eliminate/Reduce shelter requirements Increase Monitoring Flexibility Meet Hazardous Area Classifications

30 Engineered Systems Capabilities
Simplified flow schematics for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) & standard components help reduce engineering costs.

31 Engineered Systems Capabilities
Custom designed sample systems and cabinets allow flexible installations for customer specific needs.

32 Engineered Systems Capabilities
All systems require various amounts of engineering. Consideration for ambient conditions, measurement locations and installation area classifications must be reviewed prior to system design. This package has been designed with purges for hazardous area locations.

33 Engineered Systems Capabilities
Flexibility allows Rosemount Analytical to design systems from custom built to modular. From ‘Walk In’ style fully engineered shelters to modular systems that can help reduce installation costs and cost of ownership.

34 X-STREAM Analyzer with Sample System
Conventional Approach vs Emerson Transmitter Heated Sample Line Analyzer Shelter with Process Analyzers X-STREAM Analyzer with Sample System Sample Tap in Process Unit

35 Product Applications & Industries
Chemical/Petrochemical Tank blanketing (safety measurement) Hydrogen plant Ammonia, urea Ethylene and propylene Refining Naphtha isomerization Catalytic reforming Hydrocracking FCCU Sulfur recovery Hydrocarbon compressor Marine unloading/vapor recovery Feed stock heaters

36 Product Applications & Industries
Power Combustion Control CEMS Hydrogen cooling Coal Gasification Metals & Mining Furnaces Heat treating

37 Product Applications & Industries
Oil & Gas Natural Gas Pipeline Air Separation Gas Bottling Cement Kiln Gases & Combustion Control Automotive ICEE Biogas, Food & Beverage & More….

38 Rosemount Analytical Inc. Gas Chromatographs

39 What is gas chromatography?
Gas chromatography is an instrumental method for the separation and identification of a compound The sample is introduced to the GC after flowing through a sample conditioning system. The sample is then carried through a separating column by an inert gas, such as helium The sample is detected as a series of peaks via GC software as components leave the column and pass over the detector.

40 Gas chromatography is a proven analytical technique used in a broad range of industrial applications
Ethylene Plant Aromatic Plant Refinery Pipeline APPLICATIONS Ammonia Plant units Aromatic Plant units Ethylene Plant units Gas Processing Plant units LNG Train units Propylene Plant units Refinery units Urea Plant units Vinyl Chloride units Gas Power 2 per Turbine Air Production per Plant Iron/Steel per Plant Pipeline 1000s of units GC CHARACTERISTICS The broadest range of chemical measurements High sensitivity (ppb to %) Multiple measurements in a single analysis Flexibility to choose desired measurements Proven online technology since 1956 Users Believe in It.

41 Gas Chromatographs 80+ years of experience
Beckman / Rosemount / Emerson (1956 / 1983 / 1976) Honeywell / Daniel / Emerson (1968 / 1978 / 2000) Over 11,000 online gas chromatographs installed worldwide Worldwide service and support Three GC Application/Support Centers Houston, Texas Stirling, United Kingdom Hasselroth, Germany Some of the History of Daniel & EPM

42 Typical Applications Natural Gas Process Btu / CV for Fiscal Metering
Natural Gas Quality (H2S, O2, CO2) Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Gas Processing (Excluding Gulf Area) Ethylene Purity Refinery Fuel Gas (Btu/ H2S) Refinery Flare Stack (HR-VOC) Refinery Cooling Tower (HR-VOC) Turbine Power Generators (WOBBE Index) Ammonia Plant (H2 purity) Landfill Gas BTUs LNG Plants & Terminals (Quality & Purity) Gas Processing (Gulf Area only)

43 The Emerson GC difference
a PLUS The exclusive MON2000 Software Environmental chamber testing a Airless Oven Design a Diaphragm Valves a High-Sensitivity TCD

44 Emerson GC Product Offering
Transmitter Style Design 24VDC or 110/220 VAC TCD/FID (Single or Dual) Micro-packed Columns Isothermal Oven Wall/Pipe/Floor Mount Serial/Modbus/Ethernet communications Field-mount Design 110/220 VAC TCD only Micro-packed Columns Isothermal (Single/Dual) Oven Integral or Remote Controller Serial/Modbus/Ethernet communications Model 700XA Model 500 Air Bath Oven Design 110/220 VAC TCD, FID or FPD Micro-packed and Capillary Columns Up to 8 Valves Free Standing/ Wall Mount Serial/Modbus/Ethernet communications Laptop/PC based diagnostics Connects to GCs via Ethernet/Serial/Modem Modbus Polling functions Display/Overlay Chromatograms Display/Edit Application Programs Model 1500XA MON 2000 / 2020

45 Emerson Value in Fiscal Metering
Energy, Flow, and Gas Quality Energy = Corrected Volume (From Flow Computer) X Heating Value (From Gas Chromatograph) Tariff/Contractual limits Trace hydrogen sulfide, %CO2 Trace Sulfur Hydrocarbon dew-point 1 2 3 5 6 8 9 10 11 4 7 Our GCs offer the highest stated repeatability available C6+ Chromatogram 1 Btu error can cost nearly $50,000 a year in “lost” gas (Using 1020 Btu/scf & Volume of 20,000,000 scf/day with 0.1% error in $6.00 / Dekatherm)

46 Emerson Value in Process Applications
vs Conventional PGC Installation Emerson Field-Mountable PGC Conventional GCs (3) $105K Walk-In Shelter $250K TOTAL COST $355K Field-Mount GCs (3) $105K 3-Sided Shelter $25K TOTAL COST $130K Field-mount Process Gas Chromatographs provide greatly reduced cost of ownership by eliminating the need for expensive walk-in shelters. Project Costs can be reduced by 60+% with Ongoing Costs reduced by 50+%.

47 Rosemount Analytical Inc. Net Safety Flame & Gas

48 Corporate Profile Net Safety Monitoring has been an flame & gas detection industry leader for almost 20 years Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Representation throughout Canada, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and the Asia/Pacific Region Global Customer Service Centers — Calgary, Abu Dhabi, Houston, Beijing and Singapore

49 Product Profile Net Safety Monitoring is a leader in the development and manufacturing of: Advanced Fixed Gas Monitoring and Flame Detection Instrumentation Ancillary Safety & Security Products All certified explosion-proof for use in classified hazardous locations Flagship products are approved to FM, SIL2, CSA, ATEX, ANSI-ISA/UL, GOST-R and INMETRO safety, technical and performance standards Engineered for continuous performance in the most extreme environments

50 Manufacturing Capabilities
38,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Manufacturing and R&D facility ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified Committed to the “Lean Corporate Culture” — a highly efficient and waste-free organization with a focus on continuous improvement of all processes relating to intelligent production and product quality Advanced computer-controlled production of electronic circuit boards at our own manufacturing facility ensures strict quality control Our ability to partner with end-users to match our products to meet specific application requirements is a unique value-add within the industry

51 Engineering and R&D State-of-the-art research, design, testing and engineering facility

52 Customer Services Multilingual, highly-trained service technicians are available 24/7/365 Global network of certified service partners State-of-the-art test lab/calibration facility Start-up and commissioning services

53 Primary Markets Served
Onshore/Offshore Oil and Gas Production Oil Refining, Transportation and Distribution Petrochemical Food and Beverage Power Generation Semiconductor Aviation Mining & Mineral Processing Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment Pulp and Paper Steel Manufacture Military Chemical

54 Global End-Users

55 Ultraviolet / Infrared
Flame Detection Phoenix Triple IR Ultraviolet / Infrared Ultraviolet Hydrogen

56 UV/IRS – Ultraviolet / Infrared Flame Detector
Two Radiation Wavelengths Necessary for Alarm – minimize false alarm events from lightning, welding, sunlight and radiation Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces – constantly monitors internal electronics Field Programmable – Fine Tune Sensitivity and Time Delay Low Power and Wide Voltage Range — improves performance, reduces installation and operation costs Available with sensors specially tuned to detect invisible H2 Hydrogen flame Full 120 Degree Field of View with Extended Range! Operating Range of -50°C to +75°C (-58°F to +167°F) CSA, ATEX, ANSI-UL/ISA, GOST-R, and INMETRO approvals, FM Certified, SIL2 qualification by exida®

57 IR3S – PHOENIX Triple IR Flame Detector
NO EXTERNAL REFLECTOR - AUTOMATIC VISUAL INTEGRITY unique feature greatly reduces maintenance and cost of ownership PROPRIETARY AUTOMATIC DIGITAL ZOOM TECHNOLOGY advanced flame detection and false alarm immunity at all distances THREE PRECISELY TUNED INFRARED SENSORS – ultra fast response, accurate flame detection, eliminates false alarms, farthest range ENGINEERED FOR EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS — operating range of -50°C to +75°C with the lowest power consumption available LOW POWER AND WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE — improves performance, reduces installation and operation costs 7 YEAR WARRANTY – best warranty in the industry GLOBAL APPROVALS – CSA, ATEX, ANSI-UL/ISA, GOST-R, and INMETRO approvals, FM Certified, SIL2 qualification by exida® FIELD PROGRAMMABLE – Fine Tune Sensitivity and Time Delay MULTIPLE OUTPUT OPTIONS – Analog, Relay, RS485 Modbus, HART

58 Gas Detection Millennium II Series Multi-Channel Universal Transmitter
ECO-SENSE Series 2-wire H2S Loop-powered Transmitter/Sensor Millennium Series Toxic & Combustible Transmitter/Sensors

59 MILLENNIUM II Series – Smart Gas Detectors
Full Range of COMBUSTIBLE (Catalytic Bead & Infrared) and TOXIC (Solid State NE-MOS & Electrochemical) Sensors Market-leading Sensor and Transmitter Warranties Universal Transmitter - Mix and Match Any Pre-calibrated SMART Sensor Full Graphic OLED Display – Visible In Any Lighting Condition Four Display Languages – Intuitive Menu Operation Operating Range of -55°C to +85°C Low Power and Wide Voltage Range Long Range Sensor Separation (2000 ft +) ATEX, CSA, ANSI/UL/ISA, INMETRO and GOST-R Approvals with FM Certification, SIL2 Analog, Relay, RS485 Modbus and HART Communications Millennium II Single Channel Millennium II BASIC

60 Ancillary Safety/Security Products
Millennium APM Air Particle Monitor Smoke & Oil Mist Detector Explosion-Proof Motion Detector & Video Camera FlameWatch II Video/Flame Detection Combo Banshee343 Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

61 Ancillary Safety/Security Products
Sales Gas Monitor (SGM) Inline H2S Sampling & Analyzing System SafeGuard Controller 16 Channel Master Display System Millennium RM2 Rack Mount Controller

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