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Overcoming Common Problems…. To Increase Sales and Profits.

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1 Overcoming Common Problems…. To Increase Sales and Profits

2 Scott Siegal Bio Roofing contractor for + 25 years. Owned and operated 4 roofing companies doing all types of roofing work from minor repairs to million dollar projects including historic restoration. Former President local Roofing Contractor Association Conducted over 250 roofing contractor seminars sponsored by CertainTeed, GAF, NRCA and numerous distributors and local trade associations. Currently President of Maggio Roofing and Certified Contractors Network with members in the US & Canada.

3 Most Common Problems The Fly by Night Low Price Competition Most Common Complaint Professional roofer competing against a non-professional Only overhead may be their truck No insurance Price is cheaper, but disappears or fails to perform a professional job

4 Juggling Act Are you wearing too many hats within your company? –Salesman –Manager –Project scheduler –Customer service –Revenue collector –Purchasing agent

5 Peaks & Valleys Every trade has cycles Result is too much work, difficult to get it all done So little work that cant get a job no matter how low the price

6 Too Little Profit Working all year only to find that theres not enough left on the bottom line to make it worthwhile

7 Frustrated? Is all this pressure with the roofing business worth it? Low Priced Competition, Juggling Acts, Peaks and Valleys, and not enough profit create Stress and lack of peace of mind

8 Average GAF Residential Roofer Average Gross Profit: 23% $178.43 is the average cost of a lead Average marketing budget is $48,119.42

9 Reasons For Too Little Profit Income vs Profit –Dont confuse money in your pocket equals profit –Income is the money paid for work performed –Profit is the money the business makes –Goals need to be set for both income and profit (or you will end up working for a paycheck…maybe)

10 Contractor Myth # 1 The customers main concern is price –Consumers only see price as important when value is not shown –Higher the value, less price is considered

11 Myth # 2 Jobs are sold, not bought Most consumers have to find their own contractor (either through the internet or referral) Contractor responds by preparing a bid and sending it to owner This process is bidding, not selling

12 Selling Professional contractors –Develop prospects from a marketing plan –Cover leads professionally –Make a professional presentation to solve a problem –Provide reasons for selecting him/her over others –Provide reasons to act now without high pressure

13 Good Selling programs… Help overcome the 4 most common problems – Overcome low-ball competitor – sales plans differentiate the professional from the low ball competitor. A sales plan will help to explain the differences between the two, so the owner understands the value and is comfortable paying a higher price –Overcoming juggling too many balls – The sales ball is the easiest to pass off to another in order to lighten the owners load. Hiring salespeople requires development or acquiring an estimating and sales plan, a training program and a plan for lead generation

14 Overcoming peaks and valleys –A direct marketing/sales approach is required to develop leads when there is no business due to seasonality or other reasons Overcoming too little profit –A professional sales presentation can justify a higher price Good Selling programs…

15 The Selling Puzzle Presentation The Power Buying Motive Proposal Basic Buying Motives Leads

16 Marketing & Lead Management Inbound Leads vs. Outbound Leads Leads

17 Are You Raising Lead Babies Do your salespeople generate their own leads? Do they wait for you to hand them leads BEFORE they do anything?

18 Im A Salesperson… Its Not My Job To Generate Leads.

19 Its a numbers Game Salespeople should be cold calling around existing leads Run more appointments! Leads are the life blood of a roofing business

20 Basic Buying Motives Fear Fear Gain/Loss Gain/Loss Pride Pride Imitation Imitation

21 Basic Buying Motive Fear/Concern – Motivated out of fear for something (leaks) Financial – Buys for either financial gain or to avoid loss. Purchase in the off season for a discount or avoid high season prices Self- esteem- Pride in their home (perfect home in the neighborhood whose lawn is perfect, paint is perfect, driveway is sealed) Joneses – Keep up with the neighbors

22 Power Buying Motive This is separate from basic buying motives This is the motivation for selecting the specific contractor at a higher price and REJECTING the non- professional

23 Confidence Survey asking consumers why they rejected or purchased projects They either lacked confidence in the contractor, so they didnt buy or they had confidence and they did buy

24 How to build Confidence In you – Think of yourself as a doctor, not a contractor –Ask questions and diagnose the problem –Dress appropriately – 1 st impressions matter –Vehicle should be clean –Show up on time Presentation

25 In Your Company – –Pictures of jobs –Testimonials –Insurance certificates –Training certificates –Licenses –List of satisfied customers How to build Confidence

26 In the product –Warranties –Knowledge of the product –Why you reject other products –Clean presentable brochures/samples –Computer apps –Convert features into benefits How to build Confidence

27 In your proposal – Use a professional proposal –Silent salesperson –Multi-page How to build Confidence

28 Proposal & Price Proposal Proposal should be presented to complete buying party

29 Four basic styles –Business card – some write the price on the back of a card –Boiler Plate – form on which the contractor checks off choices that define the job –One liner – This is a custom proposal for a project that has been typed and usually consists of one line, usually a feature that doesnt explain the benefit –ESP (Effective Sales Proposal) – Designed to provide feature and benefit of the product and service. Anticipates how the owner thinks and what questions he might have so that he has the information needed to make a buying decision Proposal

30 What Can CCN Offer Networking Best Practices Training Boot Camps –Sales –Production –Admin Proprietary programs –Sales App for Ipad –Video email –Lead generation programs –Much more

31 Any Questions ??? Scott Siegal 301-891-0999 x 113 Office

32 Certified Contractors NetWork 800.396.1510

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