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Operation of the FW-720 Unit 1. Side 1 2 Inlet Hand Crank.

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1 Operation of the FW-720 Unit 1

2 Side 1 2 Inlet Hand Crank

3 Side 2 3 Inlet Discharge Pump Ball Valve 75 psi Pressure Relief Valve Female GHT Inlet Flow Restrictor

4 Side 3 4 Removable Pump

5 Side 4 5 Air Bleed Valve Lamp out Solenoid

6 Pump 6 Intake Hose (Could be a standard garden hose) Pump Discharge Hose

7 Canisters and Filters 7 Canisters Filters UV Bulb

8 Additional Components 8 Extension Cords Discharge Hose Operation Manual Canister Wrench Quick Setup Guide Spare Quartz Sleeve or UV Bulb

9 Setup from Static Water Source 9 Source Water Pump Purification Unit - Pump must be Primed - Remove Plug and Fill with Water

10 Setup – Directly From Building 10 Simply connect hose and turn water on

11 Preparing the Unit 11 Make sure all canisters have new, clean filters in them Disinfect all discharge outlets and hoses with a bleach / water solution A ¼ cup to 1 gallon of water solution is generally a good ratio but use the ratio that is appropriate for your facility. Let sit in bleach water for 2 minutes.

12 Priming the Pump 12 Prime pump Open priming plug and fill pump with water Fill intake hose completely with water Place foot valve into water source and connect other end of hose to pump intake Plug pump in to power source Wait for pump to turn on and see if the pump is primed. If pump is not primed or loses the prime repeat the above process until pump stays primed. Once pump is primed unplug pump to turn off then connect hose to pump discharge and the other end to the FW-720 intake. Priming Plug Drain Plug

13 Turning the FW-720 On 13 Once the FW-720 intake hose is connected, plug the UV power cord in. The blue lamp on the power supply should light up indicating the lamp is on. Note: This picture shows the UV bulb illuminated. When in actual use the UV bulb will not be visible because it is inside a black canister. Warning: Exposure to UV light can cause skin and eye damage. Do not look directly at the UV bulb.

14 Flowing the FW-720 14 Make sure a hose is connected to the FW-720 discharge outlet Plug the pump in to turn it on Open the intake ball-valve Allow water to flow for a minute to flush any debris out of the system and hoses.

15 Cleaning the FW-720 15 Turn unit off by unplugging the pump and the UV power supply Disconnect all connections Remove screen filter canister from pump. Rinse and clean screen filter. Drain and dry canister. Remove the drain and priming plug from pump. Allow water to fully drain from the pump. Tilting the pump back and forth and side to side helps remove all water. Replace drain plugs and screen filter after pump has drained. Remove all filter canisters; remove and discard used filters; dry out the inside of the canisters. Open the intake ball valve and the air bleed valve. Tilt the unit back and forth until the unit drains. If possible, allow the unit to air dry several days before replacing canisters. Drain hoses Store the unit with no filters installed. Filters will be installed before the next use. Clean the unit as good as possible. The unit can be disinfected at your discretion but is not required. Disinfecting the unit is always done before it is used.

16 Preventative Maintenance 16 Plug the UV power supply in and make sure the bulb is working Remove canisters and make sure the O-rings are still lubricated Every 6 months: Make sure all parts and hoses are with the unit and haven’t been lost or repurposed.

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