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Technology Information Welcome Back!!. LISD NETWORK It is for EVERYONE! Students & Staff.

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1 Technology Information Welcome Back!!

2 LISD NETWORK It is for EVERYONE! Students & Staff

3 Log On! Log Off! Even students can do it!

4 Logging Into the LISD Network Why? Gives you access to the Internet Gives you access to networked Printers Gives you access to LISD network drives & provides a secure place to save and share drives What if I cant login? I forgot my password! Call the Help Desk to have your password reset. Open 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM 903-446-2400

5 LISD Network Drives H:Drive M:LISDComm N:SCommon

6 H:Drive A private place to store your documents with 1Gb. of space Housed on an LISD server NOT your classroom computer. Holds your personal Outlook Mail folder.

7 LISDComm (common or communication) What is it? A place for staff members to share documents and information with other LISD staff. What it is NOT! A place to save PERSONAL information. DO NOT ALLOW A STUDENT TO WORK ON A COMPUTER ON WHICH YOU ARE LOGGED ON!!!!

8 SCommon My Computer > SCommon > schoolname A place for you to share documents with students: Templates Webpages My Computer > SCommon > Save > schoolname A place for students to turn in technology projects. To be graded To be shown to the class To be printed

9 Log Off!!!!!!!!!! WHY? Protects your stuff MOST OF ALL!!!!!!!! Protects you!!!!! WHEN? EVERYTIME a student uses the computer EVERYTIME you leave the room for an extended time

10 The Technology Help Desk Who will come to the Rescue?

11 Technology Help Desk 903-446-2400 or fill out a tech help request online

12 BEFORE you contact the Technology Help Desk! 1.Restart the computer. 2.Check ALL cable connections. On the back of the CPU On the wall 3.Ask a peer for help, if possible. DO NOT!!!!!!

13 Kill Your Computer!!!!

14 When you contact the Help Desk! 1.Be prepared to answer questions 2.Have the following information available: Computer Name IP Address

15 How to Find Computer Name Right click on My Computer icon Click on Properties Click the Computer Name tab, then write down the full computer name. This would be great information to have access to at all times. Do not rely on the computer label. It is not necessary to in the name

16 Finding the IP Address m/tech/handouts/Help_IP.pdf m/tech/handouts/Help_IP.pdf Handout available for printing



19 LISD network & email GradeSpeed C-Scope DMAC Texas Teacher STaR Chart iCal Calender Webpage United Streaming On! And On!! And On!!!! HELP!!!! I cant remember my password!


21 PRINTING ISSUES? Check My Computer to see if you have network drives. No Network Drives - RESTART the computer! Log back on and recheck Yes! I have all my network drives. Go to Start > Printers & Faxes Count to 15 to allow printers to appear in the list No printers are listed - RESTART the computer! Still no printers!! Restart the printer! Does it have an error message? Does it need toner? Is it jammed?

22 Get Help! Submit a Tech Help Request Email & phone calls are NOT the most efficient way to get help for printing issues! YOU ARE STILL HAVE PRINTING ISSUES!!!!!

23 Youve Got Mail!

24 EMAIL Web based – Available at home & school Outlook Mail – Available at school only Personal Folders On 1 computer per teacher

25 Spam & Other Unsolicited Email Do not open! Delete it! Can contain

26 Proficiency 6 All courses will be taken online using Moodle Participants must register through LISD Workshop Registration online You are allowed 3 weeks to complete a 7 hour course All enrollment keys are unique and confidential. They are emailed only to registered participants. Enroll immediately into the Moodle course, after receiving the email.

27 Tech Corner m/tech/techcorner.htm m/tech/techcorner.htm Located on the campus jump page Tech Handouts Resources Links – report broken links to your ITS


29 Thank You! Credits$2520Ele ctronics$25200046.jpg$2520Ele ctronics$25200046.jpg

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