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BALUN Training.

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1 BALUN Training

2 What is a balun ? The term of balun is derived by combining balanced and unbalanced.  A balun is a kind of transformer, it's used to convert an unbalanced signal (coaxial cable) to a balanced one (twisted pair cable). Because in many communication systems, there are mis- matches in connector types and differences in impedance between equipments and cabling systems Balun is useful for long distance audio/video transmission: standard passive video balun can transmit video signal up to a maximum distance of 650 meters when linked "point-to-point", via Cat5 or better UTP cable, but usually, typical distance goes up to 400 meters. Some other active balun transmits signals up to 2kms.  Used in pairs, balun allow you to eliminate more expensive coaxial cable, including coupling signals from remote video cameras to display systems, video capture, security and surveillance monitoring applications.  Balun can be used in many different applications: closed-circuit television, telecommunication, CATV, computer networks and other audio/video systems.

3 Long distance patch cord
Application of Balun Balun Vedio S-Video/Audio Balun Video/Audio Balun Transceiver Box CCTV Monitor Monitors host TV Patch cord Long distance patch cord Camera

4 BaLUN Type CCITT G.703 balun CCTV balun Multimedia balun (HDMI balun)
VGA balun DVI balun Active balun USB balun

5 CCITT G.703 balun G.703 is a CCITT* standard for transmitting voice over digital carriers such as T1 and E1.  G.703 provides the specifications for pulse code modulation (PCM) at data rates from 64 Kbps to Mbps.  G.703 service is typically used for interconnecting data communications equipment such as bridges, routers, and multiplexers. G.703 is transported over balanced (120 ohm twisted pair) or unbalanced (dual 75 ohm coax) cable. Whether the G.703 is balanced or unbalanced depends on your geographic location and the carrier that supplies the service. Balanced service is the most common around the world with the exception of the U.K. and the Netherlands. However, the new Open Network Provision standard of the EEC requires that balanced service be available throughout all of Europe. *CCITT: the CCITT (Consultative Committee on International Telegraphy and Telephony) former name of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), is the primary international body for fostering cooperative standards for telecommunications equipment and systems. It is located in Geneva, Switzerland. 什麼是 CCITT CCITT是國際電報電話諮詢委員會的簡稱,它是國際電信聯盟(ITU)的常設機構之一。 主要職責是研究電信的新技術、新業務和資費等問題,並對這類問題通過建議使全世界的電信標準化。  G.703是同軸BNC接口(75歐), 一般提供2.048M速率. E1是2.048M, 可以使用G.703接口,也可以使用平衡的120歐輸入(RJ48). E1可以提供信道化(NX64K),也可以提供非信道化. V35提供小於4M的速率,一般使用同步串口通信,非信道化輸入.

6 CCITT G.703 Type CCITT G.703 Krone IDC balun (03-G01X-00)
CCITT Tooless IDC balun CCITT G.703 Dual Balun (03-20G6-00) CCITT Standard RJ45 CCITT Keystone RJ45

7 What is CCTV ? CCTV (closed circuit television) is a television system in which signals are not publicly distributed; cameras are connected to television monitors in a limited area such as a store, an office building, or on a college campus. CCTV is commonly used in surveillance systems.

8 What is a CCTV balun ? The CCTV Video Balun allows base-band composite video signals to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for more versatile cabling.  CCTV Balun is used in pairs to allow you to eliminate more expensive coaxial cable, including coupling signals from remote video cameras to display systems, video capture, security and surveillance monitoring applications. The use of existing twisted pair infrastructure such as telephone cable and cat.5 computer networking cables are also available. All our Baluns are 100% test for reliability and durability to guarantee your signal integrity.

9 CCTV BALUN TYPE (BNC) Tooless IDC with cover (03-2180-71)
Tooless IDC Video balun Standard RJ45 balun Fly-Lead balun Keystone balun ( ) Screw + RJ45 balun ( XX) Quad balun (03-B249-00)

10 Multimedia balun Audio Balun (03-4049-00)
Audio & Video RCA Balun (03-B259-00) S-Video Extender ( , ) RGB Balun / Component Video Bbalun (03-R403-00) HDMI Balun

11 VGA balun The VGA Balun Set includes a balun that connects to your source (i.e. a computer, Digital Video Recorder or VGA Splitter) and a balun that connects to your monitor (i.e. a CRT, LCD, Plasma or projector). All that is required to connect the baluns is Cat. 5 shielded twisted pair cable, which is far less expensive and easier to install than VGA cable...and if you have a home network, you may even have existing runs of Cat. 5 already installed.

12 DVI BALUN The DVI-Balun allows a high-quality DVI (digital visual interface) signal to be transmitted up to 150 feet over two Cat 5 cables (one shielded, one unshielded). The DVI-Balun is HDCP compliant, supports standard HDTV and VESA resolutions, and supports the DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors.

13 Active Balun The Active CCTV Transmitter Balun provides enhanced distance performance for a single CCTV video channel via cat.5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. The balun is installed at the CCTV camera and is powered by the camera power supply. This model is for the camera of 12V DC. Maximum distance supported ranges from 0 to 3,000ft via cat.5 UTP when connected to passive CCTV baluns at the receiver. If you use Active CCTV receiver Balun, the distance supported ranges from 600M to 1500M. (03-A21x-0x)

14 What are the differences concerning the distances between passive VGA and active VGA ?
Active VGA supports high resolution, up to 1920x1440. The Passive VGA goes only up to 1280x1024 pixels. Then, the distances are as below: Passive VGA: 137m (450ft) with VGA resolution 640x480 pixels 107m (350ft) with SVGA resolution 800x600 pixels  76m (250ft) with XGA resolution 1024x768 pixels 61m (200ft) with SXGA resolution 1280x1024 pixels  Active VGA: 180m (591ft) with VGA resolution 640x m (493ft) with SVGA resolution 800x m (427ft) with XGA resolution 1024x m (329ft) with SXGA resolution 1280x m (263ft) with UXGA resolution 1600x m (230ft) with resolution 1920x1440

15 Below is an illustration on how video baluns work their way in to an actual installation.
A simple single channel passive balun setup. Notice you will still receive a colored picture at 1,200ft yet a black and white picture after 1,800ft.  With active baluns you will be able to achieve longer runs than passive. A single channel active to passive balun setup. Notice you will still receive a colored picture at 4,800ft yet a black and white picture after 6,600ft ft = m 1200ft color 1800ft BW Vedio Vedio Patch Cord Passive Passive Camera Monitor 4800ft color 6600ft BW Vedio Vedio Patch Cord Passive Active Camera Monitor DC12V Power

16 USB balun This pair of USB balun kit can transmit USB video and data signals up to 150 feet without any signal loss, greatly eliminating the the typical 15-feet USB cable limitation. The built-in active repeaters of this balun kit provides maximum flexibility for USB devices and are ideal for security and surveillance video, PC digital audio systems and other peripherals with USB interface that are beyond the reach of regular cables.

17 USB BALUN EASY Installation
Easy Installation There is absolutely no configuration needed for installing this USB balun. This USB extender kit contains a local transmitter paired with a remote receiver unit, allowing you to make out-of-the-way connections from a PC to a remote USB printer, USB camera, USB scanner, USB barcode reader, USB hub or other USB devices without any data loss. The local transmitter connects to a computer source and the receiver unit placed at the remote location to be connected with the USB device.  The USB balun transmitter and receiver units can then be linked using low-cost Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable to extend the data signal from the source to the USB end device, providing a high quality USB extension while concealing the cable for a cleaner, more professional installation.

18 THE END …

19 1200ft color 1800ft BW Passive Passive Camera Monitor 4800ft color
Vedio Vedio Patch Cord Passive Passive Camera Monitor 4800ft color 6600ft BW Vedio Vedio Patch Cord Passive Active Camera Monitor DC12V Power

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