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Networking – Building a Prewired Home Mike Cherney.

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1 Networking – Building a Prewired Home Mike Cherney


3 Prewired Home – built 1995/6 LocationCoaxCat. 5Cat. 3Phone Bedroom #11111 Bedroom #21111 Bedroom #31111 Office3111 Family Room211 Kitchen11 Dining Room111 Guest Room111 Basement Distribution panel Distribution panel Distribution panel 1

4 Wiring Cost - $941.85 7 Phone Jacks 12 Security Contacts 6 Category 3 Runs 13Coax Runs 7Category 5 Runs 2Speaker Wire Runs Much less expensive at time of construction! Cable provider may install some of this (at no charge).

5 Hub and Distribution

6 First Home Mac - 1990 Basement

7 AppleTalk Network – 1994 modem bluejay Basement

8 AppleTalk Network – 1996 modem Interact BedroomOfficeBasementOffice Guest Room Office modem

9 Transition to PCs – 1998 modem Interact Bedroom Office Guest Room OfficeBasement modem Office

10 First Ethernet – 2000 modem Interact Office Guest Room Office Basement modem BasementBedroom Dining Room Office Guest Room

11 Router – 2001 modem Interact Office Basement modem Office modem Basement Bedroom router Guest Room Dining Room

12 Cable Modem and Router

13 Cable modem – 2001 Guest Room Basement Office BasementBedroom router Qwest Online Cable modem Dining Room Guest Room

14 Hub – 2001 Qwest Online Office Basement Bedroom router Cable modem Basement Guest Room Dining Room hub

15 Qwest Online Office Basement Bedroom router Cable modem Basement Guest Room Dining Room hub Today 3 Desktops 3 Laptops

16 Installation Almost everything worked Plug and Play Out of the box Interrupt Conflict Between one ethernet card and modem Tried debugging using Microsoft Help Tried manually changing interrupts Solved by removing modem card Cable Modem Installation and Service Activation $62.50 (ask for special offers)

17 Hardware Costs Modems $5 (on sale / rebate) - $60 / each (no longer used) built into newer laptops (still used for travel) Ethernet cards $5 - $10 / each (on sale / rebate) built into newer laptops Router $60 for 4 ports (on sale / rebate) Hub $40 for 4 ports Cable modem included in service

18 Monthly Cost Broadband - $48.90 per month $51.92 per month with taxes and fees Includes 16 channels of cable TV Cost without cable TV: $49.95 per month Includes cable modem rental Dial-up - $11.95 per month Required landline phone line Evaluating discontinuing landline $35.05 per month including taxes and fees

19 Speed In general, slower than my lab In general, faster than my office This is a hint I should bother network services

20 More that could be done and Is it needed? Add Wireless Access Point Add Network Printer Put Ethernet Card in Mac Controlling Internet Access None of this is needed. Is it home infrastructure? Is it leisure time activity?

21 In Retrospect Cable Modem – Good Investment Connect time Downloading time Prewiring Now bundles including fiber Router + Hub – Get a single package Router with wired ports for desktop Wireless Access Point Print Server

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