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Model # USR8000A (Rev 02) U.S. Robotics Broadband Router.

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1 Model # USR8000A (Rev 02) U.S. Robotics Broadband Router

2 USR8000A - Features and Benefits Support Universal Plug & Play –Eases install - (Win Me/XP) –Automatically detected on the network! Integrated print server –Everyone on the network shares a single parallel printer Flexible Ethernet design –Connects to either a Cable or DSL Ethernet modem Integrated 4-Port Ethernet switch –Share the Internet with up to 4 PCs / MACs right out of the box MAC Address filtering –Lets you decide which PCs can connect to your network

3 USR8000A – Additional Features DHCP Client and server NAT Packet filtering –Secures your PCs from outside threats Multi-session PPTP and IP Sec VPN pass through –Makes connecting to the office easy and secure for telecommuters and remote workers –Connect multiple VPN sessions simultaneously Embedded PPTP client –Required to connect by some DSL service providers SNMP –Allows for remote management of the device Dynamic and Static IP Addressing PPPoE support DMZ Support –Setup 1 PC on the network that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet

4 Win Me/XP PCs will automatically detect the USR8000A on the network USR8000A - Universal Plug & Play (Win Me/XP)

5 Point & Click - Easily connect to and configure the USR8022 – No need to know the IP Address

6 1.UPnP* makes it easy to connect to your router (previous slides) 2.Once connected, the HTML-based configuration software makes it e asy to configure and manage your wireless router * Windows Me/XP USR8000A – Easy Management

7 USR8000A Broadband Router Clean design – All connection ports on rear panel 1 WAN port –Connects to Ethernet Cable or DSL modem 4 Ethernet ports for LAN –Connect to Local PCs via Ethernet RS-232 (COM) port for analog modem backup Internet access PRINTER – Port for connecting and sharing a parallel printer

8 USR8000A – Broadband Router, 4-Port Switch and Print Server all in one device ADSL Ethernet Bridge or Cable Ethernet Bridge Modem Desktops with USR997900PCI 10/100 NIC USR8000A Broadband Router Internet Parallel Printer USR /100 PCMCIA Adapter

9 Broadband goes down? The U.S. Robotics Wireless Cable and DSL Router is perfect for the residential customer offering the value of Ethernet with the convenience of wireless networking in one simple solution Parallel Printer USR /100 Fast Ethernet Adapter Broadband Modem connection goes down? Internet USR8000A Broadband Router USR /100 Fast Ethernet Adapter USR /100 PCMCIA Adapter

10 No problem with the USR8000A ! The U.S. Robotics Wireless Cable and DSL Router is perfect for the residential customer offering the value of Ethernet with the convenience of wireless networking in one simple solution Parallel Printer Connect an analog dialup-modem to keep you online! Internet USR /100 Fast Ethernet Adapter USR8000A Broadband Router

11 Competitive Matrix – 4-Port SOHO Routers The USR8000A offers the most features at the right price –Support for Windsor Universal Plug & Play for easy networking –Integrated Print Server –Multi-Session VPN support –SNMP for remote management –RS232 port for backaup analog modem Internet access

12 Juan M. Lopez Product Line Manager March 18, 2002 USR – 5 port USR – 8 port USR – 24 Port 100M Switches

13 No software – easy install –Simple networking solution –Easily Network up to 5/8/24 Ethernet devices (Windows PCs, Apple Macs, and other devices) Add additional switches for more devices –Simply plug networked devices into USR Switch & plug power supply in and it works! Low-cost yet robust product –Full featured without high cost More than just a hub –A Switch manages network traffic more efficiently than a simple hub –Separates out 10M from 100M until joined at the switch in the unit 100M Product Switch Range

14 Auto-sensing 10/100Mbps LAN speed –Interacts with older 10Mbps Ethernet devices and new 100Mbps Fast Ethernet devices Auto-sensing cross over cables –No more need for cross over cables, unit has built in auto detection of cables Small housing for minimum desk space Fully compatible with USR8000, US8003, USRxx9105, UXRxx9106, USR M Product Range

15 New Range of GE products June 04 USR /100/1000 Ethernet PCI NIC Auto sensing USRxx7930 Chaplin Port 10/100/1000 Unmanaged Switch USRxx7931 Chaplin Port 10/100/1000 Unmanaged Switch Brand New Technology lowers the costs

16 Router Line up USRxx8000A Wired 4 Port Router w/Parallel Print Server, Analog Modem Port USRxx9105 DSL 4 Port ADSL Ethernet Router USRxx8200 Wired 4 Port Router w/VPN Server/Client, Firewall, NAS, FTP, Auto-Update USRxx8054 Wireless 100M Wireless Router USRxx9106 DSL 4 Port ADSL Wireless Ethernet Router USRxx8003 Wired 4 Port Router U S Robotics has a full Line Of Router Products Professional Wired Wireless Home DSL Secure VPN Storage

17 Power over Ethernet (PoE) June 04 Eliminates the need for electrical cable and power converters at each access point location –Easy to Install –Cost Effective –Plug n Play No Software or Tools Required –Use Existing Ethernet Cat5 Cable –Works with all US Robotics Access Points and Routers

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