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2013 Fall Information MeetingThe process is much more important than the result. COLORADO MENS LACROSSE.

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1 2013 Fall Information MeetingThe process is much more important than the result. COLORADO MENS LACROSSE

2 Introductions John Galvin - Head Coach Ben Weisz - Assistant Coach - Martin Taffet - Assistant Coach - CU Lacrosse Phone: 303-819-5345

3 Forms -Waiver Form is ONLINE and must be completed before Fit-Test Sept. 3 rd or Sept. 9 th for returners -Two Options: Link on OR access through Univ. of Colorado Collegiate Sport Clubs – Mens Lacrosse -Sign In Sheet (Must fill-out to be on Fit-Test roster) --------------------------------------------- - Write Legibly - Fill-Out Completely - Sign ALL areas needed - Sign Before Leaving

4 Recommended Insurance -Private Insurance -University of Colorado Insurance Plans -Wardenburg Health Insurance (Gold Plan) -Must add the Insurance Rider -US Lacrosse ( -Other

5 University and Team Policies -Must be enrolled in 12 Credit Hrs in either: - CU-Boulder - Continuing Education -Practice Conflicts will ONLY be for: - Scheduled University Academic Events - Serious Family Emergency -Late for or will miss practice – call the phone: 303-819-5345

6 Academic Policy Eligible Spring: Overall GPA 2.2+ Probation Spring: Overall GPA 2.0 – 2.2 Ineligible Spring:Overall GPA < 2.0

7 Tryout Attire - Black Shorts/ Accents ONLY CU colors - White or Black Socks -Gray or White T-Shirt (Sleeveless NOT Acceptable) **Recommend going to Bookstore and purchasing University of Colorado apparel (Black sweatpants and shorts, white/grey t-shirt) – Remember you are a BUFF now. - We provide reversible jerseys - Will be returned at the end of each day ALL TRYOUT ATTIRE MUST BE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO APPAREL

8 First Week of Tryouts 1 st Day: Tues. September 3 rd - Fitness Test at 6:30am – Kittredge Auxiliary Fields - Tryout at 8-10pm – Kittredge (Dressed and ready; Do NOT go on field until told to do so) 2 nd Day: Wed. September 4 th at 6-8pm – Kittredge 3 rd Day: Thurs. September 5 th at 8-10:00pm – Kittredge -Names will be posted on on the Friday September 6 th - Listed players can continue with second week of tryouts (Starting September 9 th )

9 Fitness Test September 3 rd Kittredge Field -Practice Attire and cleats -Ready to start the test at 6:30am Sharp Push ups – 1 minute Sit ups – 1 minute 40 Pro agility 300 (2x Under 1minute) – 25yd Intervals

10 Fitness Test September 3 rd Kittredge Field at 6:30am **On a Notecard (3x5) – Please have the following information in this order and per line: (Coaches will NOT supply notecards OR pens – individual pieces of paper will not be accepted) -Last/First Name – Position – Yr at CU -Pushup: -Situps: -40: -Pro Agility: -300: 1 2

11 Second Week of Tryouts Returners and Invited Players 4 th Day: Mon. September 9 th - Returners ONLY Fit Test at 6:30am Kittredge - Tryout at 6-8pm - Kittredge - Returnees Unofficial college transcripts due before Mon. tryout 5 th Day: Tues. September 10 th at 8-10pm Kittredge 6 th Day: Wed. September 11 th at 6-8pm Kittredge -Final Fall Ball Roster will be posted on on Wednesday evening September 11 th -Team Meeting Thurs. September 12 th at 7pm in Koebel Hall (Leeds) Room TBA -Team Hike Saturday September 21 st at 6am (TBA)

12 Ideal CU Lacrosse Player Are you of good character? Can you run? Can you throw and catch? Do you love lacrosse? Do you have a killer instinct?

13 Ideal CU Lacrosse Player Core Principles: Program & Player Principles to act on: Passion – the pull and sense of connection you feel when the work you do expresses who you are. Commitment – dedication to your task, organization, and your teammates Character – doing the right thing when no one else is around. Conviction – strong belief in what you are doing – reason you are committed, purpose behind your sacrifice. (Whats your 68? -that thing that stirs our passion, committed when we face adversity)? Attitude – positive attitude will help you respond to challenges, successes, and failures.

14 Fall Practice & Conditioning Schedule Lifting*: Mon. and Wed. 6:30 am, 7:00am or 7:30 am 7/11 Fridays – Lifts will start at 6:30am Speed workouts*: Thurs. 8:00 – 9:00 pm** *Led by professional strength and conditioning coach **As semester progresses this time will become earlier Field practice: Mon. and Wed. 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Tues. 8-10***, Friday 6-8pm**** Individuals/Position: Mon & Wed 6:00 – 8:00pm - Will start after the Fall Tournament *** Tues. Practices TBA *** Friday Practices will consist of Field Work, Yoga, and/or Community service.

15 Fall Schedule Team Hike: Saturday Sept. 21 st – All Day Alumni Game: Friday October 4 th 6:30pm Fall-Ball Tourney: Saturday October 19 th – All Day

16 Tentative Spring Practice Schedule Mon. and Wed. 6 – 8 PM Kittredge Mon. and Wed. Lifting Groups (Same start times, groups change per class schedules) Tues., Thurs., and Fri. 7:30/8 – 9:30/10 PM Bubble Tues. Film/Chalk-Talk – 6:00-7:00pm Sat. Morning/Afternoon Kittredge or Bubble

17 Tentative Spring Opponents @Mesa State College (NCAA DII) Adams State College (NCAA DII) @Colorado College (NCAA DIII) Boston College @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, Palm Springs CA Chapman University @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, Palm Springs CA University of Texas BYU* Michigan State Arizona State University California Berkeley UCSB Davenport UNLV @ Sonoma @ Stanford University of Utah* Westminster College* Colorado State University* RMLC Conference Tournament, Grand Junction CO – May 2 nd – 3 rd MCLA National Tournament, Orange County CA – May 12 th – 17 th *RMLC Conference Opponents


19 Dues Non-Returners Fall Ball: $700 (Due Wed. Sept. 25 th ) Spring: $2300 (optional three payments) Returners Fall Ball: $500 (Due Wed. Sept. 25 th ) Spring: $2300 (optional three payments) Separate Cost Helmet (Cascade R Matte Black): $125

20 Contact Information – Head Coach – Assistant Coach – Assistant Coach - Dir. of Operations CU Lacrosse Phone: 303-819-5345 - Updated Practice Times via Voice Message or Text - Contact Coaching Staff - Player Class Conflict - Open Door Policy

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