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JUNIOR EAGLES INFO MEETING October 13, 2014. COACHING STAFF Club Director Dawn Jones- (4 th Season) Played at D1 Level, 2012 Hall of Fame at Delaware.

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2 COACHING STAFF Club Director Dawn Jones- (4 th Season) Played at D1 Level, 2012 Hall of Fame at Delaware State University Assistant Volleyball Coach and Director of Operations at Butler University Director of Rampage Juniors in Florida 2 years Director of Junior Eagles 3 years 8 th Grade (6 th Season) Katie Abel- Former ZCHS Varsity Assistant Creekside 8 th Grade Head Coach (15-3, Math Teacher 7 th Grade (2 nd Season) Laken Kurtz- Former Municana Player, 1 st Grade Teacher at Union. 6 th Grade (1 st Season) Chelsea Bibler- ZMS 7 th Grade Head Coach (undefeated season) Special Education Teacher

3 COACHING STAFF CONT… 5 th Grade (TBA) 3 rd and 4 th Non Travel (Team Z) Amy Steadman (4 th Season) ZWEST 7 th Grade Head Coach

4 TRY-OUTS October 29 th and 30 th 5 th and 6 th Grade 5:45-6:45pm 7 th and 8 th Grade 7:15-8:30pm Attending both sessions is recommended.

5 EVALUATIONS Players are ranked on a 1-5 scale on ability, 1 being strong and 5 being weak. Players are sorted by age and ability first. Number of players trying out for each age group will determine if there is a second team for that grade.

6 7 th and 8 th Grade Tryout Sample Ball Control Practice Plan  Up and Back Passing- Partner 1 at the net toss to Partner 2, P2 passes from end line to P1 and then P1 toss along net, P2 passes at net straight up. 10 x 2  Side to Side Short- P1 tosses to P2, both staying low, P1 shuffling with P2 for time 30 seconds.  Partner Switch- Groups of 4. Partner 1 and 2 stationary with balls, P3 and P4 pass and switch. 30 seconds and switch.  Coach on Box- Cross court left back dig and then right back dig (groups of 4- 15 to target)  Coach on Box-Line Dig (groups of 4, 15 to target)

7 Hitting Ball Control Practice Plan  Toss to self hit ball over net (looking for toss and hand ball control)  Coach toss  Out of System Coach Toss  Hitting lines with setter  Rapid Fire 5 (4 ball)(Each player goes individually. Coach tosses 5 balls total and player must hit and transition quickly). Back row attack Rapid Fire for defenders (recorded) All others go through but not recorded.  6 vs 6 Serving Players will be asked to serve for a period of 3-4 minutes. Evaluated on serving over hand or underhand. Does it go over the net, strength of serve, and consistency of serve.

8 JUNIOR EAGLES IF FOR COMMUNITY  Host primarily players from the community  Outside of Zionsville Community is taken based on numbers and ability  Accommodate multi-sport athletes.  Practices held at Union Elementary (146 th and Michigan Rd)  Practice Days depend on player and coach schedules TBA for each group. 2 days per week  Practice Times- Typically youngest teams start at 5:40pm-7:10pm and older teams 7:10-8:40pm  5 One Day tournaments (Saturday or Sunday)  Host two tournaments at ZCHS (7/8 th and 5 th /6 th ) Both in February.

9 TEAMS 10-11 players per team. 6 players play at a time, plus a libero—7 total Substitutes based on team needs- decided by coach Ex. 1. Front row hitter has weak back row – Sub with a DS Ex. 2. Player is a weak server- Sub with a player off bench who is a stronger server Ex. 3. Player is continuously not in position- Sub

10 ALL PLAYERS GET QUALITY INSTRUCTION DURING PRACTICE. Focus on  Ball Control- you tell the ball where to go!  Serving toss and contact point consistency  Passing- Serve receive to set up attacks  Hitting Footwork and contact points  Blocking footwork  Defense- where to be when opposing team is attacking

11 PROGRAM COSTS Tournament Entry Fees Coaching Fees Equipment Balls and Carts Gym Rental Fees First Aid Kits and Insurance Player Pack Includes: Game Jersey T-Shirt Jersey Practice Shirt

12 ADDITIONAL COSTS MAY INCLUDE: Food at Tournaments Optional Apparel / Equipment Knee Pads Sweatshirts & Sweatpants Shoes Socks Active Ankles Additional Pairs of Spandex Additional Junior Eagles Apparel

13 PRICING  (Nov. 7th)1st Payment $235  (Dec. 8th)2nd Payment $235  (Jan. 12th)3rd Payment $235  (Feb. 16th)4th Payment $235  (Nov. 7th)Full Payment $ 940

14 ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER Accept with full intentions of putting 110% the entire season. Play with your Heart because you love to come to practice. That is where the competition begins! Phone Calls will be made between Friday, October 31 st and Sunday, November 2 nd by the Head Coach of each team. Need to commit within 24hrs of phone call. First payment made November 7 th. Attend Mandatory Meet the Team Night and Parent Meeting November 17 th at ZCHS Cafeteria.

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