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2014 Spring Information Meeting “The process is much more important than the result.” “Toughness isn’t the absence of fear. It is the courage to face it,

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1 2014 Spring Information Meeting “The process is much more important than the result.” “Toughness isn’t the absence of fear. It is the courage to face it, to keep plugging, and overcome it.” COLORADO MEN’S LACROSSE

2 Introductions John Galvin - Head Coach - Ben Weisz - Assistant Coach - Martin Taffet - Assistant Coach - Markus McCaine - Assistant Coach - Aaron Gray - Assistant Coach - CU Lacrosse Phone: 303-819-5345

3 Forms -Waiver Form is ONLINE and must be completed before or Jan. 15 th for anyone trying-out or transfers. If you signed the Waiver in the fall you DO NOT need to repeat -Two Options: Link on OR access through Univ. of Colorado Collegiate Sport Clubs – Men’s Lacrosse -Sign In Sheet (Must fill-out to be on try-out roster) --------------------------------------------- - Write Legibly - Fill-Out Completely

4 Recommended Insurance -Private Insurance -University of Colorado Insurance Plans -Wardenburg Health Insurance (Gold Plan) -Must add the Insurance Rider -US Lacrosse ( -Other

5 University and Team Policies -Must be enrolled in 12 Credit Hrs in either: - CU-Boulder - Continuing Education -Practice Conflicts will ONLY be for: - Scheduled University Academic Events - Serious Family Emergency -Late for or will miss practice – call the phone: 303-819-5345

6 Academic Policy Eligible Spring: Overall GPA 2.2+ Probation Spring: Overall GPA 2.0 – 2.2 Ineligible Spring:Overall GPA < 2.0

7 Tryout Attire - Black Shorts/ Accents ONLY CU colors - White or Black Socks -Gray or White T-Shirt (Sleeveless NOT Acceptable) **Recommend going to Bookstore and purchasing University of Colorado apparel (Black sweatpants and shorts, white/grey t-shirt) – Remember you are a BUFF now. - We provide reversible jerseys - Will be returned at the end of each day ALL TRYOUT ATTIRE MUST BE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO APPAREL

8 Week 1 1 st Day: Thursday Jan. 16 th at 8-9:30pm – Practice Bubble - Fitness Test & Tryout - For all Transfers & New Players (Dressed and ready; Do NOT go on field until told to do so) **Invited Players will return on January 20 th for Practice on Kittredge Field at 6pm **Names will be posted on OR told after tryout on Thursday Jan. 16 th.

9 Week 2 Monday Jan. 20 th : 6-8pm Kittredge Field Tuesday Jan. 21 st : 8-9:30pm Practice Bubble Wednesday Jan 22 nd Sports Performance – Weight Room - Group 1 Weight Room 6:30am / Group 2 7:00am / Group 3 7:30am Practice 6-8pm Kittredge Field Thursday Jan. 23 rd Film 6:30-7:30pm – Room TBA Practice 8-9:30pm Practice Bubble Friday Jan. 24 th 6-8pm Kittredge Field Saturday Jan. 25 th 10am-12pm Kittredge Field **Please Note: Evaluations for Returners and Invited Players will continue through Thursday Jan. 23 rd. Spring Roster will be posted on on the Friday January 24 th

10 Fitness Test January 16 th 8pm Practice Bubble -Practice Attire and cleats -Ready to start the test at 8pm Sharp Push ups – 1 minute Sit ups – 1 minute 40 Pro agility 300 (2x Under 1minute) – 25yd Intervals

11 Fitness Test January 16 th 8pm Practice Bubble **On a Notecard (3x5) – Please have the following information in this order and per line: (Coaches will NOT supply notecards OR pens – individual pieces of paper will not be accepted) -Last/First Name – Position – Yr at CU -Pushup: -Situps: -40: -Pro Agility: -300: 1 2

12 Ideal CU Lacrosse Player Core Principles: Program & Player Principles to act on: Passion – the pull and sense of connection you feel when the work you do expresses who you are. Commitment – dedication to your task, organization, and your teammates Character – doing the right thing when no one else is around. Conviction – strong belief in what you are doing – reason you are committed, purpose behind your sacrifice. (What’s your 68? -that thing that stirs our passion, committed when we face adversity)? Attitude – positive attitude will help you respond to challenges, successes, and failures.

13 Mission Statement University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse Mission Statement: Create an atmosphere and environment for all players to be successful as people; their involvement in the CU Men’s Lacrosse program will help them be more successful in life. Provide academic support for each player to become a successful student and earn their degree. Help each player reach their full athletic potential and to have the opportunity to compete at a championship level. Help each player launch their career so that when the leave the University of Colorado, they can use all the resources our institution has, to get the best opportunities in life. Lacrosse Mission Statement Instill discipline, work ethic, effort, preparation, and competitive attitude in each player through Sport Performance(Strength and Conditioning), film sessions, practice, and games. Encourage ownership and leadership for this program in the form of player mentor program and their passionate conviction for the CU Men’s Lacrosse Family. Educate and motivate each player to be fundamentally sound, tough, and smart decision-maker on and off the field. Instill our “Heart of a Buffalo Program” in each player, to learn the process of what it will take to compete at a championship level every year. “Prove it everyday.”

14 Mission Statement Heart of a Buffalo -Adds to our Mission Statements and builds on our key principles. -Helps recognize and brand how our players will view their program in the offseason, the “dog days”, the season, games and especially in the 4 th quarter. Discipline, Commitment, Toughness, Effort, Pride

15 Spring Practice & Sport Performance Schedule Weight Room*: Mon. and Wed. 6:30 am, 7:00am or 7:30 am 1 st Week: Wednesday Jan. 22 nd & Friday Jan. 24 th. - After 1 st week we will commence with Mon/Wed Schedule Field practice: Mon/Wed/Fri 6:00 – 8:00 pm Kittredge Field Tues/Thrs. 8-9:30pm Practice Bubble(until 3/6) - After 3/6 Tues/Thrs 8-10pm Kittredge Field Saturday 10am-12pm (Kittredge or Bubble) Film: Tues & Thurs 6:30 – 7:30pm - Will start Jan. 23 rd and will continue on a TBA - Rooms will be TBA

16 Spring Schedule Sat. Feb 1 st @Colorado College (NCAA DIII) Sat. Feb 8 th @Mesa State College (NCAA DII) Fri. Feb 21 st Chapman University @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, Palm Springs CA Sun. Feb 23 rd Boston College @ Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, Palm Springs CA Fri. Feb 28 th University of Texas – Kittredge Field Fri. March 7 th BYU* - Kittredge Field Sat. March 8 th Michigan State – Kittredge Field Sat. March 15 th Arizona State - Kittredge Field Sun. March 16 th University California Berkeley - Kittredge Field Thurs. March 27 th UNLV - Kittredge Field Sat. March 29 th Davenport - Kittredge Field Fri. April 4 th @ Sonoma Sat. April 5 th @ Stanford Fri. April 11 th Westminster College* - Kittredge Field Sat. April 12 th University of Utah* - Folsom Field Colorado State University* - Folsom Field/Sports Authority Field RMLC Conference Tournament, Grand Junction CO – May 2 nd – 3 rd MCLA National Tournament, Orange County CA – May 12 th – 17 th *RMLC Conference Opponents


18 Dues Non-Returners Fall Ball: $700 (Due Wed. Sept. 25 th ) Spring: $2300 (optional three payments) Returners Fall Ball: $500 (Due Wed. Sept. 25 th ) Spring: $2300 (optional three payments) Separate Cost Helmet (Cascade R Matte Black): $125

19 Contact Information – Head Coach – Assistant Coach – Assistant Coach - Assistant Coach - Assistant Coach - Dir. of Operations CU Lacrosse Phone: 303-819-5345 - Updated Practice Times via Voice Message or Text - Contact Coaching Staff - Player Class Conflict - Open Door Policy

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