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(c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014.

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1 (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

2 Creating new opportunities in Tourism
by applying Creativity and incorporating technologies זוהי אפשרות נוספת עבור שקופיות סקירה המשתמשות במעברים. Chutzpah - PTT Haifa University 16/1/2014 Dr. Ben Nachman

3 Issues to be discoursed:
Tourism (edges), eco-system IQ and “WOW Treatment” SOS: problems, interfaces & challenges Chutzpah - Ideas Generators Chutzpah - Road Map PTT CIA (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

4 Tourism Innovation >>> Eco-System

5 “WOW treatment”

6 don't ignore look for dream about Soar like an eagle Problems
Interfaces dream about Challenges SOS Systematic Opportunities Search Soar like an eagle (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

7 (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

8 Strategies Constant Flow of Ideas (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

9 Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The “heart” The ”body” = interface ConverGen + “Brain Mechanism” Open Innovation + Crowd Wisdom “Purge” (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

10 Think - Tank (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

11 GPS as a diet calculator
Problems Interfaces Challenges MultiDine from FOOD to Navigation (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

12 Strategic Innovation Road Map

13 Main benefits Strategic Innovation. Creating IP. Differentiation.
Viral PR. “Off the shelf” projects. (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

14 “poor hotel” transformation

15 Pushing Technology into Tourism
PTT Pushing Technology into Tourism (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

16 CIA Commercialization Incubation Acceleration (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

17 available straight “off the shelf”
Innovative projects: available straight “off the shelf” Breakthrough and innovative Hotel Chain. Innovative Hotel Chain. Airline upgrading project. Long-haul flights innovative project. In-flight innovative applications. Upgrading agriculture tourist sites. Upgrading local accommodation / motels / BB (Zimmer). 20 different innovative tourist sites (in Israel and abroad). (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

18 …and out of the box (c) Dr. Ben Nachman 2014

19 Thanks 4 joining our flight
Dr. Ben Nachman President, SWOT – Innovation & Strategy. Israel.

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