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Taste for Tourism Ray Jones, Chairman, Scotland Food & Drink.

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1 Taste for Tourism Ray Jones, Chairman, Scotland Food & Drink

2 The Food and Drink Industry in Scotland

3 Scotland’s strengths Reputation Affinity with the country Natural products Product innovation and adding value Efficient and skilled Collaboration R&D crucial

4 Food and drink - THE growth industry £11.9billion – (up 20% since 2007) Food exports exceeded £1bn (up 49%) Manufacturing exceeded £9bn Sales of Scottish up 32% - £450M in GB What has led to this growth?




8 A STRATEGY FOR GROWTH Grow the Industry to £12.5 Bn by 2017 Premium Health Provenance Reputation as a “Land of Food & Drink” Innovation Skills for Growth Collaboration Scale Sustainability Core to the strategy is economic and environmental sustainability Naturally Healthy Better for You Health Enhancing £0.7Bn Authentic description Scottish where appropriate Romance the image £0.6Bn Adding more value Premium brands Moving up the value stream £1 Bn Building on the capabilities we have or need to develop Cementing a global reputation, With products available to match demand An inclusive target for our industry £12.5Bn includes fishing and agriculture Processing target remains £10Bn

9 Food and Drink Tourism

10 Visitors to Scotland spend over £1/2 billion per year 20p in every pound spent on food and drink 20% higher sales to those businesses who provide locally sourced produce £1 higher spend per visitor if you offer authentic local, Scottish produce = £94million more sales across Scotland

11 Food and Drink Tourism Scotland Food & Drink working with the Experiencing Scotland project – driving business through provenance

12 Tourism Ambitions Scotland known internationally as ‘A Land of Food & Drink’ The destination of choice for tourists By providing visitors with a world class feast of Scottish produce we build further on the nation's reputation and deliver real economic benefits across the country Individual business benefit

13 What next? Facilitate better communication between producers and their supply chains Improved marketing of the provenance selling point Celebrating and promoting our successes

14 Opportunities Ahead 2014 – Scotland Food & Drink is already in discussions with the various committees regarding opportunities connected to the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and Homecoming Engage with Experiencing Scotland and other service providers – A Taste for Events guide

15 Summary ‘Provenance premium’ effect Visitors are looking for a local or regional quality food experience Businesses, the industry and tourists all reap the rewards

16 Scotland Food & Drink

17 The Executive Group – Key Delivery & Representative Bodies

18 An organisation for Scotland’s food & drink producers Your voice (already 260 in the ‘club’) Supporting members e.g. member benefits, networking Addressing challenges e.g. planning/distribution PR/access to markets/INSIGHTS/health innovation and much more Online showcase of Scotland’s food and drink – coming soon

19 THANK YOU! Twitter - @scotfooddrink Facebook – Eat Scottish

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