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May 2008 Popvision Coop. a R. L. Overview and company presentation

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1 May 2008 Popvision Coop. a R. L. Overview and company presentation

2 Popvision is a small innovative company which was born in 2004 as a technical spin-off of the online marketing team of Italy. Initially it provided services for the tourist ecommerce and then it extended the services to innovative communication methods: viral marketing, product placement, advertising in video games and mobile phones. This thanks to the professionalism of its team, the financial help or and the support of the European program for young entrepreneurs. Story Popvision was born as a spinn-off

3 Based in Milan and Turin, today Popvision counts 12 employees and its a leading provider in its innovative business niches: First Italian product placement agency. Provides marketing and pre-production services for the European movie industry. Partnership with Media program of Eu. Leader for the distribution of tourist products between online e-commerce and offline shops. Build the online to offline distribution for and now replicating with Tui group Actual Italian leader in its business niches

4 Popvision is constantly developing and exploring new services. From our minds and labs recently: Streaming project of movie making-off to provide pre-lounch communication. Search Engine Optimization and Management for key customers Viral marketing Extension of product placement services in Tv and Gaming platforms Development Constant business development

5 Product placement and positioning in European movies, Italian Tv and Gaming platforms Distribution services for tourist business. Travel agency network building to support offline sales of tourism e-commerce SEO, SEM Search engine optimization and management Online business development : cross marketing and viral marketing Content management systems and Crm Online Roi and campaign management Image and talent management services with owned Fashion Up model agency Services Edge marketing and killer applications provider

6 Osvaldo Mauro. Executive Manager. Formerly Rosella Gioffrè. Marketing Manager. Formerly MediaSalles, Europanet Movie Davide DiRienzo. Tourism business Manager Key team members

7 Media Salles Milan. Developer of projects within the European Media Programme Europanet. Producer of Movies making off Cineuropa. Streaming portal and production Nivea customer of Fashion Up models, owned by Popvision AdImaging distribution Felce Azzurra cosmetic brand, customer of Fashion Up Customers Movie and entertainment business

8 Tui. The multinational group leader in European turism business. Tui is the owner of Thomson (Uk), First Choice, Tui Fly, hotel chains etc Part of Sabre group is the leading company in e-commerce for tourist and entertainment business Viaggiare group. A fast growing Italian tourism company Ristoclub. The online portal for restaurant booking Customers Online tourism business

9 Popvision is a fast growing small business company which have: great talents business history technology & products connections financial stability to act as partner or supplier for innovative corporate business development. Summary

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