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Science 10-4: Nutrition.

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1 Science 10-4: Nutrition

2 questions you will answer:
What are nutrients? Where do nutrients come from? What are the short-term and long-term consequences of too many or too few nutrients? How can individuals make healthy eating and lifestyle choices

3 what are nutrients? Nutrients are substances found in food
Nutrients provide nourishment to your body 6 main types of nutrients: carbohydrates fats proteins vitamins minerals water BrainPOP: nutrition

4 Nourishment and energy contained in food helps the body to keep cells, tissues and organs healthy.
In order to stay healthy, animals must consume a mixture of foods and drinks that supply enough nourishment and energy to their bodies.

5 roles & sources of nutrients
CARBOHYDRATES FATS Sugars and starches are the main source of energy for the body Sources: rice, bread, cereal, potatoes, pasta Stored in the body as energy source when carbohydrates are in short supply Sources: red meat, dairy, nuts, oils

6 roles & sources of nutrients
PROTEINS VITAMINS Build and repair body tissue Sources: meat, eggs, dairy, beans, nuts Help carry out life functions like growth and reproduction Sources: fruits and vegetables

7 roles & sources of nutrients
MINERALS WATER Important to strong bones and teeth. Also help carry out life functions Sources: dairy, fruits and vegetables Helps carry out life functions, moves nutrients and waste products Sources: beverages, foods high in water like fruits and vegetables

8 malnutrition Malnutrition occurs when nutrients are missing from a diet. Can occur when people: eat too little make poor eating choices

9 Diets “Diet” refers to the amount and type of food you eat.
A mixed diet contains a wide variety of foods: grain products fruits & vegetables milk products meat & meat alternatives

10 Diets A vegetarian diet lacks meat products Vegetarian diets:
high in fibre low in fat may lack vitamins may lack calcium

11 Diets A “fad diet” refers to a current diet craze
Fad diets usually involve weight loss Examples: cabbage soup diet grapefruit diet Atkins diet Caveman diet Caveman Diet

12 Canada's food guide Canada’s Food Guide helps Canadians make healthy choices Five guidelines: Eat a variety of foods Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables Chose low fat foods Participate in physical activity Limit salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake Canada’s Food Guide

13 survey Take the anonymous survey related to your lifestyle and eating habits! Take the survey HERE!

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