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Content of an M&E Matrix

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1 Content of an M&E Matrix
M&E Capacity Strengthening Workshop Addis Ababa 4 to 8 June 2012 Arif Rashid, TOPS

2 M&E Matrix M&E Matrix is ONLY a key component of the overall M&E Plan.
It provides detailed information about how the goal, strategic objectives, intermediate results, outputs and activities will be monitored and evaluated. The M&E matrix covers all the information required to understand, collect, tabulate/analyze, disseminate and report on any indicator. It is an extension of PMP Slide # 1

3 Content of a M&E Matrix We need to develop a matrix for each indicator that the M&E system will track. In the next few slides we are going to present the content of a Matrix. We have used Average Household Dietary Diversity Score as an example to create this matrix. Slide # 2

4 M & E Matrix Indicator Title Average Household Dietary Diversity Score
Description Household dietary diversity is defined as the number of different food groups consumed over a given reference period. This is a proxy indicator of household food access. Indicator type Impact Direction of Change Higher is better Unit Household Rationale A diversified diet is highly correlated with factors such as caloric and protein adequacy and household income. Even in very poor households, increased food expenditure resulting from additional income is associated with increased quantity and quality of the diet. Number of food groups is a better measure of dietary diversity compared to number of foods, because a household may consume five different food items in a day and three of them might be cereals or starch. Slide # 3

5 M & E Matrix Information need
Number of food groups out of 12 consumed in the past 24 hours Tabulation HDDS = Sum (All food groups consumed by a household) Numerator/Denominator Sum (HDDS of all households)/ Total number of household Target group All households in the project target areas Data source/means of verification Households from a representative sample of the target population. Means of verification will be baseline and end line survey report Data collection method Population-based quantitative household survey for baseline and endline Strata None Frequency of collection Baseline, end-line and annual Slide # 4

6 M & E Matrix Data analysis
temporal, among strata, progress towards target Baseline value 3.0 Target and timeframe 4.5 in Y5 Communication strategy Survey report, bulletin tailored to the needs and interest of managers, technical team, food security adviser, and field staff; stakeholder presentation and discussion of baseline and final evaluation survey findings Reporting In baseline and final evaluation reports and in Annual Results Reports following the baseline and final evaluation surveys. Also to government line ministries if agreed. Primary responsibility M&E Coordinator/ M&E Manager Slide # 5

7 Performance Tracking Table
Baseline Targets Value Year Source Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 3.0 2010 Baseline surveys 3.5 4.5 Slide # 6

8 Overview of Data Collection for Average HDDS
Measurement Effort General method Application High Population based household survey of a representative sample in baseline and end-line. Baseline and end-line survey will be carried out by external independent contractor following FANTA guidelines. Slide # 7

9 Practice Session Please use a similar format presented here to develop M&E Matrix for one impact indicator, one outcome indicator and one output indicator. Using indicators from the IPTT of your project, please develop the following: A matrix for each indicator Performance tracking table, and Data collection method for each indicator Each participant will work independently or in a group with the participants form the same project Slide # 8

10 This presentation was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of Save the Children and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

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