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1 UN Coherence: High level monitoring and evaluation approach.

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1 1 UN Coherence: High level monitoring and evaluation approach

2 OBJECTIVE OF THIS DOCUMENT Show the recommended approach to Monitoring and Evaluating UN Coherence – Purpose of M&E within UN Coherence – M&E Process Overview – From UNDAF M&E to UN Coherence M&E 2

3 PURPOSE OF M&E WITHIN UN COHERENCE Monitoring tracks progress towards the results agreed during the initial planning steps of the Coherence Programme – Measures progress toward achieving the pillars of UN Coherence – Measures progress of implementing UN Coherence – Helps identify possible problems or roadblocks and to make corrections Evaluation assesses the impact of UN reform – Determines whether the results make a worthwhile contribution to national development priorities – Determines whether the UN system has become more coherent, efficient and effective 3

4 UN COHERENCE M&E PROCESS FOLLOWS UNDAF Assign M&E country team Develop M&E plan Set indicators, baselines, targets Conduct evaluation Process overview Form inter- agency M&E groups around each programmatic and operational outcome Develop guidelines for M&E plan that includes - M&E Management Plan - M&E Framework - M&E Calendar Define key indicators for outputs of the results matrix Set baselines and targets for each of the indicators Develop evaluation plan based on guidelines Develop TORs for evaluation Prepare Management response Key activities 4

5 FROM UNDAF M&E TO UN COHERENCE M&E (1/2) The UN Coherence M&E process is very similar to UNDAF M&E in terms of its approach It can be regarded as an extension of the latter because it includes M&E for Business Operations This implies – For M&E of UN Coherent Programme: Follow UNDAF guidelines – For M&E of UN Coherent Business Operations: Follow a similar approach but, based on the outputs of the results matrix for Business Operations developed in Step 3, include tracking of – Common services – Common premises – Joint Communication – UN Coherent Budgetary Framework 5

6 Assign M&E country team Set indicators, baselines, targets Develop M&E plan Conduct evaluation Inclusion of Business Operations as required extension of UNDAF M&E for UN Coherence FROM UNDAF M&E TO UN COHERENCE M&E (2/2) Description of UNDAF M&E Formation of inter- agency groups around each outcome These groups are responsible for using the results matrix and M&E plan as the basis for joint monitoring with partners Determine key indicators for the outputs that will be used to confirm the quality of the results in the matrix (NOTE: A few good indicators are superior to a long list of indicators that are cumbersome to monitor) Set baselines and targets for the indicators Develop M&E plan composed of M&E management structure, M&E framework and M&E calendar to serve as the basis for all M&E activities Evaluate the M&E plan in regular intervals Document progress in Annual Progress Report Form inter-agency M&E group around the Business Operations outcomes (Common Services, Common Premises, Joint Communication, One Fund) Determine indicators for the operational outputs Set baselines and targets for the operational outputs Include Business Operations component of M&E plan, i.e. M&E Framework for Operational results c Include Business Operations in the evaluation Existing process Extension 6

7 NEXT STEPS: DEVELOPING M&E PLAN FOR COUNTRY Follow UN Coherent M&E guidelines based on UNDAF guidelines paragraphs 103-122 Review examples of M&E plans including TORs for M&E groups, M&E Framework and M&E Calendar Fill out M&E plan template Finalize M&E plan with partners 7

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