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Innovative Teachers Leadership Award ITLA 2007 Note : Please follow the Instructions as specified in the readme.doc file, available in the Teachers Competition.

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2 Innovative Teachers Leadership Award ITLA 2007 Note : Please follow the Instructions as specified in the readme.doc file, available in the Teachers Competition folder to complete this template

3 Index 1. Section – A Section – A Applicants profile 2. Section - B 3. Section – C – Letters of Support a. Professional Reflections b. Teachers PPT c. Students Work d. Admin work e. Community Work a. Principal b. Colleague c. Parent d. Community

4 Section A Personal Profile Category (Government / Private) Government Name (in Block Letter) R.V.RAGHAVENDRA RAO Date Of Birth : 25.08.1972 Address for Communication Address Line 1 G-I CITY KAMAL APARTMENT, G.O.COLONY Address Line 2 ISUKATHOTA City, State, PIN VISAKHAPATNAM, ANDHRA PRADESH, 530022, INDIA Personal Phone No. Landline 08912713908 Mobile 09490811620 Email Id : RACHURIEMAIL@YAHOO.COM, RACHURIEMAIL@GMAIL.COM Name of School JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA Address of School Address Line 1 KILTAMPALEM, BOWDARA (POST) Address Line 2 S.KOTA (MANDAL) City, State VIZIANAGARAM (DIST.), ANDHRA PRADESH-INDIA PIN 535145 Principal s Name Mr. M.V.SUBBA RAO Principal s Contact No. 08966-2777269 Teaching Subjects SCIENCE, BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Age Groups Taught 14-18 Passport No. and valid till B0160319 AND 20.05.2009

5 Section B a.Professional Reflections Double Click on the Icon below to write about your professional Reflections. Section-B

6 Teachers PPT. (Best Lesson plan) Name of the presentation submitted for the contest Nerve Conduction Action Potential Class or age group (ppt. meant for which class or age group) XI Biology, Age Group-16-18 ObjectiveDescribe how an action potential is generated Define a synapse and list its components Distinguish between electrical transmission and chemical transmission List the major neurotransmitters Recognize and name the anatomical components of the synapse Understand the steps involved in synaptic transmission Explain the origin and effects of postsynaptic potentials Understand summation and its importance in neuronal communication Section-B

7 List of Teachers work (other than the one submitted as ITLA 2007 contest entry): S.NoName of the Lesson PlanTarget ClassNo. of Students Covered 1.Biomedical TechnologyXII38 2.Reproduction in Flowering PlantsXII38 3.Growth, Regeneration and AgeingXII38 4.Organisms and the EnvironmentXII38 5.Ecosystem : Structure and FunctionXII38 6.BiodiversityXII38 7.Pollution and Global Environmental ChangeXII38 8.Plant Tissue Culture and BiotechnologyXII38 9.Genetic Improvement and Disease ControlXII38 10.Immune System and Human HealthXII38 Section-B

8 Students best work to be submitted as support work motivated by the teacher Name of the presentation submitted for the contest DNA-The molecule of life by Lava Kumar of Class X Class or age group for which the ppt. is designed 15-16 ObjectiveDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), molecule that acts as the mechanism of biological inheritance in almost all living creatures. DNA is found in nearly all cells and contains the coded instructions that control the workings of the cell. DNA is passed from parents to offspring, and contains the coded instructions that enable the offspring to develop from a single cell into an adult body. DNA is the most important molecule in life, and an understanding of the structure and function of DNA has been the most important development in biology during the past half-century or more. Section-B

9 List of Students work (Other than the one submitted as support to ITLA 2007 contest entry): S.NoName of the work doneName of the Student or group of students ClassSubjectNumbers impacted St * Tc * Ot * 1DNA Molecule of lifeLava KumarXBiology685* 2TsunamiManoharXSocial686* 3Comparative Brain studySireeshaXBiology683* 4R-DNA TechnologySandeepXBiology684* 5Stop AIDS Keep the promise IswaryaXIIBiology384* 6Transgenic plants and animals Dileep KumarXIIBiology384* 7Comparative ReproductionSasi KiranXBiology688* 8LightPavani MXPhysics685* 9Global WarmingShilpa & SahitiXBiology683* 10Chemical Separatio of Pigments NagasekharXIIBiology383* 11AIDS the killer diseaseM. SriharshaXBiology685* 12PhotosynthesisSatyanarayana UXIBiology202* * - St: Students, Tc: Teachers,Ot: Others Section-B

10 Admin Work – Screenshot 1 (scanned document) Result analysis Software Developed by using Ms Acess and VB Section-B

11 Admin Work – Screenshot 2 (scanned document) A brief synopsis of the screen shot ( in 1 or 2 lines): Section-B

12 Staff Database-MS Acess

13 Admin Work – Screenshot 3 (scanned document) Web site is made for my previous jnv andaman and present JNv Kiltampalem and regularly updated by me Section-B

14 Pay Bill-Excel

15 List of other Administration Works (do not repeat the scanned items) : S.NoName of the Admin Work Beneficiary department & remarks 1.JNV Result AnalysisUsed Ms access and VB 2.Income TaxUsed Ms Excel Template with conditional 3.Student Data BaseDetails of All Students 4.Teacher Data BaseDetails of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff 5.Link dinCommunity Linkage Administrater 6.JNVST EntranceNominal Rolls 7.News LetterFortnight News magazine Section-B

16 Community Work – Screenshot 1 (scanned document) I am not only limited to my school and also extending ICT for community by creating and maintaining own web site for biology e-lerning process for students as well as teachers. Section-B

17 Community Work – Screenshot 2 (scanned document) ARSH-Adolescent reproductive and sex education: yearly 100 students were given training in this work shop for this project ICT has been used for all activities Section-B

18 Community Work – Screenshot 3 (scanned document)

19 Computer Literacy Programme

20 Community Work – Screenshot 3 (scanned document) This is published in Hindu Paper – How Section-B

21 List of other work done towards community (Do not repeat the scanned items): S.NoName of the Community Work Beneficiaries & remarks 1.Internet UsageLocal people will come for on line reservation etc. 2.Hosted Science Congress Provided ICT infrastructure for smooth running of science congress 3.Think.comCommunity network of schools internationally acting as administrator. 4.Pbwiki.comActing as administrator for Navodaya schools 5.Visiting nearby schoolsAs part of pacesetting activities and using ICT tools for creating awareness. 6.Making documentariesSupportive media for teaching activities 7.Resource person for HIV/AIDS Education Programme Creating awareness and prevention methods of spread of HIV/AIDS 8.ARSH resource PersonEducating teenagers and creating awareness reg adolescent problems Section-B

22 Section C Letters of Support

23 Letter of Support (Scanned copy) : Principal Section-C

24 Letter of Support (Scanned copy) : Colleague Section-C

25 Letter of Support (Scanned copy) : Parent Section-C

26 Letter of Support (Scanned copy): Community Section-C

27 Message from the Teacher: In the present trend of education the educator must aware of soft skills usage of education technology and its integration in classroom teaching and learning process to cope with the present Lerner condition. The need for ICT competent teachers stems from the need for ICT competent students and for ICT-rich learning environments that enhance students learning across the curriculum. The rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has made information ubiquitous and more powerful. A topic usually involves a series of smaller pockets of knowledge, such as DNA or cell division, which are usually interrelated to elaborate concepts. At the micro level, TAL is used to help explain specific knowledge units, such as DNA within a single lesson.

28 Acknowledgement Thanks to Commissioner NVS for giving this opportunity. My Deep sense of Gratitude to Deputy Director Hyderabad region. My thanks to Principal JNV Kiltampalem for his cooperation My gratitude to all the staff for make this presentation a success.


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