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1 Learning Through Innovation Dissemination Meeting.

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1 1 Learning Through Innovation Dissemination Meeting

2 2 Supportive Learning Environment Use of music Establishing roles Establishing quality standards Interactive signs and notices ALC1

3 3 Bell Work Connecting Learning Write down 3 things you know about accelerated learning 2 things you already do 1 thing you would like to know more about Purpose: To link session to previous learning/knowledge ALC2

4 4 Share your ideas with the person/people next to you Add to your own if appropriate

5 5 Big Picture ALC3

6 6 National Agenda Focus on learning and teaching Transformational use of ICT Support innovation Consultation under way ICT as an overarching theme ICT is raising standards

7 7 Outcomes of the Session Clear idea of the aims of the Learning Through Innovation Project Overview of the training Inform colleagues provision of support to schools ALC3

8 8 Aims of the Project Develop effective use of ICT across the curriculum Broaden the range of teaching and learning approaches Teachers to be effective and efficient users of ICT Create a learning community Disseminate through web site, newsletters and conference ALC3

9 9 Overview from Project Brief LEA will Provide equipment Run a 5 day training Support progress meetings Disseminate Schools will Plan to disseminate the training across all staff Share practice Work in supportive partnerships

10 10 1. Creating the Learning Environment Learning environments Approaches Learning mats Thumb tool Using music Brain gym ALC4

11 11 Group Challenge Establishing groups Using group roles PowerPoint presentations Evaluating against quality standards Group PowerPoint

12 12

13 13 2. Using Accelerated Learning as a Planning Tool Accelerated learning Learning in the multiple intelligence classroom Using music Timing activities, Introducing topics, Transition between activities Creating atmosphere Engaging learners Planning using the AC cycle Art Gallery

14 14 Use VAK to Introduce New Learning Visual Plenary

15 15 3. VAK not ICT Working with technologies Using ICT to engage all learners introduce new learning Sound and animation Creating animations Reviewing learning

16 16 4a Concept Mapping Using visual tools Mind maps, for example, double bubble Make thinking visible Highlight links Organise thinking

17 17 4b Using Digital Video Newsroom simulation Recording/editing sounds Using digital video clips Editing video Combining with sound files and images

18 18 5 Action Planning in Groups Review individually through a concept map Review as a school Form partnership groups Create an action plan

19 19 Project Schools

20 20 Resources Interactive whiteboard and data projector Laptop with software Digital camera

21 21 Software Inspiration for concept mapping Animation Shop to create animations Audacity to record and edit sound

22 22 Initial Impact Progress meetings Teachers working with technologies Training being planned Different foci Joint INSET being planned Dissemination being planned

23 23 Consultants Follow Up Adjusting training to model ALC Adjust presentations for impact Use in demonstration lessons Training in equipment use

24 24 Dissemination Web site and newsletters Inclusion in training

25 25 Activity Produce a mind map to summarise your understanding of the project Links to other projects Personal contributions Any follow up

26 26 Demonstrate Your Learning Share your mind map with another group / whole group

27 27 Review and Recall Clear idea of the aims of the Learning Through Innovation Project Provide an overview of the training Inform colleagues provision of support to schools Identify follow up actions

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