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Career-related Experiences Seminar Vivian Lau Chief Executive Officer.

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1 Career-related Experiences Seminar Vivian Lau Chief Executive Officer

2 About Junior Achievement (JA)

3 Junior Achievement Worldwide Founded in 1919 Dedicated to educating young people about business, economics, and free enterprise through quality activities-based programs Currently serving more than 7 million students in over 100 countries a year

4 Junior Achievement Hong Kong Established in 2001 Registered non-profit-making charitable organization Launched 15 programs Over 28,000 students in 200 schools Over 3,000 business volunteers from 170 companies

5 Awards & Recognition of JA Caring Company Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2006/07 for the partnership with ExxonMobil, presented by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service Long Standing Partner award - Goldman Sachs CTW 10 th Year Anniversary award

6 Awards & Recognition of JA Best Performer in Resource Mobilization of Asia Pacific NGO award by Resource Alliance & Citigroup Caring Company Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2004/05 for the partnership with HSBC on Company Programme, presented by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

7 Our Mission To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy

8 JA Programs Understanding the world of work and market economics Tertiary Upper Secondary Lower Secondary Primary Essential Life-wide Values Global Business Ethics Personal Economics MMBiz Financial & Economics Literacy Success Skills Career Aspiration Job Shadowing MESE Company Programme Business Plan Program Entrepreneurship Our Community Our Families Ourselves Our City Our Nation Our World Our Region New Leaders Global Business Ethics

9 A Bridge between Schools and World of Work Business Schools Financial support Devoted staff High-quality activities-based business programs Trained business volunteers JA

10 Program Partners JA Program Manager Link Teacher Students Business Volunteers School Companies/ Workplace

11 International Exposure for Students Canadian National Junior Achievement Conference (CANJAC) Annual international forum for over 150 Company Programme student delegates from all over the world to meet and exchange their experience and learning International Junior Leadership Conference in Florida USA A one-week students conference on global business for students from over 40 countries to convene and polish up their learning on world economy

12 International Exposure for Students Hewlett-Packard Global Business Challenge (HPGBC) Annual competition for students to polish their decision making skills with over 1,200 teams from over 100 countries Global Business Ethics Contest Hong Kong student won 2nd Place in a worldwide ethical contest, Global Business Ethics Youth Forum in USA

13 JA programs have give me a valuable opportunity to put theories into practice. I have learnt how to tackle problems and communicate with companions effectively. Yeung Tung Wai, student from Belilios Public School JA programs helped me understand what abilities I need to improve. I see how important teamwork and creativity are. We all find the key to make the impossible to be POSSIBLE! Ken Lee, student from TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College The business volunteers introduce me to the real working world. I cherish every cheer shared with my volunteers, whom I seek support and encouragements from. Dorothy Ma, student from Sacred Heart Canossian College Key Learning for Students

14 Entrepreneurship, creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership Financial literacy, planning, making choices, budgeting, planning Career aspiration, attitude, interpersonal effectiveness, taking responsibilities, following directions Essential life-wide values, ethics, respect, reliability, responsibility, integrity, fairness and citizenship

15 Commitment of JA Build bridges between business and education Engage support of over 170 companies, e.g. HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Citigroup, CLP Power, Goldman Sachs, KMB, ExxonMobil, Fedex Express Supply internationally-adopted program materials Provide training, support, and guidance to business volunteers and teachers Ensure quality experiences for students, teachers and business volunteers

16 Support from Business Volunteers Sharing experiences and insights Leading discussions and activities Volunteers are… Mentors Facilitators Role-models Ethics Advisors Coaches Advisors Consultants Friends Motivators Guides Career Counselors

17 Partnership with Schools & Teachers Support from Schools and Teachers Create a positive learning environment and commitment to learn Communicate with the business volunteer regarding: –Student characteristics –School rules and school calendar –Feedback for business volunteers Help to manage the classroom Provide feedback to JA

18 Partnership with Schools & Teachers Teachers also enjoy the experience too! Come face-to-face with business leaders Interact with business volunteers from different industries

19 The Impact Created

20 JA Program evaluations 2005/06 – results confirm the value of programs % of respondents agree thatStudentsTeachersVolunteers 03/0404/0505/0603/0404/0505/0603/0404/0505/06 Business Volunteers are a valuable component of the program 87% 88%97%93%95%88%98% JA program was an effective way to learn 84%85%81%100%88%93%94%91%92%92% Interested in participating more JA programs 78%82%80%89%84%87%78%92%87% The Impact Created


22 Upcoming JA Programs in Summer Global Business Ethics Target students: Form 6 to University undergraduates Program format: 20 to 30 students per class, led by a business volunteer in school Number of sessions/hours: 6 sessions, 2 hours each In the program, students will: explore their own personal and ethical values prepare for a career in the international marketplace analyze their own personal set of beliefs, values and character through discussions on a case study

23 Career-related Experiences Seminar Vivian Lau Chief Executive Officer

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