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What is Connecting Classrooms? Connecting Classrooms is a new partnership programme for linking schools in the UK and across the world. It has three core.

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2 What is Connecting Classrooms? Connecting Classrooms is a new partnership programme for linking schools in the UK and across the world. It has three core components which will be delivered in every participating region.three core components These will be supported by three global events during the first five years of the project. three global events Professional Development for Internationalising Education Collaborative Curriculum Projects International School Award

3 The programme impacts on actual curriculum delivery and entitlement though policy dialogue and partnerships with ministries and government agencies, curriculum bodies, local authorities or districts. Partnership work is embedded in the ethos and curriculum of the organisations participating and based on mutuality. The programme reaches millions through strategic area links, media partnerships, high profile events and conferences and pre-established networks. Scope & dissemination: Sustainability: Systemic impact: Values Partnerships within the Connecting Classrooms model are characterised by three principles:

4 COLLABORATIVE LEARNING Core: Collaborative Curriculum Projects RECOGNITION Core: International School Award PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Core: Internationalising the curriculum Global Citizen Award International Teacher Award International Leader Award Connecting Classrooms is responsive to its audience and to the different education systems around the world. As such it offers flexibility for customisation through a unique menu of optional choices in addition to the core offer. Community Action Projects Language Projects A flexible framework Bilateral Leadership Programme Coaching and Mentoring Students as Leaders Scope & dissemination Systemic impact Sustainability Arts Projects

5 Connecting Classrooms creates global citizens and enables intercultural dialogue: Connecting Classrooms strengthens understanding and levels of trust between people in the UK and other societies throughout the world. In all regions of the world, Connecting Classrooms increases the ability of individuals and organisations to contribute to positive social change and the strengthening of civil society. Why are we doing it? In addition, where there is a need, Connecting Classrooms encourages an increase in the use of English as a tool for international communication and intercultural understanding.

6 Connecting Classrooms will directly reach over 2 million learners worldwide through participation in collaborative curriculum projects, and at least 5.5 million indirectly through dissemination and resource sharing. “I got to know the person I am connected to. I love to hear what they have to say about themselves and their country. They also like hearing about me and the way I live” Connecting Classrooms will directly reach over 120,000 teachers, head teachers and education professionals and more than 450,000 indirectly. “Learning is exciting. The lessons were well structured and enjoyed by learners. It inspired me to adapt some of my practice!” Connecting Classrooms will directly reach 30,000 schools and more than 60,000 indirectly. “Connecting Classrooms is evident throughout our school – our partners are part of our community of learners.” Impact

7 Connecting Classrooms will reach beyond the immediate school environment into the wider community, impacting on millions of parents, business people and community leaders. “My four year old came alive when the teachers visited. He can find Tanzania and Senegal on the map with ease and has taught me the greeting “jambo rafiki”. As a parent, I want my children to understand the world in which they live” Connecting Classrooms will work with ministries and curriculum authorities for long-term systemic impact. “We fully support and endorse the International School Award in partnership with the British Council as it encourages our schools to embed internationalism in the curriculum ” Impact And through media partnerships and global events, Connecting Classrooms could reach over 60 million others.

8 Collaborative curriculum projects ISABack Educators are able to benchmark themselves against world class standards to ensure the best possible outcomes for their young people. Collaborative curriculum projects are embedded in the curriculum and carried out in collaboration with a number of different schools. They give students access to another culture and language and direct experience of working with those in other countries. Projects can involve a range of subject disciplines and can support the British Council’s work in other areas, such as English, climate change and the arts.

9 International School Award Back Professional Development The International School Award is awarded to schools that demonstrate commitment to developing global citizens by embedding internationalism in the ethos and curriculum of the school. This is the first time the International School Award will be offered worldwide.

10 Connecting Classrooms Practitioners will receive professional development training and support materials to enable them to introduce an international dimension in their schools and to integrate it successfully in the curriculum and school ethos. Evidence of “leading the international dimension” is a core requirement of the International School Award. Professional development for internationalising education

11 Global events Event 1: A televised award ceremony for practitioners demonstrating exceptional practice in the global dimension. Event 2: A youth forum on a topic of global relevance. Event 3: A “Leadership Symposium” for policy makers. Connecting Classrooms


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