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Junior Achievement Ireland “Generating impact through your partnerships with business.”

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1 Junior Achievement Ireland “Generating impact through your partnerships with business.”

2 Role of supporting company Contributions: 1. Annual monetary contributions 2. Provide business volunteers to teach programmes Promote JA internally within the company Host information sessions/stands Have Council Member and Link person in each company

3 Recruiting business volunteers Volunteers recruited from supporting companies through: 1. Information sessions held each term 2. Canteen Stands 3. Eflyer/emails through link person in organisation

4 1.Information meeting format/ The Recruitment Pitch Link person in organisation reserves a room for JA to present to all staff and includes: Brief introduction on history of JA Ireland along with aims and objectives of the organisation. Overview of time commitment involved and support provided Show brief DVD Demonstrate one primary & one secondary programme Info sessions approx 40mins in duration

5 2.Canteen stands JA set up stand in organisation canteen at lunch time to recruit volunteers. Can be effective for busy staff to drop by Enhances brand recognition in organisation Encourage past volunteers to attend the stand to assist in getting new staff to sign up

6 3. Eflyer format 3. Eflyer format

7 Recruiting business volunteers format Volunteer completes business volunteer form to determine teaching preferences Volunteer contacted and matched to a programme after expressing an interest Volunteers matched to programme term by term All volunteers fully trained for 2.5 hours before programme commences All teachers invited to training once programme has been requested

8 Business volunteers role All programmes delivered by a business volunteer Volunteer acts as a role model to the students They bring their own experiences into the classroom Programme is delivered in partnership with the teacher, they arrange dates/times together

9 Training Training takes place in supporting organisations over 2.5 hours. Sessions are broken down and trained according to programmes ie: Primary Junior / Senior and Secondary programmes. 1 hour on how to prepare, classroom management advice and teacher support 1.5 hours on individual programme and class preparation using materials and guides.

10 Typical training agenda Introduction to Junior Achievement Icebreaker Teachers’ role in the programme Volunteers’ role in the programme Student characteristics- what to expect! Basic classroom management Junior Achievement kits- how to prepare your programme

11 Retaining Volunteers Match volunteer into appropriate programme to suit individual preferences High quality training sessions & full support network during programme Evaluations Ongoing feedback to company link Recognition event- presentation of certificates to all volunteers

12 Steps in supporting business volunteers Contact volunteer once training is complete about start date in school Phone volunteer once programme is up and running Email volunteers regarding classroom visit Visit where possible/take photos Email feedback questionnaire Send thank you mail

13 Communications with our companies Provide a bi-annual newslink to all supporting companies on nationwide JA activity Have Council Member and Link complete surveys to improve communications Monitor all press to see if supporting companies have exposure through JA and send to Council Member and Link.

14 Thank you!

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