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Copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Duluth Soccer Booster Club P.O Box 824 Duluth, Georgia 30096 Web:

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1 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Duluth Soccer Booster Club P.O Box 824 Duluth, Georgia 30096 Email: Web: Duluth High School 3737 Brock Road Duluth, Georgia 30096

2 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Mission to create a positive and competitive environment where student athletes are able to realize their full potential, pursue excellence, and achieve success live, learn, and love the game

3 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Purpose & Philosophy Duluth Soccer strives to: Provide quality training for all Duluth High School soccer players Promote the development of student athletes at Duluth High School Reinforce the importance of scholastic excellence as well as athletic excellence Provide opportunities for leadership and teamwork Encourage local involvement in all areas of the community

4 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Programs Mens Program Womens Program We offer: –Varsity level –Junior Varsity level –opportunities for Duluth Middle School player development and involvement in the program

5 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Goal Our goal is to: develop complete players that are athletically and academically successful maximize a players potential by improving soccer skills, emphasizing fitness, and encouraging good nutritional habits create post High School opportunities for players, whenever possible promote sportsmanship, foster friendships, and encourage a deeper love for the game that lasts a lifetime

6 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer DHS Coaching Staff Gregg Tavani Varsity Head Coach Vince Hayes Varsity Coach Mens ProgramWomens Program Tessa (Finke) Heaton Jr. Varsity Head Coach Lauren Dodson Womens Varsity Asst. & Keeper Coach Todd Pritchett Jr. Varsity Assistant Coach Carlos Tello Jr. Varsity Head Coach

7 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer over 25 years of soccer excellence 1985 mid 90s 200220062004 Mike Wentzler - All- American Honorable Mention, Berry College Emily Bender - All- American, Berry College Ron Mangrum started the program. Very successful for many years, including at a final four run State finalists (men) State semi-finalists (men) Tyler Davis breaks school record (32 goals in a season) Danny Klinect former DHS player, became Mens Head Coach. Led Mens team to the 1st round of the playoffs in 2001 20012003 Duluth record for goals in a career: 88 Tyler Davis (2001-2004) 2008 Vince Hayes becomes Womens Varsity Head Coach 2007 State playoffs (women) State semi- finalists (men) Gwinnett Co. Players of the year 2004: Tyler Davis and Chris Davis Erica Millette becomes Womens Jr. Varsity Coach 2009 Gregg Tavani becomes Mens Varsity Head Coach Vince Hayes become Mens JV Head Coach Mike Wentzler alumni goalkeeper; becomes Mens JV soccer coach Womens Varsity – 28 goals, most scored since 2004 Mens Varsity – finished 1 game shy of the State playoffs Mens Varsity finished 1 game shy of the State playoffs Courtney Martin becomes Womens Varsity Head Coach, serves 2001-07 Gregg Tavani named DHS Teacher of the Year

8 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer over 25 years of soccer excellence 2011 2012 Carlos Tello replaces Kalven Weah as Mens JV Head Coach Todd Pritchett becomes Mens Asst. JV Coach Mens Varsity win Rivals Cup 8 graduating seniors sign to play soccer in college 2010 Kalvens Weah becomes Assist. Coach Men's team Tessa Finke replaces E. Millette as Womens JV Head Coach Lauren Dodson becomes Womens Varsity Assist. & Keeper Coach Womens Varsity win Rivals Cup Vince Hayes named DHS Teacher of the Year Womens Varsity – scored 62 goals, allowing only 31, best stats since 2004 Womens Varsity – suffered narrow losses to 4 of the top 10 teams in the state, one being the eventual state champion

9 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer the Rivals Cup Womens Varsity Victorious - 2010 The annual Rivals Cup is a high-intensity match played between Duluth High and its rival Norcross High. The first Rivals Cup was played in 2010.

10 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer the Rivals Cup Mens Varsity Victorious - 2012

11 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Excellence on and off the Pitch Gregg Tavani Mens Varsity Head Coach Vince Hayes Womens Varsity Coach DHS Teacher of the Year - 2009DHS Teacher of the Year - 2010 Talent is common in this world; doing something with it, however, is uncommon. – Vince Hayes

12 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer By the numbers In 2012… 44 of players in the Varsity program –25 Men –19 Women 38 of players in the Junior Varsity program –21 Men –17 Women

13 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Where the Wildcats call Home 3737 Brock Road Duluth, Georgia 30096 Tim Maxwell Memorial Stadium a 9,000-seat, fully-lit stadium serves as home for the Duluth High School Wildcats Cecil Morris Field named after the successful football coach of the Wildcats who was named Sportsman of the Decade in 1990 by the Gwinnett Extra newspaper press box dedicated to Brooks Coleman practice field, adjacent to main stadium concession stand restroom facilities free parking

14 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Annual Tournament for the Varsity Brine High School Tournament of Champions –March 14 – 16, 2013 –Jekyll Island, Georgia –Duluth Soccer has participated in this annual event since 2001 women – 2001 men – 2002 –

15 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Summer & Winter Camps for Players Duluth Soccer coaches conduct annual week-long summer camps for returning players each summer through Tavani Soccer ( other neighborhood clubs who host summer & winter camps for players include: –Atlanta Fire United ( –Atlanta Futbol Academy ( –Norcross Soccer Academy (

16 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer and now a word from… Our Sponsors

17 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Duluth Soccer Sponsorships join our Center Circle The Duluth High School Soccer Sponsorship Program provides organizations and individuals with a number of sponsorship options to choose from so that they may select a level of support that is right for them. World Cup Level – $1,000 Champion Level – $750 Premier Level – $400 Select Level – $250 MVP Donors - open ad hoc sponsorships - open Get inside Duluth Soccers Center Circle To become a sponsor or to obtain additional information, please contact Aimee or Ed Cancino at or Mike Miller at for more information about joining the Center Circle, visit

18 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Support the Sport Duluth Soccer Spirit Wear Weve got you covered…

19 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer DHS Soccer Booster Club Officers Ed & Aimee Cancino Co-Presidents open Vice-President Mike Miller Treasurer Trisha Whitley Secretary

20 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Opportunities to Serve The DHS Soccer Boosters Club, Inc. is an independent, not for profit, volunteer-based soccer organization established to support the Duluth High School soccer program. There are numerous opportunities to serve, including: field management, concessions, spirit wear sales and management, administrative support, and the list goes on… For more information, contact a member of the DHS Soccer Booster Club Board

21 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Brand, the basics the color pallet Unless its a photograph or illustration, purple, black, grey and white are the only colors we should use. For branded items, purple and black should be used as the predominant background color. White and grey should be used as special highlight or character colors. Use this table as a guide: the logo type face International Typeface Corporation (ITC) Blair Medium black R: 0 G: 0 B: 0 white R: 255 G:255 B: 255 purple R: 102 G: 51 B: 153 grey R: 171 G: 173 B: 166

22 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Our Brand values, more than a logo Duluth Soccer is much more than a distinctive mark and color palette. The brand is the personality of Duluth Soccer and it guides everything we do. Our brand values are an intrinsic part of Duluth Soccer, and they play a crucial role in influencing our behaviors, our communications, and wider brand success. Five values that guide our behavior are: dynamic We are energetic, confident, and focused on the challenge before us. We also plan for the future and focus on continuous improvement. We push the boundaries. fair We represent Duluth High School, and we pride ourselves on honesty and fairness. Although we love to win, we emphasize development over the result. We are good sports, even in the face of intense competition. passionate We are constantly learning and are passionate about life and the game of soccer. We treat everyone as individuals. competitive We are brave. We are creative and dare to do things differently, to find a better way. We enjoy working hard, playing hard, and succeeding together. We love to win, but if that is not the final result… we take pride in being a fierce competitor until the final whistle. teamwork We come from many backgrounds, but we are a team united… We value unity, and we help each other succeed on and off the field. We constantly consider how can we can help a teammate, making decisions and taking action with that in mind.

23 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Contact Us Coaching Staff Mens Program Gregg Tavani Mens Varsity Coach ( Carlos Tello Mens Junior Varsity Head Coach ( Todd Pritchett Mens Junior Varsity Assistant Coach ( Womens Program Vince Hayes Womens Varsity Coach ( Lauren Dodson. Womens Varsity Assistant Coach & Goal Keeper Coach ( Tessa Heaton Womens Junior Varsity Head Coach (

24 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer Contact Us email us - the DHS Booster Club President – Aimee & Ed Cancino ( Vice President - Al Viller ( Treasurer - Mike Miller ( Secretary - Trisha Whitley ( Webmaster – Al Viller ( snail mail P.O Box 824, Duluth, Georgia 30096 on the Internet: 930+ fans on Facebook become a fan of the Duluth Soccer Nation

25 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer fun skills fitness go tell the world… Teamwork leadership success Dynamic Passionate Fair Competitive driven

26 copyright 2012 – Duluth Soccer

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