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Can you list at least 5 other words for… Good Bad.

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1 Can you list at least 5 other words for… Good Bad

2 Vocabulary and Spelling In section B (writing), both questions are marked on accuracy (spelling, punctuation, sentence structures), as well as content. In each lesson from now on, you will be tested on spellings of useful words! You will also be expected to try and use some of these words when answering questions from section B.

3 Key Question: Can I create a checklist of things to remember when answering Q6 in the exam?

4 Q6 – The longer answer Worth 24 marks (equal to over 10% of your entire GCSE!) 16 marks for content and organisation 8 marks for accuracy (spelling, punctuation and sentences)

5 Read the article on school trips Underline and label any language techniques which have been used. Which POV does the writer express? For trips or against trips? Identify the main point in each paragraph Highlight counter arguments in separate colours. Circle connectives

6 Writing to Argue or Persuade - Checklist Make a list of the things you need to remember to do when answering this type of question.

7 Did you get the following? Use persuasive techniques Use paragraphs Use connective words and phrases Use counter-arguments to show balance and reason Use a varied vocabulary


9 How many more connective phrases can you think of? However Although Furthermore Alternatively

10 Key Question: Can I use my checklist to write a persuasive paragraph?

11 Mobile phones should be banned in school. Agree On GREEN post-its list at least 2 reasons why this would be a good thing. Disagree On ORANGE post-its list at least 2 reasons why it would be a bad thing 1.Do you agree or disagree with the statement? 2.Pick the strongest argument on the side you have chosen and think of a counter-argument for it. 3.Write at least one paragraph arguing the point you have chosen. Use the checklist to help you. Extra Challenge: Try to use at least 3 words from the vocabulary sheet.


13 Mobile phones should be banned in school. Argue for or against this view ForAgainst

14 Mobile phones should be banned in school. Argue for or against this view Short intro (start with a rhetorical question) and 3 maain paragraphs Include a counter argument in each paragraph, but then add your own, detailed argument. Use at least one key word per paragraph Use at least two techniques in each paragraph (questions, triplets, commands, exaggeration, facts, humour, stating the obvious, flattery) Connective phrasesArguments AGAINSTArguments FORTechniques Some people believe that....however.... They can threaten staff and students privacy They help keep students safe Facts / statistics Although some people would argue that...., it is clear that..... They can be misused Students have a right to spend lunchtimes doing as they wish as long as they are not harming anyone Emotive language e.g. outrageous, dreadful, ridiculous Its incredible to think that some people think…. because surely….. They can distract students in lessons They are convenient Triplet Whilst a minority of people think…., it is clear that…. There is a risk of theft or damage They are a part of our everyday world – we cant pretend they dont exist Exaggeration

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