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Teaching Writing for the Russian State Exam

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1 Teaching Writing for the Russian State Exam
Tatyana Kuznetsova

2 What have you written? In pairs or small groups make a list of all the things you have wtitten in the last week Discuss the following questions: Who were you writing the items to or for? Where there differences in the way you wroteeach of them? How were they different from speaking?

3 Good writing skills Here are some subskills required for effective writing. Can you add more? Spelling Punctuation Layout More?

4 What is special about writing for the exam?
The students are more motivated Task-based activity The ability to reading and analysing the rubric and task input or underlining key words Target reader How will it be assessed? How to get the highest point?

5 Planning a writing lesson
Generating ideas Focusing ideas Focus on a model text Organising ideas Writing Peer evaluation Reviewing

6 The six big horrible “no-no”s
1. not reading the question properly 2. not reading the instructions 3. not planning your answer 4. not writing in paragraphs 5. not writing properly (spelling, grammar) 6. not answering the question

7 Opinion essay Opinion essay is a formal piece of essay which presents the author’s point of view on a particular subject supported by reasons and examples. The opposing viewpoint is also suggested, it goes with arguments that show that it is unconvincing.

8 Fact or opinion? Write two facts about a pop group
Write two opinions about a pop group Write two facts about school

9 A 5 sentence paragraph The explanation
Topic sentence gives the idea you are going to read about 3 detailed sentences about the first The ending sentence with the same idea of the first but in different words The application The production

10 Using different words Said whispered, cried, complained, shouted, yelled, muttered, repeated, screamed, asked, commented, demanded, replied, sobbed, declared

11 Using interesting words
Don’t use boring words like big or nice all the time. e.g. Bruce was hungry. Bruce was starving. Bruce’s stomach was grumbling. Bruce could have eaten half an elephant. Bruce was eating like there was no tomorrow.

12 A paragraph is a group of sentences that discuss one main idea.
Paragraphs A paragraph is a group of sentences that discuss one main idea. Start a new paragraph when something new happens. When you talk about a new person. Each time a person speaks. When you write about a different place. When the story or letter moves to a different time.

13 Improving handwriting
Handwriting is important! If it’s too messy to read: Your teacher might miss out on some of your brilliant points No one will be able to tell if you are spelling things correctly

14 Good vs bad idea activity
This essay is going to look at whether should school uniform be worn at school I think that school uniform…… Good idea: Bad idea….

15 A successful opinion essay
An introduction where the topic and the author’s opinion are stated clearly Viewpoints are supported by reasons Opposing viewpoints In conclusion the main points of view are summarized and the author’s opinion is related to other words.

16 Useful tips Decide your opinion as for the topic discussed and paraphrasing the statement Make a list of viewpoints and reasons supporting your point of view Write well developed paragraphs Use linking words Start each paragraph with a topic sentence

17 How to express your opinion
In my opinion It seems to me The way I see it To my mind I strongly agree/disagree My opinion is that As far as I am concerned I strongly believe

18 To list points First of all Firstly, secondly, lastly To start with
To begin with On the one hand

19 To add more points Also Moreover Furthermore In addition Besides
Apart from this Another major reason

20 Contrasting viewpoints
On the other hand However It is argued that Opponents of this way say Although In contrast

21 To introduce examples For example For instance Such as In particular

22 To conclude To sum up In conclusion All in all All things considered
Taking everything into account

23 Avoid introducing wholly new ideas at the end of an essay.
Conclusion should echo the main idea, without dully repeating it. By the end of the essay, readers should already understand your main idea. It must summarize the essay’s key points, pose a question for future study, offer advice, or propose a course of action. Avoid introducing wholly new ideas at the end of an essay.

24 Dos and don’ts Write in a formal style Introduce the topic clearly
State clear topic sentences Use generalizations Use quotations Don’t use colloquial expressions Don’t use short forms Don’t use emotive vocabulary Don’t use overgeneralizations Don’t use statistics without proper referencing Don’t give personal examples

25 Writer’s checklist Grammar Vocabulary Organization Overall effect


27 Useful sites

28 Good luck!

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