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HOT TIPS English Paper one.

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1 HOT TIPS English Paper one

2 Starter Quiz How long is the exam?
How many texts will you have to read? How much time should you allow for each section? And for each question in Section A? Which style of writing are you being examined for in Section B?

3 Answers The exam is 1 hour 45 minutes.
You should only have to read two texts. 1 hour for the Reading, 45 mins for Writing. 1 mark = 2 minutes Writing to argue, persuade, advise.

4 Paper 1: Section A Reading Paper Assessment Objectives:
AO2 (i) – read with insight and engagement AO2 (ii) – fact and opinion AO2 (iii) – follow an argument AO2 (iv) – compare and contrast AO2 (v) – linguistic and presentational devices

5 Ways to succeed in Section A: Focus on HOW the writers use LANGUAGE
Types of sentences: commands, statements, questions, argument, fact or opinion, bias Voice: first, second, third person Facts and Opinions

6 Tone: formal, informal, humorous, serious, sarcastic, persuasive
Vocabulary: complex, technical, descriptive, emotive Discourse markers: introduction, types of connectives, conclusion

7 Ways to succeed in Section A: Focus on HOW the information is STRUCTURED:
Chronological or non-chronological Headings, sub-headings Bite-size chunks, boxed text Numbers, bullet points, lists Length of paragraphs

8 One question always asks you to COMPARE the views given in both texts.
Words to compare (find similarities): In the same way… Equally… Similarly… Compared with… Words to contrast (find differences): Nevertheless… However… Although… In contrast with…

9 Presentational Features
Page layout Text/font style and size Columns, frames, boxes Illustrations, images, diagrams Charts, graphs, maps Colour Logos, symbols

10 Linguistic Features Alliteration Facts/Figurative Language
Opinions/Onomatopoeia Repetition/rhetorical questions Emotive language/exaggeration Similes/statistics Three (rule of) Also – use of ‘you’ and ‘we’.

11 For the higher mark questions:
Make a POINT Use EVIDENCE to support your point EXPLAIN what the evidence shows

12 What? = point and evidence, not explain.
Why? How? = PEE. Always consider the EFFECT the writer intends to have on his/her reader.

Look carefully at the marks given for each question. 2 minutes per mark – so spend 8 minutes on a 4-mark question

14 Paper 1: Section B Writing to…
Argue: aims to put forward a point of view Persuade: aims to get someone to do something Advise: aims to tell someone how to do something

15 Communication and Organisation: /18
Marked for: Communication and Organisation: /18 Sentence Structure, Punctuation and Spelling /9

16 When planning remember: PALL
Purpose – What should it do? Audience – Who is it for? Language – What vocabulary / tone is best? Layout – How should it look on the page?

17 Writing to Argue 1.Write a letter to the leader of your local council arguing that more should be done for young people in your area. 2. Argue for or against the idea that advertisements for sweets should be banned from TV. 3. Write an article for a magazine where you present an argument for or against something you feel strongly about.

18 How can you engage the reader?
Use of second person – YOU Use of imperatives AFOREST…

19 GO THROUGH A FOREST Alliteration/anecdotes (stories)
Facts/Figurative Language Opinions/Onomatopoeia Repetition/rhetorical questions Emotive language/exaggeration Similes/statistics Three (rule of) A FOREST

20 , . ! ? “ ‘ ; : - () Punctuation tips
Revise how to use them all, and get most of them in! Particular focus on semi-colon is worthwhile

21 Writing to Persuade 1. You have been asked to give a speech to the Governors of your school or college persuading them that schools should be open in the evenings. Write the text for this speech in full rather than note form. 2. Write a letter to a TV company persuading them that they should produce more interesting programmes for teenagers. 3. Write a letter persuading a publisher to produce a new and different magazine for teenagers.

22 Spend 5 minutes at the end of the exam checking your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

23 Good Luck!

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