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Test Taking Strategies

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1 Test Taking Strategies
How do I show what I know?

2 One week before test Gather ALL material for test Lecture notes
Textbook marking Old tests Home work Divide up into logical portions

3 Each day Review previous material Study any new portion

4 Day Before Test Compose a master study sheet Take practice exam

5 Day of test Final review of study guide Go to exam confidently

6 Self Talk Negative Anxious Positive Task - oriented
Math has never been a strength for me. I’m never going to pass this exam. Positive Task - oriented Math has never been a strength for me. But if I practice and ask questions I should be okay.

7 Test Taking Skills DAY OF THE EXAM Review your study guide. Don’t cram
Study Deeply Engage in a relaxed activity the last hour or two before the exam Be prepared with necessary tools Avoid peers that are anxiety generators

8 Test Taking Skills DURING THE TEST Survey the entire exam
Start with the easiest questions Focus on content instead of feelings Read the directions carefully

9 Test taking Skills AFTER THE TEST Reward yourself
Learn from the exam by searching for a pattern to your errors Look for the things that made you the most unsure

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