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1 Find Time to Study Presented by:

2 Purpose of Workshop To help students become aware of common obstacles to effective studying and learn how to overcome these obstacles To help students develop good study skills and better time management

3 As a high school student you have……..
Many people who want your time. Studying/learning demands. Many tests to take. Lots of decisions to make about the future.

4 Do you….. procrastinate? wish you were more organized?
need help with prioritizing to accomplish important tasks? need help dealing with interruptions experience test anxiety? These are all obstacles that affect your studying ability.

5 Avoidance of doing something
Procrastination Avoidance of doing something which needs to be done Why do students procrastinate? Poor time management Difficulty concentrating Over confident

6 Test Anxiety Test Anxiety can cause:
Worry or fear caused by having to take tests Test Anxiety can cause: Mental distraction/blocks Physical symptoms Reasons for experiencing test anxiety: Peer/family pressure Fear of failure Lack of preparation Perfectionism

7 Overcoming the Obstacles
Goal setting Time management Relaxation techniques Utilize SQ3R study method Create an atmosphere for studying Use learning aids

8 Goal Setting Identify your strengths and weaknesses
Set priorities for studying Be realistic when setting goals Decide on final goal and then break it down into smaller goals Use goal setting to prepare for tests

9 Time Management Your ability to effectively use your study time to accomplish the greatest amount of work Follow a schedule: Mark deadlines and exam dates on calendar Schedule several short review sessions Be realistic about how much information you can cover in one session Schedule some free time also Write on “To Do” lists Post sticky-notes around home or school materials

10 Relaxation Technique Loosen your clothing and get comfortable
Tighten muscles in your toes and hold for a count of 10. Relax and enjoy release from tension. Flex the muscles in your feet and hold for a count of 10. Relax. Move slowly up through body contracting and relaxing muscles as you go. Breathe deeply and slowly. Use relaxation techniques: When you feel yourself becoming anxious To help you sleep the night before an exam As a refresher between study sessions

11 SQ3R Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review
S: Get the best overall picture of what you are to study before studying it in detail Q: Questions should lead to emphasis on the what, why, when, who and where of study content. R: Read actively. R: Recite. Think aloud! Just as you did as a child. Utilizes two senses, helping to commit it to memory. R: Review immediately following session

12 Atmosphere Study where you can concentrate without interruption
Study in the same place each day Sit at a desk or table with adequate lighting Don’t study when you are overly tired Have all supplies and a waste basket handy

13 Learning Aids Based on your learning style and study material
Examples: Flash cards can be used to learn vocabulary Charts and time lines can be used for history Outlines can be used to break information into smaller units that are easy to remember Use acronyms to learn sequential material (ex: arrangement of planets)

14 Test taking tips Objective exams Standardized exams Short answer exams
Essay exams

15 Multiple Choice and Matching
Objective Exams Multiple Choice and Matching Solve in the order given Read each choice carefully Think as you read Finish the exam

16 Standardized Exams ACT and SAT Get a guide Be realistic
Make an educated guess

17 Short Answer Exams Budget your time Start with the easiest questions
Answer each question Use the full time allowed

18 Essay Exams Organization and neatness have merit!
Read all questions first Start with the easiest question Answer more difficult questions last Budget your writing time

19 Be Kind to Yourself Eat right and get a good night’s sleep before the exam Don’t “cram” or stay up all night by taking caffeine or drugs Change your stage of mind!

20 Contact Education Services Foundation
Questions? Contact Education Services Foundation or

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