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Test Taking Strategies

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1 Test Taking Strategies
How do I show what I know?

2 One week before test Gather ALL material for test Lecture notes
Textbook marking (if the book belongs to you) Old tests Home work Divide up into logical portions

3 Each day Review previous material Study any new portion

4 Day Before Test Compose a master study sheet Take practice exam

5 Day of test Final review of study guide Go to exam confidently

6 Self Talk Negative Anxious Positive Task - oriented
Math has never been a strength for me. I’m never going to pass this exam. Positive Task - oriented Math has never been a strength for me. But if I practice and ask questions I should be okay.

7 Test Taking Skills DAY OF THE EXAM Review your study guide. Don’t cram
Study Deeply Engage in a relaxed activity the last hour or two before the exam Be prepared with necessary tools Avoid peers that are anxiety generators

8 Test Taking Skills DURING THE TEST
Survey the entire exam and remember your strategies your teacher has taught you! Start with the easiest questions Focus on content instead of feelings Read the directions carefully

9 Test taking Skills AFTER THE TEST Reward yourself
Learn from the exam by searching for a pattern to your errors Look for the things that made you the most unsure

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