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Heather Whitaker Academic Foundations- Reading Student Success.

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1 Heather Whitaker Academic Foundations- Reading Student Success

2 Presentation A brief overview on being prepared for exams. General strategies Specific strategies Methods of combating test-anxiety.

3 Before the test Be as well prepared as possible. Get a good amount of sleep. Eat healthy through out the day. Arrive for the test as early as possible. Do not show up all stressed out running late. Listen to your favorite song over and over.

4 Rule of Thumb Did you spend at least twice as much time pre week outside of class as you did in class. Did you take notes and review them each day? It only takes about ten-fifteen minutes a day to review?

5 Prepared? Did you begin reviewing a week before the test? Not hours before Did you test yourself by using flash or concept cards ? Did you create quizzes for yourself? Did you complete the textbook chapter test and the review materials your instructor provided?

6 Test taking tips Read the directions on the test! Quickly search for the questions that is most friendly and familiar. Do that question first. It will boost your confidence. After that find that next question you know.

7 Timed Exams The best way to prepare for timed exams is by practicing. Time yourself. Have a game plan… Remember, Disability Services can help with timed exams, if you qualify.

8 What to do on a multiple choice test Read the question, put a piece of paper or an index card to cover up the distracters. Answer the question without looking at the distracters. Have confidence in your answer and then make your choice.

9 Essay Exams or paper Try free writing on an essay test or a paper. Do not flood the professor with information and expect the professor to find the answers. Free writing can help you filter out the unnecessary information.

10 Confused on what to do next Do not get throne by a single question. Place a mark next to it and come back to it. If it is a math or science question, retrace your steps to find out where you got lost. Never leave an answer blank.

11 Reducing Anxiety Engage in deep breathing for two-five minutes. Tense and relax different muscle groups Use guided imagery for a few minutes. Describe the anxiety. Aerobics can release anxiety and excess energy. Utilize positive self talk. Peppermint

12 Finally Always use the remaining time to quickly make sure you have answered every questions. If it is math or science test check the formulas. If it an essay test, proof read it a few times for errors.

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