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Announcements Next Exam TUES –Sept 28 th HW: Gospel Paper (due Tues)

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1 Announcements Next Exam TUES –Sept 28 th HW: Gospel Paper (due Tues)

2 Chapter 7 The Exodus

3 The Book of Exodus Departure Hebrews are slaves

4 The Book of Exodus Three Main Themes – Deliverance from Egypt – Law – Dwelling of God

5 Dating the Events 1300 B.C. (most Catholic/Orthodox, and Protestants) 1500 B.C. (cults and fundamentalists)

6 Dating the Events Why does it matter? – Changes which Pharaoh was the ruler

7 Dating the Events Catholics/others recognize influence of Archaeology – Exodus 1:8-14 –general summary of 200 yrs – Exodus event -1300 B.C. -1200 B.C

8 Moses Pharaoh tells midwives to kill all Hebrew boys – Why? Egyptians regain control –want to eliminate all foreigners

9 Moses Midwives – Shiphrah and Puah Did the will of God –disobeyed law Teaching – Sometimes law of land has to be disobeyed to follow God (Law) –involves risks

10 Moses Could no longer be hidden – Mother placed him in a blanket/basket – Sent down river

11 Moses Brought up out of water – Raised by Pharaoh's daughter – Nursed by mother (identity hidden) Taught the True Faith

12 Moses Witnesses an Egyptian killing a Hebrew Kills the Egyptian – Hides the body Flees to Midian – Secret is out Another fight – secret revealed

13 Moses Midian – Marries Zipporah (daughter of Jethro) Descendants of Abraham

14 Call of Moses Exodus Chapter 3 Moses -80 yrs. Old – Burning bush not consumed Afraid to look at God

15 Call of Moses Many spoke of fire when talking to God – Did it really happen? Yes –God can do anything Moses had some experience with God – may have included a miracle

16 Call of Moses Angel of the Lord spoke – God Himself Common way the OT speaks about God Speaks of personal encounter with God –but separation

17 Call of Moses God identifies self – God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Why? – Narrows down the family line –own covenant family

18 Four Excuses of Moses Excuse Number 1: Who am I? – Fugitive – Murderer – Not miracle man

19 Who are you? Excuse Number 2 – Yahweh - I am who I am

20 The People will not Believe Me Excuse Number 3 – I will give signs

21 But, I am not a Good Speaker Excuse Number 4 – Aaron will help you Brother

22 Excuses, Excuses Theme – Prophets unsure about Gods choice – Lack confidence

23 Message to Pharaoh Israel is my first born son – Covenant head of the family of nations – Priest for other nations Let the people go three days into desert – To celebrate/worship God – To serve God



26 The Plagues Purpose – To reveal who the real God is – God is greater than Egyptian gods – God controls the land –not people

27 The Plagues Purpose – I will make Pharaoh obstinate Letting him stick to his own delusions of godhood

28 The Plagues The freedom of Gods people will come because God wants it – NOT because of Pharaoh – Exodus 7-10

29 The Plagues 1 –Blood 2 –Frogs 3 –Gnats 4 –Flies 5 –Sickness 6 –Boils 7 –Hail 8 –Locusts 9 –Darkness 10 –Death of first born son

30 Plague 1: Blood Might have been the Red Tide – Microorganism that turns water red and kills fish Killed fish –stench hit Egypt God working through nature Pharaoh –sorcerers said that they can do the same

31 Plague 2: Frogs Frogs would flee pollution Magicians are able to reproduce this Pharaoh wants a sign – Asks Moses to pray to his God and he would let them go

32 Plague 2: Frogs Frogs die when Moses said they would Pharaoh changes his mind after the frogs are dead

33 Plague 3: Gnats (Lice) Dust of Egypt turned into gnats Magicians could not reproduce this – the finger of God Kills the most people

34 Plague 4: Flies Much decay around – Decay led to flies God shows power by guarding Goshen from the afflictions

35 Plague 4: Flies Pharaoh offers to allow the Hebrews to worship their own God/ to offer sacrifice in Egypt Moses says no-they would be killed

36 Plague 4: Flies Pharaoh says okay – Can leave as long as they dont go too far Flies leave when Moses says so

37 Plague 5: Sickness Bugs, decay, etc. – Led to sickness in animals Hebrews are still protected – God protects those who are faithful to Him

38 Plague 6: Boils Moses threw soot in the sky in front of Pharaoh Magicians are not able to reproduce/ are also afflicted Teaching: – God will destroy those who stand in His way

39 Plague 7: Hail Jewish tradition reports fire and hot stones – May have been a volcano erupting – God working through nature Some Egyptians start to abandon Pharaoh – Human god is losing

40 Plague 7: Hail It doesnt matter how you come to know God, but you will – Positively (cooperating) – Negatively (stand in his way) – If nothing else…Hell

41 Plague 8: Locusts Feared because they usually bring on famine Some of Pharaohs servants try to convince him to let the Hebrews go, and then leave him

42 Plague 8: Locusts Pharaoh says that the men can go, but the young ones need to stay….not acceptable

43 Plague 9: Darkness Dark spot in the sky grows Falling ash from Santorini Volcano, comet passing earth, dust storm

44 Plague 9: Darkness Pharaoh says okay, you can all go, but you need to leave all your stuff here – Moses says no, we need them for sacrifice!!! Pharaoh says he never wants to see Moses again –Moses agrees

45 How long did the Plagues Last? Twelve months One week (each) –with three week warning in between

46 PassoverMass/ Jesus Crucifixion Lamb is sacrificeLamb of God is sacrifice Join with nearest household with sacrifice Join with the Church with Sacrifice Lamb without blemishJesus is Lamb without blemish All of Israel is presentIn front of the whole Church Firstborn struckJesus is Gods firstborn Blood of the lamb savesBlood of the Lamb saves Unleavened bread First/Seventh day hold sacred assembly First/Seventh day Mass Not break any bones

47 Last Plague: Death of Firstborn son Angel of death would be sent to kill all firstborn sons (cattle, sheep and goats) – Symbolically –killing their gods Sons of Israel would be saved – Smear blood of lamb over door

48 Lat Plague: Death of Firstborn son Ceremonial feast before leaving Egypt – Specific instructions –how to prepare, what to serve, etc. Told they were to have a weeklong celebration once a year – Why? To remember what God had done for them

49 Last Plague: Death of Firstborn son Egyptians wanted the Hebrews to leave NOW – Already packed – God leads his people in a column of cloud by day, fire by night

50 Last Plague: Death of Firstborn son Pharaoh changes his mind AGAIN – Goes with his army to capture / bring them back


52 Last Plague: Death of Firstborn son Red Sea –God tells Moses to stretch out his staff – Pillar moves between Isr. and Egypt – Clears path through to allow them to cross

53 Last Plague: Death of Firstborn son Egyptian chariots tried to cross, but got stuck in the mud Moses stretched out his staff again and the waters closed, drowning Pharaoh and army

54 In the Wilderness Whining Israelites… – No food – Conditions better in Egypt – Thirsty – Did God save us to make us die out here?

55 In the Wilderness Opportunity to grow closer to God – They are suffering and called to surrender to God-FAITH

56 In the Wilderness Moses asks God for help, God answers – Water at Marah too bitter God points out a piece of wood and tells Moses to throw it in the water Salvation through Cross and Baptism

57 In the Wilderness More whining -Manna -Quail Told only to gather enough for that day – Except for 6th day, needs to be enough for 2 days….Sabbath

58 In the Wilderness Requires total trust and dependence on God – Water from the rock – Moses strikes a rock b/c of more whining… – Water comes out Massah Maribah

59 In the Wilderness Battle with Amalek Moses stands on top of a hill with the staff (Aaron and Hur) Hands are raised –Israelites are winning – Aaron and Hur hold them up so he doesnt need to rest – CROSS

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