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Welcome to YES+, an educational and life skill practical,fun program. YES+ is designed to address key issues relevant to young professionals and University.

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2 Welcome to YES+, an educational and life skill practical,fun program. YES+ is designed to address key issues relevant to young professionals and University age groups in order to bring about a profound change in all aspects of life, such as: > Overall excellence > Increased ability to take responsibility in life > Improved interpersonal skills of observation, expression & perception > Eliminate stress, rid the system of negative emotions while developing strong social and leadership skills YES!+ is a program under WAYE ( World Alliance for Youth Empowerment), which is present in more than 144 countries. YES!+ has been able to bring everlasting smiles on faces of millions of youth across the world. Today we are so much focused and oriented towards career, that many times we forget to smile and have a happy mind. The challenge is to have a smiling and a vibrant presence even in our daily routine, whatsoever challenges we face. The global society challenge young professionals to have highly competitive experience and at the same time, to make decisions with confidence and clarity in both life and work. In order to do so, a broad vision of life combined with leadership skills is needed. The YES!+ course addresses these aspects and helps participants to become more focused in their professional goals, lives and teach them how to manage their own emotions effectively in order to succeed.

3 Main Aspects of the Program > Physical – Fun yet challenging body exercises along with innovative breathing techniques are taught. > Mental – Practical techniques and interactive processes to improve memory, concentration & focus. > Social – Empirical processes to develop problem solving strategies and social skills; interactive processes to develop leadership and life skills; teamwork exercises to teach cooperation and conflict resolution. > Emotional – Innovative games and group discussions designed to help you feel at ease in challenging situations, increase confidence and inner strength to interact more effective. YES+ is: > a creative, crazy fun filled programme with an enormous potential > the whole bunch of positive emotions and true laughter > meeting new people, engaging in challenging processes > succeeding at goals > the deepest and the most interesting relaxation tools – that can be effective in enriching what ever it is you want to do in life.

4 Who can participate in the workshop? Young professionals, students and individuals between 18 to 30 years of age.

5 1. What exactly do you do in 21 hours?? An alien lands on our beautiful planet Earth, and meets a man. This alien knows everything about earth through their advanced technology (as usual) and is curious about everything. He asks the man- Alien: Hello Earthling! Im from Ignoranet. Though I have read a lot about the apple fruit, I really want to know how an apple tastes. Can you tell me? Man: Hmmm... Lets see... Its sweet… crunchy and… a little bit sour. Alien: Oh I know how that would be. I would take a mango, mix it with some crunchy biscuits and squeeze a little bit of lemon into it and I have an apple… Right?? Man(Scratching his head): Err… Ummm… Not exactly… Its different… Arghh… How do I tell you? Alien: What do I do to know what an apple tastes like?? Finally, a wise man who overheard this conversation comes and gently hands an apple to the alien, and tells him, This is the wondrous apple, bite into it and know what it tastes like Get it?? 2. Why should I do a YES!+?? Im Happy!! Well, nobody ever said that you must do this course because you are sad!!! Thats your interpretation :) So you really have a high intellect, a good reason enough to do YES!+ :) The only thing we claim is, "Yes, we agree you are happy but with Yes+ course you learn the art of maintaining that state of happiness despite all odds and more importantly, how to spread that happiness around." Are you sure you are doing that currently?? Think again!!

6 3. Why do you guys charge money? There are no free lunches in life honey. Firstly, the money collected is used for charitable purposes only. We have a million volunteer projects across the global focusing on rural development, education, alleviation of poverty and stress-relief. Running any course – booking hall, materials, etc. entail cost. These need money!!! The money you (rather we) give is used for good purposes only and take it as an investment – the returns you get are infinitesimally more!!! Experience it!! 4. Cant you guys change the venue to somewhere closer to home?? And the timings are so odd?? And why the hell is the workshop so long?? Well, then we think there should be a customized YES+ exclusively for you for the simple reason that out of all the participants, hardly 20% are happy with the venue and timings. But as far we understand, the only reason why the rest 80% of the participants land up doing it is because they WANT to it, come what may!! And believe it or not, its all a play of faith – the more determination you have, things will fall in place. You know of course about the Law of Attraction popularized by The Secret, If you really want something and truly believe in it, you'll get it It really works!!

7 5. Who will be conducting the workshop?? All the Yes!+ plus teachers across the world are brilliant and mind-blowing people. One interactive session with them and you will already begin to see life from a different perspective. One course will change your life forever!! Theyve been doing it for 10 years. Rest assured, you are in extremely safe and blessed hands. If you are happy despite all the problems (rather learning opportunities) in your life, If you are contributing to the society in any which way, If you are good at managing your time, If you are good at multi-tasking, If you are bringing smile on others face, If you are REALLY living your life, Then you dont need to do a YES+ but if you are not, you very well know the answer… Its easy to ask questions of others, the government, the society, the neighbors and sit around doing nothing. Its tough to get out there and actually make a difference to society. 7. Wow!! Where have you been all my life?? I want to sign up NOW. How do I do it? Welcome to the Yes!+ :) Feel Blessed in case you are doing this YES+, for those who are not, God Bless you.

8 Already proven to be miraculous by the youth and experts alike in over 150 countries, Yes!+ is now coming to your door-step. Do not miss it for anything in the world!! Dates : January 17 - 22, 2013 Venue : Jabriya Time : Thu, Sat to Tue :7:30 -10:30 pm, Fri – 10:00am to 1:30 pm Contact: 65663493, 65175092,25648570


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