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Art of Ceilings Making visions reality Company presentation

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1 Art of Ceilings Making visions reality Company presentation

2 Art of Ceilings – Company Agent of Extenzo® In 2007 Art of Ceilings signed with Extenzo® an exclusivity contract for the Netherlands Extenzo® - the worlds second largest stretch-ceilings producer with the most advanced stretch-ceilings system In 2008 Art of Ceilings signed with Extenzo® an exclusivity contract for Poland under the name Fabryka Sklepien In 2009 Art of Ceilings formed together with Van Dijk Afbouw a new entity VDO spanplafonds. Bringing the exclusive Extenzo® ceilings to the private household market Art of Ceilings together with VDO spanplafonds continue to open different sales points nationally

3 Art of Ceilings Project Portfolio Artis Zoo – Amsterdam Tax revenue offices – Utrecht Rabo vastgoed groep offices – Hoevelaken Hilton Hotel - The Hague Atoll – Rotterdam M2 Dentists –Voorburg and Oegstgeest MS Eurodam/MS New Amsterdam ships – Realized in Venice Italy City Hall – Utrecht Conservatorium Hotel – Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel - Westkapelle Suitsupply - Utrecht Clubs, Offices, Shops, Restaurants Many homes

4 Art of Ceilings Clients Portfolio Building companies: BAM Strukton Dijkxhoorn bouw Bouwbedrijf Vrolijk VDA More Architects and designers Gielissen Bureau Kroner VFD Vasili Popov Architects More Developer and Investors Alrov Real FM – Real Facility Management Lapwing Consultancy IQNN VDL Bouwmanagement More Retail & Restaurants Suitsupply Lemon Fullmoon De Engel Heren van Slydrecht More

5 Art of Ceilings Product – Extenzo® stretch-ceilings Extenzo® quality membranes – One product, many advantages Ceilings are made to the highest standard The ceilings are removable-reinstalled by professionals The ceilings are cleanable With Extenzo® membranes and profile systems, we can create 3D, vertical and horizontal elements Acoustic properties Quick and clean performance Global support Perforated membrane High resolution printing Daylight membranes for indirect light sources with stunning effects Hygiene and clean

6 Art of Ceilings Out of the box thinking In Art of Ceilings we appreciate a good challenge. Every project is examined from all perspectives until the best possible solution is found along with the clients satisfaction is reached. With Extenzo® advanced stretch-ceilings system and with 10-15 years guarantee, our clients rest assure they are in good hands with the best product.

7 Art of Ceilings Climaclick - Patent With its expertise in the field of stretch ceilings, Extenzo® has developed Climaclick®, in cooperation with the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences). This new principle of air conditioning can bring a room to a comfortable temperature faster, whilst eliminating turbulence and obtaining better evenly distributed temperatures.

8 Unique patented systems : Reversible Interlocking System and Climaclick, the Air Conditioning Ceiling More than 35 years of experience Guarantee 10+5 years, unique on the market First manufacturer certified ISO 9001:2000 Network of 2000 certified Installers Constant commitment to environment : HQE certification (french equivalent to LEED system) Extenzo® Advantages

9 Colours: over 140 colours in 10 different finishing Perfect for new building and for renovation: no more cracks, leaks or defects Fast installation: installed rapidly and cleanly without disturbing your activity Practical : can be taken apart and reassembled as required Impervious: Waterproof and airtight; does not fear leaks or condensation Light: installed with a very light structure Washable, easy to maintain Resistant: 10+5 years guarantee Anti-static: no dust deposit on membrane Safety: assessed to major fire standards (B-s2;d0 in EU, UL Certification in USA…) Integration: any equipment can be easily fitted (AirCo, spotlights, sprinklers…) Extenzo® Advantages – stretch ceilings

10 Extenzo Technique

11 Art of Ceilings Light Elements

12 Art of Ceilings Gallery For more photos, technical info, PDFs and a lot more, please visit our website at Restaurant Shop Office Home Shop Anywhere

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