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Welcome to the Grafton Village Town Hall Meeting! March 14, 2013 6:30-7:30 pm.

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1 Welcome to the Grafton Village Town Hall Meeting! March 14, 2013 6:30-7:30 pm

2 Introductions Special Guests – School Board Members – SCPS Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education – SCPS Project Managers – Stafford Middle School Principal – Stafford Elementary School Principal – Assistant Director of SCPS School Nutrition – Director of SCPS Transportation – YMCA SACC Representative

3 Objectives for Tonights Town Hall Meeting To explain the GVES Renovation project scheduled for summer 2013-June 2014 To inform GVES families about our temporary Relocation to SMS for the 2013-2014 School Year To invite questions related to the Renovation project or Relocation to SMS


5 The Journey Started – 2006 FES Start – Jun 2011; Complete Jun 2012 SES Start – Jul 2012; Complete Jun 2013 GVES Start – Jul 2013; Complete Jun 2014 OVERVIEW

6 What does the Addition & Renovation Project Include? New Library Addition Replace Existing Roof New HVAC System New Technology Upgrades Overhead Projectors in all Teaching Spaces Wireless Internet New ADA Upgrades – Including New Elevator SCOPE

7 What does the Addition & Renovation Project Include? Exterior Envelope Upgrades New Windows & Doors Interior Finishes Upgrades New Flooring, Wall Finishes, Interior Doors & Ceilings New Fire Sprinkler System and Alarms Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades New Energy Efficient Lighting Expansion of Administration Suite SCOPE

8 Project Design – Additive Bid Items PriorityItem 1Kitchen Renovation 2Unit C Hallway Realignment w/Portals 3Library Patio 4Stage Risers 5New Bus Loop and Gate 6Library Trellis 7Unit D Condensing Unit 8Unit A Interior Storefront @ Cafeteria 9LEED (Basic Certification) Credits 10Dumpster Enclosure 11Rooftop Mechanical Unit Screening 12Re-Grading Field 13Exterior School Sign




12 opportunities with student movement… Discovery Wall Compost/ garden Learning Portal

13 Feature Wall New Ceiling Soffit Graphic upon entry… provide a clear path + a sense of community

14 with an opportunity to pause… and engage learning portals… LED lighting responding to PV performance Interpretive Curriculum Art Room Display CR Communications


16 LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED Point Areas Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy and Atmosphere Materials and Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation In Design Regional Priority Total Points Yes Base Bid MaybeNo 63213 5204 70521 5206 75011 31 11 3001 3613857 Project Target Level is LEED Certified = 40-49 points Total Yes (Base Bid & Alternate) 49 Yes Alternate

17 Coordination Meetings Start – Feb 2013 569 GVES Students (Forecast) - 643 SES Students 496 SMS Students (Forecast) – 505 SMS Students No Additional Parking Required 8 Modular Classrooms GVES Staff Move Initial Coordination – Mid May 2013 Teachers Pack & Move – Jun 17– 21, 2013 MOVE TO SMS




21 Student Relocation - Transportation

22 Thank you for coming! Please complete the Exit Slip and drop it off on your way out.

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