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University Park Elementary School Solar Project 6-2-2013 1.

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1 University Park Elementary School Solar Project 6-2-2013 1

2 Presentation Objectives 1.Introductions and Welcome 2.Project Summary and History 3.Project Design – Safety – Education 4.Next Steps and Questions 2

3 The Small Town Energy Program A 3-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to the Town of University Park, Maryland (UP), August, 2010 through Aug., 2013. To create a model residential energy transformation program that serves as a roadmap for other small towns. 3

4 STEP Summary 492 households signed up for home efficiency in UP, College Heights Estates, Riverdale Park and Hyattsville UP Town Hall energy upgrade 150-home compost program in UP Efficiency Education program in UPES, Hyattsville Elementary, Nicholas Orem The final project – UPES solar! 4

5 UPES Solar Project 5

6 Project History Date 09/20/2011 05/31/2012 02/08/2013 02/14/2013 05/09/2013 06/10/2013 08/01/2013 Milestone Initial meeting with Ms. Waller, PGCPS MOU signed between UP and PGCPS Town contracts with solar design firm Project kickoff walk-through with engineers School Board approval of project Construction begins Construction complete 6

7 Project Summary 1.Partnership between Town of UP and PGCPS and Board. 2.The Town will construct, install, own, operate and maintain a solar panel array on the UPES roof for 25 yrs. 3.The project is no cost to the Board or the Town. Every part is funded from a US Department of Energy grant (STEP). 4.The project includes a revenue-sharing agreement between the PGCPS and the Town for the sale of the electricity and Renewable Energy Credits ($10K-$17K / year). 5.There will be an extensive on-line educational component. 6.The first public school in Prince Georges County with rooftop solar. 7

8 What is Solar? 8

9 Project Safety 1.Designed to withstand ultra-high wind, seismic events, snow and rain 2.Set back from the edge of the roof for added safety 3.All electrical wiring will be encased in conduit 4.All wiring and connectors are specially designed for rooftop use to prevent degradation from UV light and to avoid faults and fire hazards 5.The inverters will be behind a locked wire cage 6.There will extensive warning and danger signage 7.The Town will fully insure the system 9

10 THANK YOU! Questions? - FAQ sheet Ribbon-cutting event in the fall? Help with curriculum development? 10

11 THANK YOU Chuck Wilson, Program Director 202.280.8123 11

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