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Advantages of DEK Drain

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1 Advantages of DEK Drain

2 Introduction to DEK Drain
DEK Drain is a premier deck drainage system which keeps the area under a raised deck dry. DEK Drain creates new living space which can be enhanced with finished ceilings, lighting, fans, etc. or simply used for storage. Successful installations in all 50 states and 5 foreign countries. With the current real estate slump, people are investing in remodeling projects to get the most out of their current space and increase values.

3 Advantages of Patented System
Works on both new and existing decks Simple with only four basic parts Withstands all weather conditions Affordably priced Environmentally friendly green product

4 Specially Designed Membrane
All components are made from the same specially designed rubber membrane. The DEK Drain material offers several benefits vs. systems fabricated with metal or plastic. Lower cost More flexible Longer lasting More eco-friendly

5 Enhanced Outdoor Living
An elevated deck creates a lot of moist, moldy and unusable space underneath. DEK Drain transforms this space into a cozy and lively focal point of family life.

6 New Outdoor Space Finished ceilings Recessed lighting Fans Fireplaces
Heat lamps Hot tubs Hammocks Porch swings Screened in porches Sunrooms

7 Environmentally Friendly
DEK Drain has been recognized by inclusion in custom “green” homes. Efficient use of space is the first principle of green building. Modest footprint requires fewer building materials and less energy. Captures rainwater for other uses Reduces erosion Prevents growth of mold and mildew

8 Competing Systems Some deck drainage systems are built into ready-made drop ceilings. Increases cost Limits design options Material, color and finish don't complement natural ambiance Presents challenges when installing lighting and fans

9 Advantages of Concealed System
DEK Drain is virtually invisible after the deck boards are installed. Our slogan is “Now you see it, Now you don’t!” Panels are tucked up high in the bays of the deck No limit on ceiling materials, finishes and fixtures to create a spectacular outdoor living space

10 Engineered for Success
Pre-cut, self-forming panels No measuring or gauging Up to 30’ lengths (with no joints) No caulk, no joints Preserves deck by keeping framing dry

11 Parts of the DEK Drain System
The Flashing Strip channels water runoff from the sidewall of the house into the panels.

12 The DEK Drain Panels The panels are shaped like a trapezoid with one end wider than the other. When the Panel is stapled to the joists, the additional width automatically creates a descending trough providing the required pitch to drain the water away from the house.

13 Cap Strips Provide Protection
After the Panels are stapled into place, the 4“ Cap strips are centered and stapled on top of all the joists, covering the overlapping edges of the Drain Panels. The Cap Strips divert water away from the overlapped joint and into the Panels.

14 Bibs at the End of Each Panel
The Bibs direct the discharge from the drain panels into the gutter.

15 Reverse Panels Cantilevered decks require Reverse Panels to drain water from the portion of the deck beyond the supporting beam, back across the beam and into the main panels for collection in the gutter.

16 Post Flashing Kits When railing posts have been installed inside the deck frame, they will obstruct the installation of the panels. DEK Drain post flashing kits are used to seal the area around the posts and avoid leaking. Post flashing kits provide both a boot and a collar for complete protection.

17 Industry Leading System
Extensive Support and Resources Firm, WRITTEN Proposals Prompt Flexible Delivery Industry Leading Warranty

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