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1 Introduction USG-1814 ECO – Energy Solutions. 2 Solar thermal energy applications.

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1 1 Introduction USG-1814 ECO – Energy Solutions

2 2 Solar thermal energy applications

3 3 ECO-Energy Custom designed in accordance with specific client requirements, our economical and all encompassing Pre-Heating solutions drastically reduce the consumption of harmful fossil fuels and represent a breakthrough in environmental recovery.

4 4 Why is Solar Energy is the Alternative Contrary to oil and gas, clean and safe solar energy is inexhaustible and its prices are decreasing in correlation with the growth of market demand. Smart exploitation and correct usage of clean, free Solar Thermal energy result in a significant reduction of heating expenses as well as savings of 30% to 60% in fuel consumption.

5 5 Why is Solar Energy is the Alternative Desired by-products of utilizing solar energy are: decrease in greenhouse gases and other pollutant emissions conservation of finite natural resources highly economical – minimal water heating costs and virtually no maintenance expenses

6 6 The system

7 7 Major Applications The system provides an effective and economical solution for many applications such as the primary stage heating of sanitary water for mega resorts, hotels, hospitals, sport clubs, commercial swimming pool complexes and for many industrial and aquaculture processes (including fish farms). Our plastic collectors are able to heat up water to medium temperatures (±50÷C) and are most efficient for pre- heating at a daily capacity of over 10 cubic meters.

8 8

9 9 Benefits & Advantages plastic material has excellent resistance to chemical substances and is impervious to corrosion and scaling Specially designed to endure ultra-violet radiation and to withstand harsh weather conditions for a very long time No special installation infrastructure or periodic cleaning required, and it is virtually maintenance free. Weight per area unit is extremely low In comparison with the higher costs of Metal or Vacuum tube systems, a Plastic system has a relatively low Cost versus high Benefits and Performance – offers very swift ROI

10 10 Benefits & Advantages Each solar collector consists of numerous thin tubes, designed to work at high water capacities and to sustain even the strongest winds Produced by the company’s unique, patented Over-Molding Injection Technology resulting in seamless, leak- proof, integrally molded thermoplastic units 10 year warranty for the solar collectors and a life expectancy of up to 25 years

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