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Gothic Architecture By Chelsea Jackson, Sage Gray, and Duncan Thomas.

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1 Gothic Architecture By Chelsea Jackson, Sage Gray, and Duncan Thomas

2 Gothic (1100s – 1500s) o Pointed arch o Flying buttress o Ribbed vault

3 The Plague o Also known as the Black Death lasted from 1347 until about 1351. o This disease, brought form Asia on rats that stowed away on cargo ships ended up killing 1/3 of Europes population within just four years. o Most that survived strived to get closer to God because they didnt want to end up like the millions who were dead. The people thought this terrible sickness was His way of punishing them for not being faithful enough. o Because of all this mayhem, massive churches were built to get closer to God.

4 Romanesque o This period lasted from 1000 A.D. to the mid 1200s. o This artistic movement got its name from the French and Spanish sculptors who went back to the drawing board and used original ideas from the Romans, while also incorporating a fresh touch to it.

5 Chelseas Building o Westminster Abbey o Architect: Unknown o Year Built/Completed: 1045 to 1400 o Location: London, England o This church has all three characteristics and even manages to stay insulated with thinner walls than your typical church of the time period.

6 Duncans Building o First Church of Christ Scientist o Architect: Bernard Maybeck o Year Built/Completed: 1910 o Location: Berkeley, California o The two distinguishing characteristics of this church are the high ceilings and the pointed archways.

7 Sages Building o Brooklyn Bridge o Architect: John Augustus Roebling o Year Built/Completed: 1869 to 1883 o Location: It is in Brooklyn, New York o The two reasons this suspension bridge relates to Gothic architecture are the flying buttresses that support the bridge at its sides and the pointed arches at the very top.

8 Chelseas Artwork o Rose windows, as shown in the picture to the right, are not only another factor in Gothic architecture, but also in the art of the time period. This one was done in the mid 1200s by an unknown artist. Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France

9 Duncans Artwork o The Third Princess and Kashiwagi o Done by: Toyohara Chikanobu in 1859 o This piece of art reminds me of the first church in Berkeley because the church not only uses parts of Gothic architecture, but also some of Japanese as well, and this print is Japanese.

10 Sages Artwork o Maestà o Done by: Giovanni Cimabue in 1280 to 1285 o The main focus of the Gothic period was to get closer to God, and that was expressed in pieces of art like this and revivals of Gothic architecture like the Brooklyn Bridge.

11 Chelseas Victorian Gothic House o Location: Vermont, US o If there was a way of displaying the ceilings, then you would be able to see how high and pointed they are. Also if the walls and ceilings could be shown, then you would see that revivals of flying buttresses are there too. o Gothic houses arent very common, but they do show up in places like the eastern US,British Columbia, and parts of Europe.

12 Dr. Octagonapuss Gothic mansion Manor o (done by Duncan) o Location: Empty field in England outside of London o Since all our characteristics are located in the ceiling or support the walls, they arent really visible. I put a ribbed vault in the Dining room, a pointed arch between the Living room and the Den, and flying buttresses around the house to support the high ceilings.

13 Sages House of Somewhere o Location: London, England o Like my other group members, my way of displaying our characteristics are in the ceilings and wall support. o There are pointed arches in some of the archways and the secret room has a ribbed vaulted ceiling.

14 References o o o o o o jpg&w=81&h=80 jpg&w=81&h=80 o o o

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