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European Architecture through the Centuries Ari Ball.

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1 European Architecture through the Centuries Ari Ball

2 Renaissance Architecture During the Renaissance more secular buildings became popular. The Roman Classics became a primary reference at this point Architects made the transition from being skilled laborer to artists

3 Characteristics of Renaissance Architecture Emphasis on symmetry Columns Arches Domes Reference to the classics Aedicule

4 Filippo Brunelleschi Brunelleschi was considered the first renaissance architect. Helped engineer the dome of the Florence Cathedral. Style spread quickly.

5 Influencing Europe Florence- soon spreading to the rest of Italy France- brought major Italian architects to influence their architectural style Soon followed by Germany, England, and Russia

6 Forms of Renaissance Architecture Elizabethan Romanesque Mannerism French Renaissance Architecture Palladian Architecture Tudor Architecture  Note: I will elaborate on the most commonly used throughout the PowerPoint

7 Elizabethan Architecture During Elizabeth I reign Characterized by Dutch gable and Flemish strap work Can be seen on Wolltan Hall and Burghley House English Renaissance style

8 Romanesque Architecture Transition from Renaissance to Gothic styles Popular Norman style

9 Characteristics of Romanesque Architecture Reference to the Roman style of building Arches that would influence Gothic style Most popular in the Netherlands Can be seen in the Plan of Saint Gall Church

10 Gothic Architecture

11 Characteristics of Gothic Architecture Pointed arches Flying buttresses Ribbed vault Mainly used in Cathedrals and castles Can be found in universities, churches, and town halls

12 Abbot Suger Friend of Louis VI and VII Asked to rebuild Church of Saint- Denis Said to be the first church built in the Gothic style Completed with rose windows, large pointed arches, ribbed vaults and flying buttresses.

13 Religious Support of Gothic Architecture The spiritual Benedictine ’ s Cistercian Orders in France Franciscans- “ Grey Friars ” The Dominicans

14 Mannerist Architecture Led to Baroque style- has the same characteristics Period marked with works by Michelangelo, Giulio Romano, Baldassare Peruzzi, and Andrea Palladio.

15 Baroque Architecture

16 Characteristics of Baroque Architecture Visible statement of wealth and power Theatrical Linked to Counter Reformation Baroque- ‘ mis-shapen pearl ’ High alters and chapels

17 Baroque and the Church Pope Urban VIII Innocent X Alexander VII

18 Rococo Architecture Appeared first in France Arranged in “ organized chaos ”

19 Characteristics of Rococo Architecture Organic based objects Light Delicate colors Rippling surfaces Often used in interior design

20 Revival Architecture 18 th and 19 th century expansion Marks the growth of the Roman Catholic Church Became popular with the growth of industrialization and the need for more churches and cathedrals.

21 Characteristics of Revival Architecture Drawing from the previous forms of architecture Often used in rebuilding or remodeling Mostly used when constructing new churches

22 Modern Architecture Ideals of Modernism Draw from previous popular forms More practical in comparison

23 Characteristics of Modern Architecture Functional Formal shapes Symbolic values of the classics Spacious Diverse

24 Architectural Changes in Cities Society was agriculturally based throughout until the Industrial Revolutions During the 18 th and 19 th centuries change to more industrialized cities and the move out to suburbs would occur

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