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Panger GmbH When theres hunger, theres …. -Our business idea is a restaurant for everybody. There is a bar, but you can also buy good food. The restaurant.

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1 Panger GmbH When theres hunger, theres …

2 -Our business idea is a restaurant for everybody. There is a bar, but you can also buy good food. The restaurant is open in the day for a lunch-food, and in the evening á la carte. -The restaurant is not high price place. -In the summer outside of the restaurant is a terrace, and on the roof is a sundeck. Terrace is also a sandbeach. -In the weekends there is a disco on the restaurant. Business Plan

3 Why do we want to start a new company? -We are interested about what we do and we want to show other people too, what can we make. -Its always been our dream to start own company, and we are not scared of any risks. -The reasons why we want to build our company in Münster, are that theres a lot of students and many posibilities. Personal aspects

4 Curriculum Vitae Name: Janne Järvi Address:Bremer Street 14 48145Münster Born on 25 July 1985 School 1991 – 1997 Primary School 1997 – 2000 Secondary School 2000 – 2003 Vocational School 2003 – 2011 Working as a cook in Demo Personal aspects

5 Curriculum Vitae Name:Tuomas Laine Address:Bremer Street 5 48145 Münster Born on 14 June 1988 in Valkeakoski School 1996-2002 Primary School 2002-2005 Secondary School 2005-2008 Vocational School 2008-2011 Working as a cook on a different restaurants Personal aspects

6 -Owners are three cooks, and one carpenter. The carpenter will repair and decorate the restaurant. Cooks will take care about the food and drinks and other stuff. -We have to hire seven waitress for a bar and restaurant, but in the winter we need only half of that group. One of the waitresses is a student. -We need to hire two cooks. Carpenter does the accounting. -The waitresses will take care about cleaning and that kind of things, so we dont have to hire anyone to do that. Founders

7 The kind of the food is high quality, but not too expensive. We are going to mix Finnish and German food, so everyone is able to find something. In restaurant the customers are mostly older people, who want to eat different kind of food. The bar and terrace are more like for the students, and they will come over there to see their friends and enjoy our cheap drinks. Food and the customers

8 Strenghts: -Good location, professional cooks, different kind of food Weaknesses: -Language, lots of competition, we dont know all laws of Germany Opportunities: -Become famous, make money, make the dream come true Threats: -Staying unknow, lose money, have a conflight with partners SWOT

9 Location Not much competition, only few cafes, one restaurant and one hotel-restaurant. We have pretty good chances of success, because of our amazing food and reasonable prices. The restaurant is in the side of the Aa-See –lake. There is forty seats on the sundeck, thirty seats on the restaurant and twenty seats on the terrace.

10 For marketing we are going to use newspaper, and radio. Those are really expensive, but we believe that it is worth of it. First week we have a special offer that when you buy one drink, you get an other one for free. Bar own drinks are much cheaper in the first two weeks than usually. Marketing

11 -The European Union have rules about marketing -We dont need any visa cos we are not outside of the EU. -Our company have to be registered to the local Chamber of industrial and to the taxoffice. -New foods must be tested, before we use those. -In Germany you has to have 25000 euros when you start a new GmbH, but its not a problem to us cos we have money enough. Law aspects

12 Gas Cooker 2000e Deep Fryer x2 320 ea. Barbecue 2500e Salamander 1875e Oven 5000e All = 15755 Mixer 128e Shower 500e Dishwasher 3000e Dish baskets 112e Financial

13 Chairs 90kpl and tables 28 3500e Drawer, Knifes, Chopping Boards etc. 6000e Bar Equipment 5000e Fridgerator/Freezer 5500e Barcounter 2000e Building 1400e All = 27400 Office 1000e Sand 3000e Financial

14 Our restaurant is 150 m2 and the rent is 7500e per month. Electricity 0.20e/kWh = 345e per month. -Water is 4e/m3 so it does 40e/ month, and water and electricity together it makes 5000e/year. Salaries: Master chef 462e/week, Waitresses 3266e/week Monthly payments

15 We hope that there would be 45 people eating lunch, and 45 people eating á la carte everyday. Then we would get average 705 income/day In the bar would be 60 people and most of them drink only one drink, mut then theres ofcourse people who drink more. So our goal is average 300 income/day. That makes 31650 income/month. Financial

16 In first month we need: 68808 Own money = 40000e From the bank = 28808e -ERP-Kapital Für Gründung to be entitled to applicate: Enterpreneur up to 3 years after setting up business. Funds granted for 30% of the costs Equity capital 15% of the costs Contract Period: 15 years (7 years without repayment) Payout ratio: 100% Unexpected repayment: Possible Financial

17 Monthly financial

18 Final financial Income/month Food and drinks = 31650 After the first month we will hopely start to get 9685 profit per month. Costs/month Salaries = 14080/month Energy = 345/month Water = 40/month Rent = 7500/month Together = 21965

19 THANK YOU! Tuomas Laine Lauri Käpyaho Janne Järvi Niina Iisakkila

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