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By: Joe Driscoll Emily Grover

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1 By: Joe Driscoll Emily Grover
George R. Chapdelaine Boston Restaurant Association By: Joe Driscoll Emily Grover

2 Job Title President CEO Director
Of - the Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc.

3 President of the Boston Restaurant Association
Job description President of the Boston Restaurant Association Responsible for all activates conducted by the company CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Responsible also for company's operations Director Faces a challenging array of rules, regulations and responsibilities while performing everyday tasks such as winning new business, increasing profits or introducing new products What does all this mean? A very daunting position to hold in any company.

4 Company Selection Always enjoyed the distribution industry
Graduated with a MBA from Clark university Also graduated with a B.S from Oklahoma State University Hotel and Restaurant Managements Always enjoyed the distribution industry Also enjoyed the food industry These all led to quality job opurtunitites in the Food services industry

5 Previous Employment Pizzeria Regina, Inc.
Prior to his hiring at the Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc. Pizzeria Regina, Inc. The predecessor to the Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc. Chief executive officer and director Independent marketing consultant H.P Hood, Inc. General manager of food service division Chiquita Brands-subsidiary of United Brands Sales manager

6 Pay Range? As the President, CEO, and Director
Ranges from $200,000-$300,000 In any given year the bonus could bump that up $50,000 $60,000 $100,000 Extremely profitable position to hold

7 Job Benefits Financial Work Dental Health
Both with full coverage Also includes family Work Meet a lot of interesting and hardworking people Constantly was increasing his rank in company Wouldn’t be were he is today without these benefits and opportunity to increase his rank

8 MIS Tools (Management Information Systems)
Restaurant Software- POS (Point of Service) systems. Keeps track of restaurant sales, money drawers, inventory, financial performance, accounting and tax reporting information, effectiveness, organization, employees, payrolls, and so much more. Excel Spreadsheets of financial organization. Everything from daily to yearly, keeping track of financial performance in the company and each individual restaurant. Word Type-ups of important documentations, setting up lists, and meeting preparations. PowerPoint Presenting the information so that it can be easily interpreted and organized.

9 Challenges Noticing trends and acting on them before the competition
Staying up to date with all of the research, news, regulations, and related topics. Staying on top with what the competition is doing. Lack of funds Weather and how it effects the business Labor market, who will work for the company. Cost of keeping up the restaurants, i.e. real estate, ovens, all the aspects that physically make up the restaurant.

10 Past Game Plans To move up in the company How so?
Work hard, prove that he could be a strong asset higher up in the company. Be reliable Build sales for the company Increase profit dollar Receive better restaurant ratings with customers, inspections, owners.

11 Do You Like Your Job? Yes, because people enjoy eating good food, and not waiting all day to eat it. He likes to see how the company can improve and better please its customers. He is happy to be working my way up in the company and finding solutions to their challenges and improving the company and its reputation.

12 Present and Future Game Plans
Business Continue to expand the company. Improve customer ratings. Improve employee reliability and work habits. Improve portrayal of company. Surpass our competition. Personally Would like to continue to excel at my job, and grow as a strong business man, earn more money, and move up in ranking.

13 Activities out of work He really enjoys spending time with his family, participating in New England activities, and keeping up Boston traditions. He also enjoys a few rounds of golf and ending the day with some brick oven pizza.

14 Thank you Emily Grover Joe Driscoll

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