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4 The World of Food and Beverages. 4 The World of Food and Beverages.

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2 4 The World of Food and Beverages

3 Objectives Describe the types of commercial foodservice.
Describe the types of noncommercial foodservice. Distinguish between commercial and noncommercial foodservice. List the functions that all foodservices must perform. continued

4 Objectives Analyze how a restaurant concept distinguishes one restaurant from another. Assess the importance of customer feedback.

5 Types of Foodservice Operations
Foodservice is the business of making and serving prepared food and drink The two basic types of foodservice operations are commercial and noncommercial

6 Commercial Foodservice
Commercial foodservice businesses compete for customers Four categories of commercial foodservice are quick-service restaurants full-service restaurants catering hotel and club foodservices

7 Quick-Service Restaurants
provide convenience, speed, and basic service at a low price are self-service Types include fast-food restaurants cafeterias buffets carryout restaurants

8 Fast-Food Restaurants
In a fast-food restaurant, customers order food and pick it up at a counter drive-through windows are common menus are usually limited to a few items that can be prepared quickly the dining area is small Most use high-tech foodservice equipment

9 Cafeterias In cafeterias, food is Cafeterias are
displayed along a counter called a serving line requested from servers and then carried by customers to their tables Cafeterias are large and capable of serving many customers at once common in schools and hospitals

10 Buffets In buffets, Most buffets are food is displayed on tables
customers serve themselves and take the food to their tables Most buffets are all-you-care-to-eat large and capable of serving many customers at once

11 Carryout Restaurants Carryout restaurants prepare food for customers to take away and eat elsewhere The restaurants may provide some seating offer delivery services Carryout foodservice may be part of another business, such as a grocery store

12 Full-Service Restaurants
In full-service restaurants, customers sit at a table and give their orders to a server the server brings the food to the table The two major categories are fine-dining restaurants casual

13 Fine-Dining Restaurants
emphasize the highest quality service, ingredients, décor, and atmosphere have a relatively large number of employees per customer have high prices usually feature small restaurants hire trained, experienced, professional chefs

14 Casual Dining Restaurants
Casual dining restaurants may specialize in a single item, such as pizza or seafood focus on ethnic cuisine, such as Italian or Chinese cater to families and emphasize variety and comfort

15 Hotel and Club Foodservice
Hotels provide a variety of food and beverage services, from full-service restaurants to vending machines Clubs usually operate at least one dining room have extensive catering facilities for weddings, reunions, and other social events

16 Catering Catering is the provision of food and service for a special event usually involves feeding a large number of people at one time provides guests with either all the same menu items or a limited selection may be on-premise or off-premise

17 Recreation Businesses
Recreation businesses, such as sports arenas or movie theaters, often include foodservice Foodservice at these businesses is often casual with a limited menu Some recreation businesses do offer fine-dining services

18 Shopping Centers and Stores
A foodservice business may be located within other businesses, such as shopping malls department stores bookstores grocery stores convenience stores

19 Transportation Centers
Foodservice is usually available in transportation centers such as airports railroad stations bus terminals highway plazas and truckstops Foodservice operations can range from candy shops to fine dining

20 In-Transit Foodservice
In-transit foodservice may be found on airplanes, trains, and cruise ships Foodservice may range from simple snacks to fine dining

21 Noncommercial Foodservice
Noncommercial foodservice is supported or subsidized by a host company or organization Examples are foodservice operations in schools, which may have in-house foodservice or contract foodservice hospitals and other health care facilities places of employment the military prisons

22 Functions in Foodservice
Menu planning Production Service Purchasing and receiving Food safety and sanitation Management Marketing and sales Human resources Accounting Security Safety and emergency procedures Engineering and maintenance

23 Restaurant Concepts A restaurant concept, the whole idea of the restaurant or restaurant chain, includes theme location décor ambience service style The market can be broken up into market segments to help identify the target market

24 Customer Feedback Three ways of obtaining customer feedback:
guest comment cards mystery shoppers managers speaking with guests

25 Chapter 4 Review What is foodservice?
the business of making and serving prepared food and drink Name four categories of commercial foodservice. quick-service restaurants, full-service restaurants, catering, hotel and club foodservices continued

26 Chapter 4 Review Cafeterias in schools and workplaces are examples of _____ foodservice. noncommercial Name three ways foodservice managers can obtain customer feedback. guest comment cards, mystery shoppers, talking with guests

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