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Introduction to the Catering and Hospitality Industry 1.

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1 Introduction to the Catering and Hospitality Industry 1

2 Types of Catering establishments Commercial Hotels Restaurants Cafes & Delis Bars & Pubs Fast Food Outlets Outside Catering Industrial Contract Catering Armed Forces In-flight Catering Health & Welfare Canteen workforce Educational 2

3 Commercial Commercial - Hotels Budget hotels Bed and Breakfast One star Two stars Three star Four star Five star (luxury) Buri Al Hotel in Dubai 3

4 Commercial - Restaurants 1.Fine Dining 2.Casual Dining 3.Bistro 4.Brassiere 5.Ethnic 4

5 Gordon Ramsays Top Tips to Running a Successful Restaurant Click on the play button to view video 5

6 1. Fine dining Generally a small carte du jour Formal surroundings Innovative service style Expensive 6

7 Michelin Star Chefs Kings of the kitchen Click on the play button to view video 7

8 2. Casual dining Various styles and types of food Casual surroundings Reasonably priced Food served all day 8

9 3. Bistro Various styles and types of food Informal environment Usually but not always plated service Competitive prices 9

10 4. Brasserie Similar to a bistro Usually attached to a larger establishment Less formal surroundings 10

11 5. Ethnic restaurants Very popular Offer a wide range of cuisine e.g. Indian and Asian food 11

12 Commercial - Cafes & Delis Small food outlets Offering a wide range of drinks and snacks 12

13 Making wrap sandwiches Click on above image to view video 13

14 Commercial - Bars & Pubs / Gastro-pubs Large range on offer Depends on location e.g. city centre versus countryside setting Gastro pubs are more modern and innovative style of pub food 14

15 Commercial - Fast Food Restaurants A common feature is a lack of cutlery or crockery The customer eats the food directly from the disposable container eating with their fingers Staffing: Low skilled Part time Not suitable for young people wishing to become professional chefs 15

16 Types of fast-food restaurant: 1. Order at the counter After preparation the food is brought to the table Payment on ordering or after eating 2. Collects food from the counter Pay & then sits down & eats (self- service restaurant) 16

17 Other types of fast food Customer collects ready portions Customer serves himself from containers Customer is served at the counter 17

18 Often used at events such as weddings and corporate events Commercial - Outside catering 18

19 Industrial - Contract catering The work of providing food and drink under the terms of a contract Operates in a variety of large scale organisations for a set cost and time period Industrial catering e.g. works canteens Hospitals Schools e.t.c. Offers a wide range of staff development opportunities 19

20 Industrial 20 Public sector Armed forces Educational Health and welfare Canteen Workforce

21 Industrial 21 Offers stable careers Long-term employment prospects Usually only in own country of origin

22 Industrial - In-flight catering Large scale industrial catering servicing the airline industry Light snacks to five star in flight dining experience 22

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