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Traffic Signal Maintenance – Best Practices

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1 Traffic Signal Maintenance – Best Practices
Presented to: ITE Western District Annual Meeting Santa Barbara June 25, 2012 With: Mike Kato Beza Kedida Cedric Novenario Presented by: Steve Fitzsimons

2 Outline Introduction Summary of new ITE/IMSA handbook
Typical current practice “New tech” recommendations

3 Why Maintain Traffic Signals?
To preserve the benefits that the original installation provided To give motorists a consistent driving environment To avoid liability claims Extend life of installation and reduce life cycle costs Source ITE/IMSA

4 Types of Maintenance Based on Traffic Signal Maintenance Handbook (ITE/IMSA, 2010) Preventative Maintenance Response Maintenance Design Feedback/Updates Asset Management Source ITE/IMSA

5 Preventative Maintenance
Predictable, Scheduled Work Clean, Inspect, Adjust Signal Heads Ped Push Buttons Signal Poles Pull Boxes and Conduit Conductors Detection – Loops, VIDS, or other Signs Battery Backup/BBS Controller and Service Cabinets Inventory Source ITE/IMSA

6 Response Maintenance Unpredictable, As-Needed Work Diagnose and Repair
Unexpected flashing operation Communications failures Pole knockdowns Burned out lamps Wire theft Source ITE/IMSA

7 Asset Management Relatively New National Guideline
Input and Response Tracking Good general concept What types of calls are consuming staff time Feedback to design standards Inventory Tracking Build a database Keep track of parts or suppliers that are most reliable Feedback to technical specifications Source ITE/IMSA

8 Typical Current Practice
Basis for statements: Republic ITS/Siemens provides contract maintenance to over 200 public agencies in CA and 300 nationally Most of our clients have under 100,000 population Many of our clients do not have dedicated traffic engineering staff

9 Typical Exclusions Preventative Maintenance
Keep inventory of part installation dates or manufacturing source Signal timing in office Trim vegetation Check conductor condition ‘Meg’ or reseal loops wires Annual load test of BBS batteries Compare timing settings to current recommendations Any kind of Asset Management

10 Why are there exclusions?
Cost No traffic engineering staff so what would they do with the asset data anyway? Reliance on judgment of maintenance crews

11 “New Tech” Equipment Traffic signal equipment has evolved considerably in the last years LED signal heads Video detection systems Fiber optic or wireless interconnect Battery backup systems Components with Ethernet connections

12 “New Tech” Recommendations
LED Signal Heads Re-lamp every 5-10 years Video Detection Systems (VIDS) Annually test aiming and accuracy of detection zone shapes Fiber Optic Interconnect Monthly vacuum dust off components

13 “New Tech” Recommendations
Wireless Interconnect Annually check comm error reports Battery Backup Systems Annually perform battery load tests Modern equipment with Ethernet ports Buy diagnosis software and connection cables

14 Thanks for your attention Time for your questions

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