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Mandala Lightserve Lighting Controller

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1 Mandala Lightserve Lighting Controller
Presenter: Jim Bulmer

2 Agenda Lightserve benefits Setup and Test Procedure
Contacts for Technical Support Wiring Diagrams

3 Lightserve offers: Energy savings: Lights off during day
Maintenance savings Longer lamp life Group relamping based on operating time No photocells to maintain

4 Laptop for Setup Adjust all setpoints Read Lamp Hours and other data
Software free from Mandala

5 SAFETY FIRST Lightserve rated for Zone 2 (Class 1 Div 2)
BUT your laptop is NOT! Don’t plug in unless area Non-Hazardous

6 Connect Lightserve to Laptop
Serial cable from Lightserve to Laptop Click on “Start” icon, then choose “Lightserve” from list If bad connection, tighten connectors, then restart program See Troubleshooting Guide if can’t connect

7 Serial via USB Some newer laptops don’t have serial ports
Need USB to Serial Converter Cable AE9879-ND Converter AE10288-ND Also download drivers

8 Main Screen Hours alarm setpoint Clock Hour counter and reset
Reset when new lamps installed

9 Solstice Screen Set up for location Ensure Ft. McMurray selected
Normally no need to change numbers

10 Comm Screen Shows communication statistics
Use to debug link between Lightserve and programmer

11 Lights Screen How long should the lights stay on after sunrise?
How long before sunset should the lights come on? If too cold, lights always on.

12 Maintenance Screen Software revisions Total hours, no reset
Date of last hours reset Bypass count Temperature

13 To Test Lightserve: Change clock to simulate passage of time:
Change time zone on Laptop Sync Lightserve clock to Laptop (on Main) Change time zone on Laptop back to normal Sync Lightserve to Laptop

14 To Test Relamp: Go to Main screen Set Relamp Hours Setpoint to Zero
Relamp light should come on Set Relamp Hours back to proper value Default is 20,000 Hours

15 To Test, Do NOT: Change Solstice Setpoints Change location

16 Technical Support 7 days a week, 7 AM to 10 PM
Jim Bulmer, (780) (direct) Main office (780)

17 Wiring Diagram

18 Agenda Lightserve benefits Setup and Test Procedure
Contacts for Technical Support Wiring Diagrams

19 Conclusion Don’t be shy… Call for Tech support Thank you

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