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3M Telecommunications © 3M 2002 6/4/2014 0 3M Telecommunications Solutions for Networks.

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1 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ M Telecommunications Solutions for Networks

2 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Founded in 1902 in Twin Harbors, Minnesota U.S.A. First successful product: waterproof sandpaper William McKnight articulated the management philosophy that helped make risk-taking and innovation possible Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing 3M - History Today: 3M Company

3 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ A Multi-Technology company Strong international focus, sales in nearly 200 countries 3M has more than 40 product divisions divided into six market centers –Consumer and Office Markets –Electro and Communications Markets –Health Care Markets –Industrial Markets –Specialty Material Markets –Transportation, Graphics and Safety Markets 3M - Today Electrical Products Electronic Handling & Protection Micro Interconnect Systems Interconnect Solutions Telecommunications – Access Product Solutions – Enterprise Product Solutions – Optical Components

4 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ M - Corporate Facts Figures are Year-end 2006 Turnover 22.4 Billion US $ 58% of sales outside USA Net income 3.8 Billion US $ R&D expenditures > 1,4 Billion US $ employees worldwide Over 60 subsidiaries worldwide products resulting from more than 30 technology platforms

5 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ M Telecommunications

6 © 3M /4/ M Telecommunications Our Vision –To be the preferred supplier of copper and fiber connectivity, management, and diagnostic solutions for the Telecommunications industry Continuous growth through innovation and acquisitions * Figures are Year-end 2000

7 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Key Dates in 3M Telecommunications M invents the worlds first IDC element M invents worlds first multiple copper wiring splicing system, MS² Splicing System - one of 3Ms most successful telecom product Acquisition of K&B Electronics - adding closures to 3M product offering Acquisition of Dynatel Corp. - adding test equipment to 3M product offering Acquisition of APC Industries - further expanding test equipment and outside plant product offering Acquisition of Doran Photonics - adding fiber optics connectors to 3M product offering

8 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Key Dates in 3M Telecommunications Introduction of Fibrlok Optical Fiber splice, one of the worlds first mechanical optical fiber splicing system Introduction of Fibrlok Multi-fiber Optic Splicing System Introduction of Volition Cabling System - offering the first end-to-end fiber optic LAN cabling solution at half the cost of traditional fiber systems Acquisition of PSI Telecom - expanding range of outside plant access products & connectors Acquisition of Quante-Group (Quante AG/Pouyet S.A.), a well-known Telecommunications equipment & systems manufacturer with strong presence in Europe

9 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Two strong companies joined in Group

10 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Strengths of Quante/Pouyet More than 100 years of experience in connecting-, distribution- and transmission-technology for voice and data networks Key competencies –fiber optic & copper connection technology –state of the art cabinet systems –electronic access systems Leading supplier in European Telecommunications industry, expertise in Central Office, OSP & Customer Premises Strong customer orientation Commitment to customization

11 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Our uniform Corporate Design As of March 13th, 2002 we are presenting ourselves under one umbrella brand This marks a decisive step towards integration of our activities in the telecommunication business 3M Telecommunications combines the strengths of 3Ms technology platforms & global infrastructure with Quante/Pouyets key competencies & R&D capabilities

12 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Laboratories & Manufacturing Sites Laboratories –Austin, Texas - Wuppertal, Germany –Cluses, France- Pontchateau, France –Shanghai, China- Campinas, Brazil –Sagimahara, Japan- Snailway, U.K. Manufacturing Sites –Austin, TX- New Ulm, MN –Shanghai, China- Pamplona, Spain –West Haven, CT- Madris, India –Bangalore, India- Campinas, Brazil –Hattingen, Germany- Pontchateau, France –Cluses, France - Mexico City, Mexico

13 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Offering Solutions for… Long Haul Fiber Networks Metropolitan Fiber/Fiber In The Loop (FITL) Networks Fixed Telephony Networks Broadband xDSL, Copper/Fiber Transmission Unbundling Fixed and Mobile Wireless Networks Cable TV Networks Central Office Equipment Enterprise Networks SOHO Networks

14 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Our Product Portfolio Structured Cabling Systems Optical Components Fiber Optic Connection Technology Copper Connection Technology Copper Splicing Technology Cabinet Systems Closures Electronics/Transmission Systems Test & Monitoring Equipment

15 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Access Solutions Market position One of the worldwide leading supplier Customers ILEC, CLEC, OEM, NEM Applications Central Office. Outside Plant Systems and networks in both fiber and copper medias

16 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Scotchlok Connectors MS 2 Splicing Modules 2-Type Pressurized Closure ISDN NT1 Copper MDF SLiC Aerial Closure SID and ID 3000 Connectors High-density Cat-5 IDC STG Module Access Network Solutions (copper)

17 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ MODF Access Network Solutions (fiber) Lightlinker FibrDome MuffeFiber Optic Closures 3K Fiber optic module Distribution Boxes Proptic FDF

18 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Integrated Systems Solutions ID 3000 Cabinet Supervision & Locking System Network Interface Devices (NID) ID 3000 ADSL Splitter Cabinet Systems

19 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Solutions for Test & Monitoring Dynatel APICS 4000 Dynatel 965 DSP/SA Dynatel 945 DSP Dynatel 1401 Ball - Marker 1255 EMS Mini - Marker Dynatel 3200 Dynatel EMS Model 1432 Dynatel 2273 Cable/Fault Locator

20 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Enterprise Network Solutions Market position Global market player in fiber, copper and hybrid solutions Customers Businesses, government, education, power supplier and railways Applications Enterprise, premises and campus networks in both fiber and copper medias

21 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Enterprise Network Solutions (fiber) Hotmelt connectors Crimplok Connector Cable Assembly Volition Connectors & Patch Cords Volition Active Components Volition Patch Panel Fibrlok LAN-Cabinets

22 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Cable Assemblies Cat 5/6 Termination Equipment Cat 5/6 Patch Cords LAN-Cabinets Enterprise Network Solutions (Copper) Cat 5/6 Patch Panels Cat 5/6 Network Components

23 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Optical Components Market position Global player Customers OEN/NEM Applications Optical components and technologies for optical communications systems and networks

24 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Optical Components Fiber Bragg Grating Assemblies Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber - 3M Tiger Fiber Dispersion Compensation Erbium Doped Fiber

25 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ TED International References International References List for the Structured Cabling Solution List

26 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ Why 3M Telecommunications? Culture of growth and innovation Global & European leader in the physical layer of the network Expertise in central office/premise connectivity & management, as well as outside plant connectivity and weather-proof solutions Strong global presence Continuous investments in R&D Global solution provider with focus on customers Quality driven, quick response time

27 3M Telecommunications © 3M /4/ M Telecommunications Solutions for Networks

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